Smitten by the Brit: A Sometimes in Love Novel

Smitten by the Brit: A Sometimes in Love Novel

by Melonie Johnson

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English professor Bonnie Blythe expects her life to play out like her favorite novels, especially now that her long-term boyfriend has finally proposed. So when a shocking discovery leads Bonnie to end her engagement, she decides to close the book on love. But the plot thickens when a brand-new character enters the scene—and quickens Bonnie's heart.

With his brilliant blue eyes, sexy accent, and irresistible charm, Theo Wharton is like a romantic hero straight out of a Jane Austen novel. When fate places Bonnie in England for a summer—conveniently close to Theo—she realizes a hot friends-with-benefits fling is exactly what she needs to start a fresh chapter. Just as Bonnie begins to believe she's falling in love, an eye-opening revelation into Theo's life makes Bonnie feel like she's wandered into one of her favorite books. Will Bonnie have the courage to risk her heart and turn the page with the dashing Brit to find her true happy ending after all?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781250193056
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 05/28/2019
Series: Sometimes in Love , #2
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 107,850
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.10(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

After earning her Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude from Loyola University Chicago, Melonie Johnson—aka #thewritinglush—taught high school English and Theatre for several years. An award winning author and a two-time RWA Golden Heart® finalist, she writes smart and funny contemporary romance and moonlights as an audiobook narrator under the pseudonym, Evelyn Eibhlin. She lives happily ever after with her husband, two redheaded daughters, a dog that's more like a small horse, and a pair of hermit crabs. She is the author of the Sometimes in Love series which includes Getting Hot with the Scot and Smitten by the Brit.

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BONNIE BLYTHE HOVERED near the tall windows, nursing her cocktail and watching the lights from the Navy Pier Ferris wheel twinkle in the fading spring twilight. It was a romantic moment, one she should have been enjoying with Gabe, except her fiancé wasn't here. As was so often the case lately, her significant other was significantly absent.

Gabe had promised he'd accompany her tonight, but then begged off at the last minute. His PhD adviser had called and requested another meeting, and as Bonnie well knew, all things related to Gabe's dissertation came first. Thank God he was almost done with grad school, so they could focus on other things — like finally deciding on a wedding date.

The reminder of her prolonged engagement had Bonnie knocking back the rest of her drink. The bittersweet sting of alcohol burned her throat and warmed her belly, but did nothing to loosen the knot of frustration in her gut. She set her empty glass on the window ledge and adjusted her crown of flowers, fingers tingling. She never could hold her liquor. A source of eternal amusement for her Irish cousins, one drink was often enough to do her in.

Right now, she could go for a little bit of doing in. She was Ophelia without her Hamlet, so why not drown her sorrows in another cocktail? Bonnie turned away from the wall of windows and headed for the bar, attention focused on the trailing ends of her gauzy dress as she dodged Romeos and Juliets, Oberons and Titanias, Henrys and Falstaffs. The foyer of the Chicago Shakespeare Theater was stuffed with a menagerie of the namesake playwright's characters.

Each April, the company held a gala in honor of the bard's birthday, and this year's event was a costume ball. Bonnie had been looking forward to the gala for months, ever since her best friend, Cassie, invited her to attend. As a broadcast journalist covering stories for the local morning show, ChiChat, Cassie often scored tickets to the city's hottest events. Fresh drink in hand, Bonnie surveyed the room, looking for any sign of her friend. A flash of plaid caught her eye, and Bonnie grinned. Of course. She headed toward the couple lingering in a quiet corner.

"Bonnie!" Cassie exclaimed, pushing away from the man she'd been canoodling with. "I was wondering when you'd get here."

"Oh, I've been here awhile, but I think your attention was elsewhere." Bonnie nodded at the tall auburn-haired man standing next to Cassie. "Hello, Logan. Let me guess ..." She pointed at the kilt he was wearing. "Macbeth?"

"And Lady Macbeth." Cassie held up her hands. "What do you think? Is it too much?"

Bonnie considered her friend's palms, dyed a grisly red. "I think you both look perfect."

"Aye. Well, I already had the kilt, you ken." Logan winked. "And seeing as how the first time we met, I was accused of talking like a — what was it you called me, love?" he asked Cassie, a mischievous smile playing about his lips.

"A Macbeth reject." Cassie shook her head. "You're never going to let me forget about that, are you?"

Logan pulled Cassie close. "Neverrr," he growled against her neck, his Scottish burr a low purr that likely had every female in hearing distance perking up. Even Bonnie wasn't immune to the Scot, though she enjoyed his charm on a purely spectator level.

Not that it mattered. Logan only had eyes for Cassie.

Which was as it should be. Since he was engaged to her best friend, Bonnie would punch Logan in the sporran herself if she ever caught the Scot checking out another "lass." But Bonnie couldn't imagine such a thing happening. She knew how much Logan loved Cassie, had watched their romance blossom from the start — she'd even had a hand in bringing them together. Though, she hadn't expected their relationship to progress quite so quickly. Cassie and Logan had gotten engaged this past New Year's and had already set the date for their wedding in early August, on the one-year anniversary of the day they met.

Yep, Bonnie had been engaged for over a year to a guy she'd been with since middle school, and still didn't have a wedding date. Meanwhile, Cassie and Logan were getting married in less than four months.

Nope, she wasn't bitter. Or, at least, she was trying very hard not to be. Bonnie was truly happy for the couple and was genuinely excited to be Cassie's maid of honor. It's just when Cassie asked Bonnie her opinion on invitations or dresses or, well, anything wedding-related, Bonnie sometimes (okay, all the time) felt the sting of envy. They should be planning her wedding. But it was hard to send out invitations when you didn't know when or where to invite the guests.

Gabe said he wanted to get school over with, to have this final piece of his academic life wrapped up before starting the next stage. Bonnie understood. Mostly. But she and Gabe had been together for so long, she wanted to get on with the next step of her life. What was the big deal if they started planning the wedding before or after he finished the last leg of what had felt like a marathon?

She'd been by Gabe's side every step of the way, and though Bonnie may not have been the one running the race, she'd sacrificed much to help her runner reach his goals. She'd waited this long, she could wait a little longer. It was almost May. By this time next month, Gabe would be finished with his final semester of grad school.

Soon, she'd be applauding, bursting with pride as Gabe walked down the aisle and accepted his degree. She couldn't wait to call him Dr. Gabriel Shaughnessy. Couldn't wait to write it on their wedding invitations and finally, finally, walk down the aisle herself and become Mrs. Dr. Gabriel Shaughnessy.

"Where's Gabe?" Cassie asked, breaking into Bonnie's thoughts.

"He had a meeting with his adviser."

"Another one?" Her best friend frowned, brown eyes shadowed with concern. "On a Friday night?"

"The dissertation presentation is coming up soon, and they're working out the final kinks." Bonnie shrugged. "His adviser often calls on evenings and weekends."

"What a wanker," Logan said. Cassie slapped him on the arm but didn't correct him.

Bonnie wasn't sure if Logan meant Gabe or his adviser. Either way, she rather agreed with the Scot. She took a swig of her cocktail. Her glass was almost empty again. The second one had gone down much smoother — and faster — than the first. Bonnie glanced toward the bar and considered seeing how a third would fare.

Following the line of her gaze, Logan flashed a grin. "Shall I fetch you a wee bevy to wash your cares away?"

"Sure. A Manhattan, please." She couldn't remember the last time she'd had three drinks in one night, but right now she didn't care.

"And for you, lass?" Logan turned to Cassie. "Dark and Stormy?"

"Perfect." Cassie went on tiptoe and kissed his cheek, fingers tugging on a lock of red hair as she whispered, "You know how I love ginger."

The Scot lowered his eyes, now hooded with lust. "Aye, I do." He bent toward Cassie, tilting his face so her lips trailed across his cheek and met his mouth. Sexual tension radiated between the two of them.

Bonnie flushed, looking away from the happy couple. Jealousy clawed at her insides, and she fought against the green-eyed monster. Of course, Cassie and Logan's relationship seemed fresh and exciting ... they'd only met last summer. But when's the last time Gabe looked at you like that? Or kissed you that way? With such raw hunger. Such need. Has he ever? Bonnie swallowed the last of her drink and cleared her throat. "On second thought, maybe I should call it a night."

"No! You can't leave yet." Cassie slipped out of Logan's embrace and grabbed Bonnie's arm. "There's something I want to talk to you about."

Bonnie suppressed a groan; she was not up for discussing her friend's wedding plans tonight. "Can it wait?"

"I guess, but you may not get another chance to meet her."

"Meet who?"

"The lady from Cambridge."

"Explain," Bonnie ordered, pulse racing. What was Cassie up to?

"I'll see to those drinks, aye?" Logan excused himself, not at all subtle about being grateful for the opportunity to escape.

"Cassie," Bonnie warned, "spill."

"Well, one of the people I interviewed for the next segment of Coming Out of the Book Closet is a faculty member at Cambridge."

"Cambridge University, as in the UK?"

"Uh, yeah. And we got to talking and ..." Cassie paused, attention drifting past Bonnie to scan the room.

"And?" Bonnie prompted.

"And she wants you to teach a seminar."


"Six weeks." Cassie started to tap her chin but stopped, cringing at her bloody finger. "Or maybe eight, I can't remember."

"Here? In the city?"

Cassie shook her head. "In England. Some kind of Shakespeare intensive the university runs every summer. One of this year's guest instructors had to cancel, and they're on the hunt for a replacement. Of course, I thought of you. I told her about the adaptation you did of that fairy play a few years ago, and she loved it. Said she couldn't wait to meet you."

"She did?" Bonnie's head felt fuzzy. "What's the catch?"

"No catch." Cassie tugged on her arm. "There they are. Come on, just talk to her, okay?"

Before Bonnie could protest further, Cassie had dragged her across the room to where a short, stout Julius Caesar stood next to a statuesque Cleopatra, his crown of laurel leaves barely reaching her toga-clad bosom.

"Cassie Crow!" Cleopatra exclaimed in a throaty, cultured voice. "Please tell me your lovely companion is the talented lady I've heard so much about."

"Barbara." Cassie returned the hug, careful not to let her stained fingers mar the woman's white gown. "I'd like you to meet Bonnie Blythe."

"A pleasure." Cleopatra clasped Bonnie's hand. "Delighted to make your acquaintance, my dear."

Her smile was regal yet warm, and Bonnie relaxed, instantly drawn to the woman.

"Has Cassie mentioned the summer seminar to you?"

Bonnie's moment of calm collapsed. "Ah, briefly." Very briefly. She swallowed, wondering where Logan was with that third drink.

Cleopatra continued the introductions, turning toward the man at her side. "Philip, this is Cassie Crow, the young lady from the telly studio, and her friend Bonnie Blythe." Cleopatra — Barbara — paused for the man to greet them. As he bent forward to kiss Cassie's and Bonnie's hands, she told them, "Professor Newton is a fellow academic director."

"You'll be joining our merry little band this summer, eh?" the professor asked, adjusting his laurel wreath, which had slipped down his forehead, snagging on a pair of bushy brows.

"To be honest, sir," Bonnie hedged, checking to make sure her own floral crown was still in place as she tried not to stare at the man's eyebrows, which hovered above his sharp, bright eyes, quivering like a pair of restless ferrets.

"Please, call me Philip."

"Philip," Bonnie obliged before continuing, "I don't know if I'm qualified for Cambridge." She was only an associate professor who directed the occasional theatre production at a small liberal arts college. She had her master's, yes ... but this was Cambridge.

"Oh, pish-posh." He waved his hand dismissively. "We have all the stodgy old scholars like myself we could possibly need."

"And if it makes you feel better," Barbara added, "this isn't the university precisely. It's Ice."

"Nice?" Bonnie repeated.

"ICE," Philip corrected. "Institute of Continuing Education. An international outreach program." His eyes widened with excitement, making the ferrets jump. "We want — we need — fresh blood."

"Please, Philip, you make us sound like a troupe of vampires." Barbara shook her head, black bob wig swinging, full ruby mouth pursed in repressed amusement. "What he means to say is, the summer program is a chance to explore new ideas." She laid a jeweled hand on Bonnie's arm. "We want people who've proven they can think outside the box."

"Oh, that's definitely Bonnie." Cassie beamed at her with pride.

Bonnie tried to return her friend's smile as her stomach rode the elevator down to her slippers. She knew Cassie was only trying to help, and at any other time, she'd be over the moon to have this opportunity. "I'm flattered," Bonnie said, "really, I am. But I don't think I could afford it right now." The European vacation she and Cassie had taken last summer with their best buds from college, the same vacation where Cassie met Logan, had drained what little savings Bonnie had. She'd scrimped and saved for five years to make that trip happen, there was no way she could go back to England so soon. Besides, she hopefully had a wedding to pay for in the near future.

"My dear, let me assure you on that score." Barbara waved her arm, bangles jangling. "Room and board are provided."

"Yes, yes," Philip chimed in. "And in addition to your salary, a stipend to cover residuals such as travel expenses is provided as well."

"See?" Cassie grabbed her hand and squeezed it. "What do you think?"

"Uh ..." Bonnie took in the three faces smiling at her expectantly, "I think I need to use the restroom," she said, struggling to keep her voice calm and polite as her heart hopped on the elevator to join her stomach. "If you'll excuse me."

Tucking herself into a stall, Bonnie took several deep breaths. The space was too tiny to allow for pacing, so she turned in a tight circle, careful not to let her dress fall in the toilet. Why? Why did this have to happen now?

At any other time in her life, she'd have jumped at the opportunity. Teaching Shakespeare, even only for a few weeks, at a school like Cambridge would be a dream come true. But this summer was supposed to be the summer another dream finally came true. She was supposed to be planning her wedding, not running off to England for two months.

"No offense, but how much longer you gonna be in there?" An irate South Side accent demanded from the other side of the stall.

Is forever an option? But when South Side began pounding on the door, Bonnie knew she needed to get out of there. She flushed the toilet for appearance's sake and opened the stall, coming face-to-face with an irritated- looking witch. Bonnie slipped past the girl, offering her an apologetic smile. Leaning against the wall, waiting in line, were two more witches, looking equally annoyed. "The Weird Sisters, huh?"

The girls glared at her. Right.

Before she found herself in double toil and trouble, Bonnie washed her hands and made a hasty exit. She hurried through the restroom door, careening straight into a solid wall of suit-covered muscle. "Oof!" she exhaled, stumbling as her floral crown flopped down over her eyes and icy liquid splashed across her chest.

"Sorry!" a smooth male voice apologized, his British accent slicing the r's into a crisp d sound.

Bonnie froze. She recognized that voice, knew that polished British accent. Heart beating faster, Bonnie lifted her chin, trying to peek through the tangle of flowers currently blinding her. Warm fingers brushed her forehead, and a moment later she could see ... straight into a pair of familiar blue eyes fringed with sinfully long, sooty lashes.

"Theo!" she sputtered. "What are you doing here?"

"At the moment?" He set his now-empty glass on a passing server's tray and reached up to adjust her crown, gently freeing a flower ensnarled in her mass of curls. "Assisting you." Theo grinned, twin dimples appearing in his cheeks.

A fluttering sensation tickled the backs of her knees, and she swayed.

"Are you quite all right?" he asked, holding her by the shoulders and steadying her.

"Me? I'm fine, totally fine," she babbled, wishing she'd gone home when she'd had the chance. Why hadn't Cassie mentioned Theo was coming tonight? She had to know he would be here; Logan was his best friend.

In fact, it was through Logan that Bonnie had met Theo in the first place while in London last summer, on a supper cruise along the Thames. It was a meeting she was unlikely to forget, even though she'd been trying very hard to do just that ever since. Tall, dark, and handsome, not to mention that accent, Theo embodied every Austen hero Bonnie had ever crushed on. And she'd crushed on several.

Meanwhile, her friend Ana, who'd also been on the supper cruise that night on the Thames, had christened Theo "Prince Eric." It was an apt moniker. With his cap of thick black hair, soulful blue eyes, and easy smile, the Brit did look like the cartoon prince come to life.

"Who are you supposed to be?" Bonnie took a closer look at the get-up Theo was presently sporting and smiled. Maybe he wasn't a prince, but he looked like someone noble ... "A duke?"


Excerpted from "Smitten By The Brit"
by .
Copyright © 2019 Melonie Johnson.
Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
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Smitten by the Brit: A Sometimes in Love Novel 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 78 reviews.
gaele 10 days ago
First introduced to Bonnie in the first book of the series, she is engaged to Gabe, and having her own second thoughts. Of course, her girls are all behind her (they see that Gabe is a twit and she can do better) and what’s better than the Duke of Emberton? Theo is wonderfully chivalric, polite, attentive and wholly into Bonnie – all the things that Gabe really isn’t. She is, however, trying to do the right thing and ignore the butterflies. Much like the first book there was more ‘set up’ for the romance with associated dramas, necessary and not, to make it more difficult for them to find their way together. But, Theo was adorable, and unfortunately, his familial obligations and financial difficulties are going to be a major part of their new life – so perhaps Bonnie taking her time and thinking and deciding about a relationship, rather than it just happening, was a good thing. Very timid and a bit of a doormat, Theo gives her the space to grow and decide for herself – and that was nice to see that she had some growth in there. The real problem here was the pacing – the relationship was off and on, with little focus or seeing them together UNTIL near the end of the book – and it felt rushed and simply sketched out, not quite complete and full, even though it was obvious that they are well-matched and meant for one another. It’s a solidly written and characterized story with the exception of the pacing, but the light and sweet relationship between two people who are meant to be together – one that accepts Bonnie’s rather shy and timid nature with Theo’s quiet and polite manners worked well. It’s a solid beach read – distracting and light, perfect for when you just want a taste of the sweetness without a great deal of investment. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Ireadergosum 22 days ago
“Heavy-handed there much, Lady Catherine? Bonnie had often wished to be in the middle of an Austen novel. Only now that she was, she couldn’t wait to escape.” Okay, the moment when Bonnie meets Theo in Getting Hot with the Scot, I just knew I needed their story. Smitten by the Brit did NOT disappoint. Bonnie is always spouting off Shakespeare and Austen, which makes me love her even more. She’s been with the same guy since she was just a little girl, and she cast him, her best friend, and herself in the roles of Anne of Green Gables. She’s a total book nerd, which I’m sure many of us can relate to. She is just so sweet, yet strong, and I really enjoy that in a female character. Don’t even get me started on the dashing and chivalrous Theo. Just kidding, I definitely want to talk about one of my new book boyfriends. We got a peek at the amazingness that is Theo when he helped Cassie in Getting Hot with the Scot, but man you really get to see it in this story. He is just always trying to do what’s right. But he does get to experience the saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Will he completely screw everything up, that question is exactly what kept me sucked in to the very end. And did I mention Theo’s sister helps Bonnie plan a hen party, which ends up being Harry Potter themed?! YES, this book is THAT AWESOME. I already preordered my physical copy, because I need to hold this piece of heaven in my hands. Special thank you to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review!
Madm007 22 days ago
I thought this was rather like an adult fairytale with all the goodness +. Loved Theo, no matter what persona he was wearing. When his true self emerged he was magnificent. Bonnie, now her character took some getting used to as I couldn't relate her innocence and her having been engaged, just my thoughts, but her and Theo together were quite entertaining. This romance had a good bit of levity and teasing heat throughout this romantic journey. The characters from "Getting Hot With A Scot" made appearances in this 2nd book of the series, and totally enjoyed for Cassie and Logan's wedding, but this is still a stand alone. The phrase I really liked "You look good wearing my future" just made me do a huge happy sigh. I received an ARC from Netgalley / St Martin's Press. All thoughts and opinions are my own and voluntarily given
MaimeosAngelsEL 23 days ago
Melonie Johnson is a relatively new author to me and I have to say I really enjoyed this story. This was an entertaining read and although this is the second book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone. However I do feel you might benefit from reading the first book prior to this one, although that is just my opinion as both Bonnie and Theo first appeared in Getting Hot With The Scot. Bonnie Blythe has her life all planned out for her so she is rocked and shocked when things do not go to plan. Escaping to England to teach at Cambridge and re group for the Summer, she again meets hunky Brit Theo Wharton and despite her recent past is attracted to him. Theo ticked the boxes for me, he is kind, caring, compassionate and oozes charisma whilst Bonnie is sweet, honest and a tad naive. The banter between Theo and Bonnie was amusing and had me laughing on occasion. The characters were both extremely likeable and easy to relate to and the chemistry and tension was smoking hot as they navigated their relationship.
Ashes2ashes1189 4 days ago
A cute story that starts out a little slow but picks up. Fully developed and has a happily ever after. Can be read as a standalone
TheGrumpyBookReviewer 9 days ago
I was asked by St. Martin’s Press to read and review Smitten By the Brit, authored by two-time RWA Golden Heart® finalist, Melonie Johnson. It’s the second in her “Sometimes in Love” series. It’s as good as, or better than the first one. I appreciate that Johnson works into her story such things as the news media’s focus on how women dress rather than how well they play sports or how well they do their jobs. This is also very common in reporting on political figures. Ms. Johnson also has characters in this book comment on how Wordsworth worked to preserve the beauty of the land for future generations. We should take a cue from her. In Smitten By the Brit, Bonnie Blythe is an English professor who frequently quotes Jane Austen and the Bard, among others. She has been in love with Gabe since 3rdgrade, and engaged to for quite a while. She is already unhappy about the prolonged engagement, and Gabe’s refusal to set a wedding date until he finishes his writing dissertation. Now her best friend, Cassie, is planning her own wedding to the gorgeous Scot, Logan, who she met just months ago in the first book of this series. Bonnie is trying not to be jealous, but it is difficult. Then she finds Gabe in a very compromising position with another woman. After a chance meeting with Theo, Logan’s English friend, Bonnie remembers her visceral attraction to him when they first met almost a year ago. After the devastating break-up with Gabe, she accepts an offer to teach as visiting faculty at Cambridge in the coming summer semester. Not emotionally ready for another relationship, she is still elated to find Cambridge is only an hour away from Theo’s home. The chemistry between the two cannot go unnoticed. Theo and Logan have withheld the truth about Theo’s identity. Theo’s interfering mother has a suitable woman picked out for him to marry. Will he follow his heart, or marry the “suitable lady”? Will Bonnie follow her heart, and recognize that she should have been with Theo instead of Gabe all along? What Makes This Reviewer Grumpy? Keep in mind that the copy I read was a pre-publication copy. I hope most of these errors were corrected by the editor: • Verb disagreement: “coming” vs. “going”, “bring” vs. “take”, “rode” vs. “ridden”; • Beginning sentences with conjunctions; • Misspelled or misused words: “stationary” vs. “stationery”, “chimney flu vs. chimney flue”; • Lack of capitalization of brand name products; • Singular vs. plural disagreement: “Everyone lifted their glass”. (More than one person equals more than one glass.); • Lots of split infinitives; • Confusing “further” with “farther”. (They don’t mean the same thing.)
bookreader1TP 11 days ago
I really enjoyed Getting Hot with the Scot and was really interested in Theo and his life. Smitten with the Brit was even better than I anticipated. Theo had been attracted to Bonnie when he met her the previous summer, but she was engaged, so they remained strictly friends. Sure, he fantasized about her, but he wouldn't act on his fantasies. Bonnie was also attracted to Theo, but she stayed true to her fiiancee and vowed to keep Theo as a friend. When Theo shows up in Chicago to see his best friend, she is thrown for a loop and leaves rather abruptly from the party she, Cassie, Theo, and Logan are at. What she doesn't expect to find is her fiancee in bed with another woman when she gets home. She promplty ends the engagement and checks into a hotel. From there, Bonnie and Theo start spending more time together and he lets her decide how far to take things. He has feelings for her, but he realizes that she is coming off of a long relationship so he doesn't want to push her. When things start getting steamy, she melts down and he supports her. Theo had me swooning throughout the book. He was patient, kind, understanding, persistent, and loyal. He tried to do everything that was expected of him where his family was concerned. He just wasn't sure how he could marry someone he didn't love or someone who wasn't Bonnie. Bonnie was a character who felt like she could be a friend. She thought she had her whole life mapped out, but had a wrench thrown into her life when her relationship ended. She knew she was attracted to Theo, but didn't want to rush anything. When she overhears a conversation between Theo and his mother, she misunderstands what is going on and runs away. Believable characters. Wonderful relationships amongst friends. Great supporting characters. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest, voluntary review.
carol223CS 13 days ago
Melonie Johnson’s Smitten by the Brit Come along on an adventure that starts in Chicago where Bonnie Blythe is an English professor. After a sudden shocking end to her engagement to her childhood sweetheart, Bonnie takes a summer teaching position at a prestigious university in England. Theodore Wharton is the Duke of Embertonk. As the now head of the family, he is expected to fulfill the family obligations to keep the estate afloat and all those associated with it in tip top shape financially to to make sure the family line is produced. Since the estates are facing bankruptcy, his mother wants to marry him off to a person from a wealthy family lineage. Bonnie and Theo have an undeniable chemistry between them. It is a steamy, hot, lusty attraction. But it is a friends-with-benefits relationship. Will this lead to a deeper situation? The book has humorous adventures, captivating writing, an array of multifaceted, colorful, vivid and relatable characters, class conflicts which are underscored with honor. You will love the detailed descriptions taking the reader with the characters as they experience life in Chicago, England and Scotland. A Highly Recommended Sexy, Humorous Read!! I volunteered to read Smitten by the Brit. Thanks to Net Gallery and St Martin’s Press for the opportunity. My opinion is my own.
Jill_S 13 days ago
Smitten by the Brit was a fun & entertaining read. It is the sweet tale of Theo and Bonnie finally giving into and trusting the chemistry that has been there since they first met. I liked how Theo wasn't your typical romance hero. He is exceedingly polite... the man says Thank You after he orgasms! Lol! While I love myself some alpha man... it is fun to read romances that are about all different types! I also enjoyed Bonnie's love of all things Shakespeare and Austen. The book had some moments that literally had me laughing out loud. The hen party (bachelorette party)... omg that was fantastic! Witches hats, special wands and lewd Harry Potter jokes. I could picture that like a movie running through my head! This is a great summer, beach read!
KristiBug 14 days ago
I really enjoyed this romp through the United States and England. Bonnie and Theo were fun to follow around. It was slow enough to recover from Bonnie's previous relationship but fast enough to keep the angst and wondering perking. I'm really enjoying this author and especially the relationships from her friends that keep her going.
Momma_Becky 15 days ago
Smitten by the Brit is a sweet as sugar story with likable characters and some absolutely hilarious scenes. However, I still came away with mixed feelings. There's some repetition with certain words and phrases that stood out, but most of all, I had a hard time with the romance. And seeing as this is a romance, that can be a problem. Bonnie and Theo are cute together, and they have decent chemistry, but I felt like the story was more about them as individuals than as a couple, and at times it was almost like emotions weren't the most important thing for this pair. In the end, this one was just okay for me. I enjoyed some parts more than others, but it's not something that I'll be remembering in the long term. All in all, it's a cute enough story that would work well for a lazy weekend or beach read.
Anonymous 15 days ago
Bonnie Blythe is wishing her fiancé, Gabe, could be with her tonight. Gabe is finishing things up to get his doctorate. They have been together since they were children and Bonnie is anxious to be able to start planning their wedding. Tonight, she is attending a gala at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater in honor of the playwright’s birthday. She has been invited by her best friend, Cassie who is engaged to Logan. They are planning to be married in just four months time in Scotland. This depresses Bonnie somewhat as she wants to get her wedding plans started. Bonnie has a master’s degree and is a professor. Cassie tells her that a faculty member at Cambridge University in the UK wants Bonnie to teach a 6-week Shakespeare seminar there. Bonnie is unsure about it but says she will consider it. She runs into Theo whom she has met before. He is from the UK and is in the US to attend a charity event where he will escort Lady Camille Fairfax. His mother is trying to match him up with her. Bonnie decides to head home a bit early and there she finds Gabe in bed with another woman. Furious, she immediately breaks off their engagement and moves out. When Bonnie learns that Theo is actually the Duke of Emberton, she is surprised and wonders why he wants to keep it a secret. It appears that his father had spent too much money and now the estate is in need of money. That is why his mother is intent on him marrying a Lady Camille Fairfax. Bonnie heads to the UK for her teaching job at Cambridge and from there to Cassie’s wedding. It will be a busy summer for her and she hopes that she might see Theo as well. This is cute story that is perfect for people who love romcoms. For someone of my age, I found a lot of it to be silly, so I think it will appeal more to the “younger set.” In addition, I hope you like Shakespeare because you will read a lot about him. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
NadineBookaholic 15 days ago
We Met Bonnie and Theo in the first book, GETTING HOT WITH THE SCOT, when Bonnie and her friends were traveling through Europe on a dream vacation. Bonnie's friend Cassie met and fell in love with Theo's best mate Logan, and we get to see what happens with their wedding in this book! I knew right from the beginning these two were meant to be together but Bonnie was engaged to her first boyfriend, heck her first everything who was back home working on his doctorate while she was traveling. I had a not so good feeling about him but that doesn't matter, Bonnie never wavered even though she was definitely Smitten by the Brit. Friends with Benefits? We've all heard the term before but can it truly stay that way or will someone get hurt in the end? Is it inevitable that feelings will get involved? What if you already feel something for the other person but are denying it even to yourself? This fun and sexy read shows us just how things can get a bit complicated at times but hopefully everything works out in the end. Theo has responsibilities to his family but will he go with his mothers wishes or will Bonnie win his heart? Only one way to find out, grab your own copy today and get reading, lol, this has been a fun series to read so far and I look forward to seeing each of these women find their own HEAs. SMITTEN BY THE BRIT is the second book in the SOMETIMES IN LOVE Series, each book can be read as a standalone but since they are based on a group of friends that are in each of the books I would strongly recommend you read them in order. Happy Reading!!! **I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**
smweston 17 days ago
Smitten by the Brit is the second book in the Sometimes in Love series that follows a friend group of smart, ambitious female friends. I love that the books feature strong female friendships and each woman also has goals in her life that she’s working on that have nothing to do with her relationship.⁣ ⁣ I really wanted to love this book more than Getting Hot with the Scot because Brit > Scot, but unfortunately I think this story was too rushed. I wish it had another 100 pages to properly develop the relationship between Bonnie and Theo. With the dual POV, we get to see each of their thought processes and their emotional growth that way, but I don’t think the characters ever had an actual conversation with each other about how they felt. Also, despite being dual POV it heavily favors Bonnie, which I’m not a fan of. I like when it’s a little more balanced between the POVs.⁣ ⁣ I did really like the bridesmaid dress shopping scene because that just feels so real and really highlights their friendship. We also learn more about Sadie (book 3) and Delaney through out the book as a set up to their own love stories.⁣ ⁣ Overall, this series would be a fun summer read if you like romances with strong, smart heroines.⁣ 3.5 Stars ⁣ Thanks to Netgalley and St Martin's Press for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
MugsyMae 17 days ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this fairytale romance that started, stopped and stuttered it's way into my heart. The characters were so believable and the circumstances were tragic and sometimes funny. Very emotional read with lots of references to Austen and Shakespeare. I'm looking for more to read by Melonie Johnson!
Cali-Jewel 18 days ago
This was a fun, heartwarming, emotional and engaging romantic journey filled with lots of witty banter, funny moments and undeniable passion.... a truly entertaining read from beginning to end that was impossible to put down. Loved the intriguing charters and sweetly thrilling twists. Fabulous reading!
Anonymous 18 days ago
Bonnie ends a long term relationship and reconnects with Theo whom she had met the previous year. I thoroughly enjoyed this story - I do love a British hero. I felt bad for the family responsibilities Theo was burdened with (really his mother??) and happy an alternative was found for the family's financial security. Looking forward to what's next for this series!
Anonymous 18 days ago
Escapist romance travels from Chicago to Scotland in this enjoyable book. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this ARC. Bonnie finds out that life does not always go as planned when she discovers her long time boyfriend cheating on her just when she thought they were finally planning their wedding. Luckily she realizes that the idea of her plan was more of a loss than the actual boyfriend. While this book was kind of predictable and more sexually graphic than I would like I really did enjoy the characters and the writing was very fast paced. sometimes a happily ever after is just what is nedded.
Darlene491 20 days ago
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Available May 28th, Smitten By The Brit is book two in the Sometimes In Love series. Melonie Johnson is hitting it out of the park with her debut contemporary romances. I've started with book two and now I must, must, read book one, Getting Hot With The Scot. I'm invested in these characters, I like them. Bonnie Blythe is our heroine, who actually saves herself. She's smart, well educated, and not embarrassing in public even thought she has a quirky fashion sense. She's a real woman with real problems: cheating fiancée, stale job, iffy finances, great friends and a life stuck in a rut (how did that happen?) She's been with one guy, the cheater, and is inexperienced in the dating/sex world of the 21st century. She's up for an adventure in London, welcome to 2019. Theo Warton, 16th Duke of Emberton, is a seriously hot guy, he has dimples!! He and Bonnie met last summer (Book 1) and the sparks were about to start a forest fire. He wants to be with Bonnie but has been raised to do his duty to the family. Poor guy is in an emotional pickle. Our couple hook up again when Bonnie takes a summer teaching job in London. The sexy forest fire threatens to burn down the dukedom. Theo is so British that he said thank you after having sex!?! I loved all his gentlemanly ways, it speaks to my romantic soul. I truly enjoyed the book but even better, I liked the characters and rooted for them to get their happily ever after. I'm off to read book one, will there be a book three? Happy reading. #NetGalley #SometimesInLove #SmittenByTheBrit #TheWritingLush #StMartin'sPress #MelonieJohnson
grfxgrl 21 days ago
I loved this one! Melonie's writing is easy, comfortable and on a real level. Ok so her female character names are kind of odd, I mean Cassie Crow and now Bonnie Blythe. Cute yes. Silly, also yes. But all in all a great read. I loved Theo, he wasn't as childish as Logan but still a goofy, typical male. And that accent! I loooooove accents, all of them. Bonnie was a great character too, way more toned down than Cassie, strong, smart and also loves accents. I may give the next one a try since i enjoyed this one more than Cassie's book
Anonymous 21 days ago
This second in the series can be read as a standalone, but would be better with the background of the first book, Getting Hot with the Scot. Bonnie has always felt like she’s living in a novel – most often she stars in her fantasies as Anne of Green Gables, but occasionally wandering into Jane Austen territory. Theo has lived so long knowing his duty, he doesn’t even dare dream. They meet in the first book, but Bonnie is engaged, so nothing happens between them. In this book, thanks to their friends getting married, they are brought back together. Bonnie learns that while dreams are fine, actually living life is better, and sometimes too much planning is as bad as not enough. Theo has to work his way through the overwhelming responsibility and pressure he’s lived with his whole life, to come to a place where he believes he’s free to choose happiness. It’s a long, complicated trip from Chicago to the UK and back before the pair can get to their happy. I absolutely loved Bonnie and Theo, and their story is very sweet – two good-hearted people surmounting the obstacles and winning through to love. However, I felt that there was far too much time spent on Theo’s physical reaction whenever he was near Bonnie; it got tedious, and it slowed the pace of a story that already didn’t have a great deal of action. This is a good book for reading in small bits over several days, but it’s not going to keep most people up all night. I received an advance copy in return for my honest review.
Monnie777 21 days ago
Another great book in this series. This time it's Bonnie's turn to find the love of her life. She has to drop the dead weight first before that can happen. It takes a long time for Theo to finally follow his heart but in the end he gets there. This is a fun book to follow to people who are perfect for each other find out for themselves that is true. I can't wait to read the next book. *I received a free copy of this book via the NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.*
BarbTRC 21 days ago
Smitten by a Brit by Melonie Johnson is the 2nd book in her Sometimes in Love series. I did not read the first book, but this read very well as a standalone. We meet Bonnie Blythe, our heroine, as she is helping her best friend Cassie in preparation for her wedding. Bonnie, who is an English professor and a Jane Austen fanatic, is engaged, hoping to follow in her friends’ footsteps, but when she finds her fiancée in bed with another woman, she breaks up with him and closes herself to love. Theo Wharton, our hero, is the best man and has been attracted to Bonnie for awhile (in the 1st book), but knows she is engaged and maintains just a friendship. Theo is a Duke, and is being pressured by his mother to find a woman who comes from wealth, since they are running out of money to maintain their estates. When he runs into Bonnie, he learns that she has now broken up with her fiancée, and since Bonnie is spending the summer in England for work, in a short time a slow built romance will blossom, with both satisfied being friends with benefits. Theo was a great hero, who though he knew he was falling in love with Bonnie, he also knew he had to step up to his responsibility. Bonnie surprised herself when she allowed herself to fall in love with Theo, and also loved living in England. Will Bonnie get her dream? Will Theo give up Bonnie and marry the rich girl? You need to read this book to find out. I did like Theo and Bonnie together, as they made a great sweet couple, despite the odds against them. I loved Tabitha, Theo’s sister, who was a blast. I adored Bonnie’s friends and the escapades the girls did, including when Tabitha joined them. This was a fun part. Smitten by a Brit was a sweet tender romance written well by Melonie Johnson. If you love contemporary romance, with a flair that is similar to historical romances, I suggest you read this fun enjoyable book.
moonfox1234 22 days ago
I thought that this was an incredibly wonderful, charm filled romance. I loved Bonnie and Theo. Bonnie was smart, sassy and quirky. Theo was all kinds of sexy cloaked in propriety. He was so charismatic, sweet and chivalrous but he also had a hidden naughty side. Together, these two, in my opinion were simply perfection. An extremely enjoyable read with lots of heart, heart and humor.
MLH438 22 days ago
After meeting Bonnie and Theo in Getting Hot with the Scot, the first book in Melonie Johnson's Sometimes in Love series, I was anticipating another great read from Johnson in Smitten by the Brit. Bonnie and Theo are definitely attracted to each other, but Bonnie is loyal to her fiance, Gabe. When Bonnie finds out that Gabe has been far from loyal to her, she is set adrift. Theo respected Bonnie's loyalty to her fiance, but all bets are off when he finds out the engagement is over. Theo is a Duke whose mother is pushing him to marry money as their family estate is on shaky ground. While he wants to do right by his family, he also wants to find happiness and welcomes the opportunity to spend time with Bonnie. When Bonnie is offered a chance to spend the summer in England teaching Shakespeare seminar at Cambridge, she is not averse to experiencing a hot friends-with-benefits fling with Theo. I appreciated that it does take time for Bonnie and Theo to get together. As loyal as she had been to Gabe, it wouldn't have been true to Bonnie's personality to have her jump into a relationship with Theo. She needed closure before she could commit to a new relationship. Their acquaintanceship is allowed to develop into a true friendship and eventually a relationship as Theo allows Bonnie to set the pace. Theo was truly a gentleman with Bonnie but, still waters run deep, and she finds out all about Theo's wild side! I really enjoyed this installment and can't waiting for book three!! I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review