The Sins of the Father: A Romance of the South

The Sins of the Father: A Romance of the South

by Thomas Dixon


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ISBN-13: 9780343735371
Publisher: Franklin Classics Trade Press
Publication date: 10/18/2018
Pages: 502
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 1.01(d)

Table of Contents

A Note on the Textxxxi
Book 1Sin
Chapter IThe Woman in Yellow3
Chapter IICleo Enters18
Chapter IIIA Beast Awakes27
Chapter IVThe Arrest32
Chapter VThe Rescue40
Chapter VIA Traitor's Ruse49
Chapter VIIThe Irony of Fate54
Chapter VIIIA New Weapon59
Chapter IXThe Words That Cost65
Chapter XMan to Man68
Chapter XIThe Unbidden Guest75
Chapter XIIThe Judgment Bar80
Chapter XIIIAn Old Story89
Chapter XIVThe Fight for Life95
Chapter XVCleo's Silence98
Chapter XVIThe Larger Vision100
Chapter XVIIThe Opal Gates108
Chapter XVIIIQuestions112
Chapter XIXCleo's Cry117
Chapter XXThe Blow Falls120
Chapter XXIThe Call of the Blood125
Book 2Atonement
Chapter IThe New Life Purpose135
Chapter IIA Modern Scalawag138
Chapter IIIHis House in Order146
Chapter IVThe Man of the Hour150
Chapter VA Woman Scorned153
Chapter VIAn Old Comedy161
Chapter VIITrapped169
Chapter VIIIBehind the Bars177
Chapter IXAndy's Dilemma179
Chapter XThe Best Laid Plans190
Chapter XIA Reconnoitre194
Chapter XIIThe First Whisper201
Chapter XIIIAndy's Proposal205
Chapter XIVThe Folly of Pity210
Chapter XVA Discovery218
Chapter XVIThe Challenge225
Chapter XVIIA Skirmish230
Chapter XVIIILove Laughs233
Chapter XIX"Fight it Out!"237
Chapter XXAndy Fights243
Chapter XXIThe Second Blow250
Chapter XXIIThe Test of Love255
Chapter XXIIIThe Parting265
Chapter XXIVFather and Son273
Chapter XXVThe One Chance283
Chapter XXVIBetween Two Fires287
Chapter XXVIIA Surprise290
Chapter XXVIIIVia Dolorosa294
Chapter XXIXThe Dregs in the Cup301
Chapter XXXThe Mills of God308
Chapter XXXISin Full Grown312
Chapter XXXIIConfession314
Chapter XXXIIIHealing317

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