Slime Sorcery: 97 Magical Concoctions Made from Almost Anything - Including Fluffy, Galaxy, Crunchy, Magnetic, Color-changing, and Glow-In-The-Dark Slime

Slime Sorcery: 97 Magical Concoctions Made from Almost Anything - Including Fluffy, Galaxy, Crunchy, Magnetic, Color-changing, and Glow-In-The-Dark Slime

by Adam Vandergrift


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The Craziest and Biggest Book of DIY Slime Recipes Ever

Nothing is more fun than getting slimed! From the creator of the insanely popular YouTube channel “Will It Slime?,” this book has the recipes for any type of slime imaginable and is guaranteed to impress friends and family. With instructions for insanely creative and never-before-seen slimes, as well as tips and tricks for customization, this is the complete guide to becoming a slime master.

Over 100 borax-free slimes are featured in the book, each with a step-by-step recipe and colorful photo, including:

  • Jiggly slime
  • Clear slime
  • Rainbow slime
  • Bubbly slime
  • Edible slime
  • Giant slime
  • ...And so many more!
  • Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781612437545
    Publisher: Ulysses Press
    Publication date: 10/20/2017
    Pages: 128
    Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.10(d)
    Age Range: 5 - 12 Years

    About the Author

    Adam Vandergrift is the creator of the largest slime-dedicated Youtube channel, “Will it Slime?” A father to three adorable daughters, ages four, six, and ten, Adam’s journey with slime began one creative afternoon at home and is a fun project they enjoy as a family. More about “Will It Slime?” can be found on YouTube, Instagram (@willitislime), Facebook, and

    Table of Contents

    Introduction 5

    What Is Slime? 5

    Will It Slime? 6

    Slime Science 7

    Slime Safety 8

    How to Use This Book 9

    What Do You Do with Slime? 9

    Slime FHQs 13

    Shopping List 15

    The Basics 18

    Basic Slime #1 19

    Basic Slime #2 19

    Clear Slime 20

    Clear Face Mask Slime 20

    Sensory Slimes 22

    Floam Slime 23

    Crunchy Surprise Ball 24

    Ball Pit Slime 25

    Micro Bead Floam 26

    Princess Floam Crunch 27

    Kaleidoscope Crunchy Slime 29

    Crunchy Slime 30

    Crunchy Millefiori Slime Ball 31

    Coal Miner Slime 32

    Papier-Mâché Slime 33

    Cloud Slime 34

    Sand Slime 35

    Madison's Sand Slime 36

    Madison's Whipped Sand 36

    Riley's Crystal Slime 38

    Riley's Crystal Puff 39

    Snow Slime 41

    Food-Inspired Slimes 42

    Confetti Birthday Cake Slime 43

    Buttercream Frosting Slime 44

    Sherbet Slime 45

    Bubblegum Slime 47

    Milky Slime 47

    Cereal Slime 48

    Vanilla Soft-Serve Slime 49

    Chocolate Soft-Serve Slime 50

    Strawberry Soft-Serve Slime 50

    Neapolitan Soft-Serve Slime 52

    Marshmallow Fluff Slime 53

    Peanut Butter Slime 54

    Crunchy Peanut Butter Slime 54

    Easy Fudge Slime 56

    Taffy Slime 57

    S'mores Slime 58

    Salted Caramel Slime 60

    Honey Slime 61

    Grape Jelly Slime 63

    Strawberry Jam Slime 63

    Chocolate Syrup Slime 64

    Chocolate Pudding Parfait Slime 64

    Strawberry Parfait Slime 66

    Root Beer Float Slime 67

    Key Lime Icy Float Slime 68

    Lemon Meringue Pie Slime 70

    Candy Slime - edible 71

    Soda Slime - edible 72

    Sugar Rush Slime - edible 73

    Pantry Slime - edible 74

    Marshmallow Dream Slime - edible 75

    Chocolate Hazelnut Slime - edible 76

    Glitter Slimes 77

    Mermaid Scales Slime 78

    Polka Dot Slime 79

    Holographic Slime 80

    Glitter Bomb Slime 81

    Princess Slime 82

    Ballerina Slime 83

    Confetti Pop Slime 84

    Unicorn Poop 85

    Unicorn Slime 85

    Black Hole Slime 86

    Ocean Jewel Slime 86

    Cameron's Midnight Slime 87

    Cameron's Fluffy Midnight Slime 88

    Galaxy Slime 88

    Fluffy Galaxy Slime 90

    Glue-free Slimes 91

    Oobleck Slime 92

    Microwave Toothpaste Slime 92

    Styrofoam Slime 93

    Shampoo Slime 95

    Lotion Slime 95

    Clay-Free Clay Slime 96

    Fluffy Clay Slime 98

    Flour Slime 99

    Dough Slime 101

    Viral Slimes 102

    Fluffy Slime 103

    Bubbly Rainbow Slime 104

    Clear Rainbow Slime 105

    Bubble Solution Slime 106

    Clay Slime 107

    Toothpaste Slime 108

    Metallic Pearl Slime 108

    Color- Changing Slime 109

    Glow-in-the Dark Slime 111

    Fluffy Glow-in-the Dark Slime 111

    Magnetic Slime 112

    Avalanche Slime 114

    Lava Slime 116

    Animal House Millefiori Slime 117

    Jiggly Slime 118

    Clear Jiggly Slime 119

    Smooth Matte Slime 120

    Fluffy Jiggly Slime 121

    Glossy Slime 122

    Stained-Glass Slime 122

    Pool Party Slime 124

    Super-Stretchy Slime 125

    Plaster Slime 126

    Clicky Slime 126

    About the Author 128

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    Slime Sorcery: 97 Magical Concoctions Made from Almost Anything - Including Fluffy, Galaxy, Crunchy, Magnetic, Color-changing, and Glow-In-The-Dark Sl 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
    NatoshaM More than 1 year ago
    The book, Slime Sorcery by Adam Vandergrift is so much fun! It's not just a book to read and create, but a great way to learn a bit of science along the way. The projects are super fun, that the entire family can get there hands into. I love the different slime creations you can create, especially those that are magnetic and full of color. No matter the types of slime, each has there directions in a simple to see directions, with easy steps to follow. The information about slime, what it is and the science that surrounds it is mentioned all in the beginning of the book, before the projects you can create. I once tried the basic slime creation from searching online, but now I have those directions and other directions to every type in just this one book, which is so much better! Therefore, no more searching all over, I just have to open this book and make as many gooey, slimy creations as I like. Finally, for fun with the entire family, this is a book to own! It's creative and fun that doesn't just stop after creating one slime since you can enjoy playing with it for days after. The directions are clear and everything you needed is easy to find and don't cost so much to buy or find. Therefore, I really found this book to be a keeper and fun for everyone in the house, old and young! "I received a free book in exchange for writing a review on my blog"