Sleeper, Awake

Sleeper, Awake

by Bob Rich
Sleeper, Awake

Sleeper, Awake

by Bob Rich



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Retired film star Flora Fielding was diagnosed with cancer. Her solution: she had herself put into suspended animation, and invested her fortune in cancer research. She expected to return to life in five to ten years -- but is awakened into an utterly different world, 1433 years later. Population is strictly limited to one million, but there is plenty of wealth for everyone. This new world is controlled by an AI called "Artif," whose power derives from implants in the brains of the all the planet's inhabitants. Why has Flora has been awakened now and who has designs for her new existence? Her very life and the control of planet Earth may rest in the answer to that question.
"Vividly written, Sleeper, Awake transports you into a world beyond comprehension, yet he presents it so well, it becomes plausible. Wonderful landscapes, incredible gadgets, love and a touch of poignancy, this book has it all. Like me, if you weren't a Sci-fi fan before, you will be converted after reading this book."
--Barbara Tanner, author of Hannah's Choice
"As a dedicated environmentalist as far back as the 1970s, I found this book refreshing... Rich's portrayal of a new society, its inventions and innovations-all of them designed in harmony with the laws of nature-is nothing short of brilliant. This reader was captivated by the spiritual growth of the protagonists and by the wonderful devices they use in everyday living."
--Florence Byham Weingberg, author of Unrest in Eden
"Sleeper, Awake is an unusual novel, full of clever inventions and the echoes of myths and older customs. The Norse Tree is there in spirit, so are Greek Icarus and the philosophy of the Frontiersman. Rites of passage are alive and well, and teenaged girls are still-well-teenaged girls. The ending is thoroughly satisfying, with the final scene putting the whole novel into a new and amusing perspective."
--Sally Odgers, author of Elysian Dawn
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About the Author

In 1972, Bob Rich had young children, and a Ph.D. thesis to write up. He was bored with the project, and kept himself awake during his library research by reading about unrelated topics. He wanted to be able to predict the future for his kids, and so drifted to futurology. No, not Nostradamus or astrology, but the use of existing trends to predict the future.
The evidence was unmistakable. The coming world was horrendous. Resources then still plentiful such as cheap petroleum would become depleted, leading to hardships and even wars. This would lead to far more expensive and environmentally more damaging methods of supply. Air and water would be polluted, so that cancers, asthma, allergies and other severe health problems would become epidemics. Increasing global mobil¬ity was bound to increase the rate at which new strains of diseases, and entirely new diseases would emerge, and even then, genetic engineering was a possibility, leading to the risk of releasing entirely new monster organisms.
He was aware of research on the effects of crowding on mammals, and predicted the breakdown of the family, increasing stress-related diseases like strokes, heart attacks and digestive ulcers, wars of genocide based on unreasoning hatred, addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling and anything else with the slightest promise of easing distress.
Horrendous weather events were guaranteed to become more frequent, and more severe.
In other words, he predicted today’s society.
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