Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots: Finding Grace, Freedom, and Purpose in an Overachieving World

Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots: Finding Grace, Freedom, and Purpose in an Overachieving World

by Mary Marantz
Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots: Finding Grace, Freedom, and Purpose in an Overachieving World

Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots: Finding Grace, Freedom, and Purpose in an Overachieving World

by Mary Marantz


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You cannot achieve your way into worth

You know her. Maybe you are her. The woman who feels like she must always be "on." The one who is always performing. She walks into every room relentlessly hard on herself, always attempting to deliver an A+ performance, because she believes this is the bare minimum standard she has to achieve just to be invited to most tables. You would never know by looking at her the hard things she's had to overcome. She succeeds, almost compulsively, in this urgent attempt to outrun her own muddy story. But she is walking around now, reduced to this burned-out, brittle, fragile, ashes-to-ashes version of herself. She is, at last . . .exhausted.

When gold stars, highlight reels, and seeking approval from strangers on the internet are not enough, Mary Marantz gives you permission to stop running. In this unique, powerful devotional filled with stunning photography, she shows you how to move from achieving, striving, and performing for your worth to the grace, freedom, and purpose that come from knowing your identity and calling are determined by God.

You are not in a race with anyone. Good things take time. REAL things take time. And slow growth equals strong roots.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780800738464
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/03/2022
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Mary Marantz grew up in a trailer in rural West Virginia. The first of her immediate family to go to college, she went on to earn a master's degree in moral philosophy and a law degree from Yale. After turning down six-figure-salary law firm offers in London and New York and starting a business with her husband, Justin, together they have gone on to build a successful online education platform for thousands of creative entrepreneurs worldwide. The bestselling author of Dirt, Mary is also the host of the highly ranked podcast The Mary Marantz Show, which debuted in the iTunes Top 200. She and Justin live in an 1880s fixer-upper by the sea in New Haven, Connecticut, with their two very fluffy golden retrievers, Goodspeed and Atticus. Learn more at

Table of Contents

The Author Note 10

The Prelude 15

The Inciting Incident 16

Part I Breaking Ground

No. 1 Walk Among the Fireflies 22

No. 2 A Tossed and Turbulent Sea 30

No. 3 Honor the Foundation on Which We Stand 38

No. 4 On Filters and Underdog Movies 46

No. 5 The Checklist of Other People's Success 54

No. 6 A Penske Truck's Worth of Expectations 62

No. 7 A Boulder Rolling Down the Mountain 70

No. 8 Frenetic, Frenzied, Frantic 78

No. 9 I'll Be Happy When … 86

No. 10 The Clock Is Ticking 92

Part II Digging Deep

No 11 These Illusions in the Distance 102

No 12 A Hannibal Lecter Monologue 112

No 13 They Love Me, They Love Me Not 120

No 14 It Turns Out We're All Pretty Thirsty 126

No 15 Make Me a Bird, So I Can Fly Away 134

No 16 That Version of Me Is Insatiable 140

No 17 Insecurity Rears Her Lovely Head 148

No 18 The Girl Who Always Comes Through 156

No 19 My Judge Wears a Draper fames Dress 162

No 20 The Wolf at Last Comes Home 168

Part III Anchoring Hope

No. 21 Running or Rooted? 178

No. 22 Weed, Flower, Tree 186

No. 23 When Growing Slow Is the Worst 194

No. 24 A Veruca Salt-Worthy Tantrum 200

No. 25 We All Have a Missing Square 208

No. 26 Open Your Hand 216

No. 27 Move the Decimal Point 224

No. 28 The Girl in the Oversized Sweatshirt 232

No. 29 It Gets Messy in the Middle 240

No. 30 Begin Again 248

Part IV Standing Tall

No. 31 Sparks Lighting Up the Way Home 258

No. 32 The World Rewards Achieving 266

No. 33 The Habit of Celebrating 274

No. 34 The Place Where Our Gifts Meet Our Story 280

No. 35 A Love Letter to the (at Last) Exhausted 288

The Acknowledgments 297

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