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Soul to Soul: Connection and Communication

Soul to Soul: Connection and Communication

by Ruth Lindeck Forman
Soul to Soul: Connection and Communication

Soul to Soul: Connection and Communication

by Ruth Lindeck Forman


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The unique Soul to Soul Connection and Communication experience presents a positive, mindful, and compelling

personal and intercultural communication global paradigm. Communication expert octogenarian Ruth Lindeck Forman

offers anecdotes and facts that enhance, inspire, and uplift to promote well-being, civility, and inclusion.

The book covers science, connections to nature, socio-political issues, and ideas that encourage worthiness and

actualization. Ruth declares each person solely defines who they are by what is in their heart and soul. She proclaims we

choose to respond positively or negatively and sensitively or insensitively. Likewise, we choose to honor or dishonor

ourselves and others. Our choices are a formative facet of our character and the energy we radiate.

Your read has four sections. First, Soul to Soul Connection presents source-connection and hand-dome concepts. The

Identify, Block, Move, Delete, Replace (IBMDR) Technique positively alters internal and external lenses that block your

and others' well-being. The private, nonjudgmental Forman Approach to Identify Prejudice Within Ourselves raises


Second, Soul to Soul Communication offers insightful, powerful, and practical tools that benefit personal and virtual

communication. These provide a thoughtful and comprehensive command of communication to precisely express your

meaning and intention.

Third, Soul to Soul Intercultural Communication presents "Embracing Diversity." Necessary nuances, cultural styles,

tables, and narratives enlighten to bridge communication gaps. These elevate trust and appreciation, so more people are

willing to reach out to each other.

Lastly, Appendix offers broad, passionate, and thoughtful messages, including "Author's Journey," Ruth's personal and

professional experiences. Overcoming medical challenges and sensitivities, she recounts adventures and living in Nevis,

West Indies. Ruth highlights humanity who triumphed or accepted life. Appendix also offers opportunities to integrate

information and create your transformative guide.

These pages empower you to value your ultimate best, foster healing to free your spirit, and champion self-worth and

kindness. Comfort, confidence, acceptance, and compassion create a mutually inviting positive communication

environment. As minor to major crises arise or days seem to unravel, Soul to Soul Connection and Communication serves

as a valuable lifelong guide. Therefore, decency, gratitude, harmony, and inclusion are natural and positive consequences

of a diverse human race whose members communicate comfortably, mindfully, and source-connected.

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ISBN-13: 9781646288618
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 11/03/2022
Pages: 554
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.12(d)

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