Sophia Freeman and the Gate of Jade (Book 2)

Sophia Freeman and the Gate of Jade (Book 2)

by T.X. Troan
Sophia Freeman and the Gate of Jade (Book 2)

Sophia Freeman and the Gate of Jade (Book 2)

by T.X. Troan


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They must risk it all to regain their freedom ... or be sealed away forever.

SOPHIA FREEMAN and her best friend, TIM CHARNAL, face being sealed away forever as punishment for Tim murdering the fountain guardian, Anaconar. But after Gordimon presents their case before the mighty arbiters, the humans are given a second chance. They must compete in the arbiters' challenging special Beyond Event and win the grand prize-jade stones, called The Gate to New Beginning-which would earn their freedom and gain the islanders' trust.

Lack of information about the event fills Sophia and Tim with unbearable curiosity. Its secrets will only be revealed on each day of competition. Gathering their courage, the best friends work on strengthening their bodies, desperately hoping it will be enough to beat the other contestants.

The Beyond Event involves three rounds carefully designed by the arbiters. Once each contestant enters the hologram, they are immersed in unfamiliar environments. There they encounter creatures such as flaming root monsters, hammer-throwing cave giants, and a slimy tentacled sea monster threatening to take out everything in their path.

As the difficulty increases, Sophia and Tim need to use all their courage, wits, and skills. One of the most useful surprise resources provided is the memory list containing the names of all contestants who have ever participated in an event. A little magic can enable a participant to access the past of a selected former contestant to gain experience and lessons before the competition begins. However, once the contestants enter the hologram, magic is forbidden.

Incredibly, Sophia and Tim make it to the final round. With everything at stake, and magic now allowed, they work together to not only conquer the obstacles, but also overcome the evil magic of Tombermon, whose dark past is finally revealed.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781999481315
Publisher: Rise Publishers
Publication date: 05/07/2021
Series: Sophia Freeman
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)
Age Range: 7 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: The Capture

CHAPTER 2: Second Chance

CHAPTER 3: Sign-Up Day

CHAPTER 4: Orientation

CHAPTER 5: School of Eerons

CHAPTER 6: Bold Criticism

CHAPTER 7: Setup

CHAPTER 8: Phantomation Guidance

CHAPTER 9: The Perfect Outfit

CHAPTER 10: The Path to No End

CHAPTER 11: The Stadium of Pandilone

CHAPTER 12: The Memory List

CHAPTER 13: Flame of Terror

CHAPTER 14: Spell Error

CHAPTER 15: The Race

CHAPTER 16: Hunt for the Legend

CHAPTER 17: The Cave Giants

CHAPTER 18: Take and Run

CHAPTER 19: Ambush

CHAPTER 20: Curve Ball

CHAPTER 21: Fist Link

CHAPTER 22: The Interview

CHAPTER 23: Monster of the Great Sea

CHAPTER 24: Hypnotized

CHAPTER 25: A True Leader

CHAPTER 26: The Celebration

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