Social Philosophy

Social Philosophy

by Gerald F Gaus


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ISBN-13: 9781563249488
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 09/30/1998
Series: Explorations in Philosophy Series
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

Table of Contents

Part 1 The Idea of Public Morality: Moral Authoritarianism and Relativism - Morality as Liberty-Liberty Demands, The Suspicion That Morality is Authoritarian, Relativism - the Easy Way Out?, Public Morality and Cooperation, Summary; Public Justification - Public Justification as Non-Authoritarianism, Actual Assent Views of Public Justification, Justification Among Purely Rational People, Public Justification and Reasonableness, Consensus and Convergence Justifications, Summary; Value-Promoting Public Moralities - Teleological Ethics, Competing Values and Public Justification, The First Reply - Wide Consensus on Basic Goods, The Second Reply - Communitarianism, Summary; Utilitarianism as a Public Morality - Can Teleological Ethics be Rescued from the Problem of Reasonable Pluralism?, Jeremy Bentham and Utilitarianism, Want Satisfaction Utilitarianism, The Problems of Interpersonal Comparisons and Aggregating Preferences, Is Value Impersonal?, Non-Teleological Utilitarianism, Utilitarianism as a Public Philosophy, Summary; Strong Contractualism - Moral Contractualism, Simple Neo-Hobbesianiam, Gauthier's Reformation of Hobbesian Moral Contractualism, Is Strong Contractualism Really About Social Morality?, Summary; Weak-Contractualism - Justice as Fairness, Two Key Criticisms for Rawls' Contractual Theory, "Millian" Contractualism, Summary. Part 2 A Framework for Public Morality: Liberty - The Liberal Principle, Mill's Case for Liberty of Action, Autonomy, Summary; The Harm Principle - Harms and Interests, Psychological Harms, Is It Always a Harm to Set Back an Interest?, Risk of Harm, Harmful Acts and Omissions, Summary; Property - Property Rights and Harm, Lockean Theory and the Proviso, Meeting the Proviso - Compensation for Losses, Desert, Distributive Justice and Property, Summary; Public Harms and Common Goods - Public Bads, The Public Goods Principle, Common Goods, Summary; Two Quasi-Millian Principles - Mill's Libertarian Morality, Paternalism, Offense, Summary.

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