Slow Beauty: Rituals and Recipes to Nourish the Body and Feed the Soul

Slow Beauty: Rituals and Recipes to Nourish the Body and Feed the Soul

by Shel Pink


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ISBN-13: 9780762462568
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers
Publication date: 11/14/2017
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 569,070
Product dimensions: 8.12(w) x 9.12(h) x 0.87(d)

About the Author

Shel Pink, who built the SpaRitual brand of self-care products around the Slow Beauty® philosophy and led the industry-wide movement toward green cosmetics, is a leader and educator in the professional beauty care sector. She has written for Organic Spa, LA Yoga,, and other publications both in print and online. Shel lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Table of Contents

About Slow Beauty 7

The Four Pillars of Slow Beauty 8

You Write the Slow Beauty User's Manual: Practice Makes Process 13

Part 1 Philosophy 15

My Satori Moment 16

The Seeds of Slow Beauty 17

Flipping the Switch On 18

Beauty with Substance-It's an Inside Job 20

Slow = Sustainable 21

The Fountain of Youth Exists Within 23

Montagu's Twenty-Seven Basic Human Needs 25

You Are the Love Story 31

Self-Love and Narcissism Are Not the Same 35

The Sign of Compromise 37

Healthy, Healthier, Healthiest 38

Change Is the Only Stable State in Our Life (Or: When Chaos Is a Good Thing) 39

Joy, oh, Joy! 41

Part 2 Rituals 43

Punctuate Your Day with Rituals 44

The Rites of Slow Beauty: I Am Ready to Receive 45

Know Thyself 48

The Real Deal: Seeing Authentic Beauty 49

As Above, So Below: The Spiritualization of Beauty 51

What's My Story? 53

Finding Sanctuary and Designing Your Inner Life 55

The Big Share: We're Stronger Together 59

Daily Rituals 60

First Light 61

Morning Meditation 62

Morning/Movement 62

Morning Exfoliation 62

Morning Self-Massage 63

Solar Light 64

Afternoon Meditation 64

Afternoon Movement 65

Afternoon Mist 65

Third Light 66

Evening Meditation 66

Evening Movement 66

Evening Self-Massage 66

Evening Foot Wash and Massage 67

Evening Moil Care 68

Drink Your Water 68

Take Some Tea Time 69

Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly Rituals 71

Nature Bathing 71

Doctrine of Signatures 74

Women's Gathering: Play to Learn 75

Classes and Services 77

Poetics: Speak to Your Soul 78

Self-Symposium: Be a Great Mind 80

Bibliotherapy 82

Social Good 85

Emotion Blending 86

Broken Teacup Ritual 87

Your Personal Crest 89

Pole Playing 89

Growing Young 91

Part 3 Recipes 93

The Slow Beauty of Consciousness 95

Consciousness and the Central Nervous System 98

Seasons Come and Seasons Go 99

Taste: Intentional, Intuitive Eating 104

Seasonal Teas 106

Proper Digestion Winter Tea 108

Pure Poetry Spring Tea 109

Vibrant Mint Summer Tea 111

Classic Turmeric Fall Tea 112

All-Season Classic Matcha Tea Latte 115

Seasonal Soups 116

Back to My Roots Winter Soup 116

Go Green Spring Soup 117

The Birth of Cool Melon Summer Soup 119

Optimistic Squash Fall Soup 120

Stress-Busting All-Season Vegetable Broth 122

Seasonal Juices 123

Slow-Aging Bitters Winter Juice 123

Radiant Immunity Sour Spring Juice 125

Goodness in a Glass Summer Juice 126

Tastes like Apple Pie Fall Compote 126

All-Season Glorious Greens 129

Seasonal Smoothies and Bowls 130

Almond Butter Pomelo Winter Smoothie 130

Good Fortune Spring Smoothie 133

Pure Sunshine Summer Smoothie 134

From-A-to-Z Fall Smoothie 137

All-Season Endurance Smoothie 138

Muddled Waters 139

Garlic-Lemon Drop Winter Water 141

Rose Energy Spring Water 141

Aloe I Love You Summer Water 142

Turmeric Orange Fall Water 145

Hot Lemon All-Season Water 145

Feel: Remember Your Beautiful Body 146

Scrubs 149

Grapefruit, Ginger, and Grapeseed Oil Paste Winter Scrub 149

Lavender, Matcha, and Avocado Oil Spring Exfoliating Powder 150

Basil, Maca, and Sunflower Summer Exfoliating Powder 153

Pomegranate and Melissa Oil Dense Fall Scrub 154

Seasonal Body Oils 156

Grapefruit Avocado Winter Oil 157

Lemon Primrose Spring Oil 157

Sunflower Shea Summer Oil 158

Orange Sesame Fall Oil 158

Seasonal Mists 161

Grapefruit Chamomile Winter Mist 161

Jasmine Lemon Spring Mist 162

Basil Cucumber Summer Mist 162

Orange Ginger Fall Mist 163

Seasonal Soaks 164

Think and Meditate: Savor the Silence 166

Mantras 167

Create Your Own Mantra 167

Breathe: Connect Deeply with Life 170

Heat-Generating Winter Breath 171

Bhramari Spring Breath 171

Cooling Summer Breath 172

Tonglen Fall Breath 173

Move: Use Energy to Stir Your Soul 173

Winter Movements: Invigorate and Calm 174

Spring Movements: Expand 177

Summer Movements: Moderate 178

Fall Movements: Let Go 181

All-Seasonal Movements: Unwind 183

Part 4 Mapping 187

Unpack Your Tool Kit 189

Find Your Guides 189

Your Consort Ganesh: A Coloring Meditation 191

Animal Medicine 191

Abracadabra: I Create What I Speak 196

Create Your Own Soundtrack 200

Shapeshifting 202

Remember a Slower Time 203

You Are Here 204

Becoming a Cartographer 205

Getting Started 205

Resources 216

Index 217

Acknowledgments 224

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