Soulphoria: A Provocative and Practical Approach to Spirituality

Soulphoria: A Provocative and Practical Approach to Spirituality

by Alessandra Sagredo
Soulphoria: A Provocative and Practical Approach to Spirituality

Soulphoria: A Provocative and Practical Approach to Spirituality

by Alessandra Sagredo


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Women everywhere are exploring their spirituality and having exciting, unfettered, euphoric experiences. Soulphoria is a mystical state of bliss that requires you to open the channels of your mind, body, and soul. Each forms a bridge for the energy of your spirit to fly forth like a phoenix and burn brightly in the present moment. It's a heat that sears through you yet doesn't burn, and instead fuels your love of life.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781789048827
Publisher: Hunt, John Publishing
Publication date: 05/15/2022
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 5.62(w) x 8.59(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Alessandra has lived a dichotomy of two worlds: one of business (as a high level corporate consultant and successful business owner), and one of spiritual explorer, mystic and teacher. She has been privileged to touch thousands of lives over the years as a recording artist of guided meditations, a public speaker and course and retreat leader. She lives in Peachland, Canada.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

What is Soulphoria?

Meet Your (Semi) Human Guide

Awakening Again - My Big C Experience 4

Navigating this Journey Together 7

Tips To Help You Get the Most From Your Journey 8

The Embarkation 10

The Story of Angia and the Simple Story of the Soul 11

Part 1 Flirtation of the Cosmos 15

What You'll Gain 17

The Seduction of the elements

Your Cosmic Cheering Squad 19

So, What is Channeling?

Mystic Moments 22

Your Basic Guide to Meditation 23

Client's Story 27

Mystic Moments 29

Part 1 Practices - Flirtation of the Cosmos 31

Practice 1 Connecting to the Elements 33

Practice 2 Discovering Divine Winks (Synchronicity) 35

Practice 3 Breathing Tips for Meditations 37

Part 2 Embodying the Soul 39

Embodying the Soul 41

Mystic Moments 43

Your Body Blueprint 44

Tending Your Inner Garden 45

Learn to Listen and Connect to Your Beautiful Body 46

Weeding the Garden 47

Loving Your Body 50

Partnering with the Earth 54

Client's Story 55

Sexual Expression 56

Mystic Moments 58

Part 2 Practices - Embodying the Soul 61

Practice 4 Befriend Your Body 63

Practice 5 Grounding Cosmic Energies 64

Practice 6 Self Sexual Exploration 66

Practice 7 Smiling Inwardly Exercise 68

Practice 8 Weeding the Inner Garden 71

Practice 9 Unleash Voice & Free Your Body 74

Practice 10 Find Your Power Within 75

Practice 11 Loving Your Body 77

Practice 12 Movement Week 1 78

Practice 13 Movement Week 2 79

Practice 14 Dealing With Life Changes and Challenges 80

Practice 15 Calming Stress and Grounding Into Gratitude 81

Part 3 The Spiritual Striptease 83

Layers of Hidden Conditioning 85

Religion, Karma and Sin 88

Fears 93

Mystic Moments 97

Spiritual Hamster Wheels 99

The Ghosts of Times Past 101

Mystic Moments 104

Part 3 Practices - The Spiritual Striptease 105

Practice 16 Starting a Self-Love Affair 107

Practice 17 Stripping the Layers Spiritually 109

Practice 18 Inventorying Your Beliefs 110

Practice 19 Letting Go of Un-serving Beliefs 111

Part 4 The Sublimely Naked Soul 113

The Exhibitionistic Spirit 115

Client's Story 118

Spiritual Detox 119

Media Detox 120

Your Beliefs

Savoring the Reality Around Us 121

Your Personal Fantasy Land

Adventures in Soul Shout Outs 122

The Essence of Confidence 125

Releasing Your Cultural Identities (and being okay with it) 126

Fears of Not Being Seen

Mystic Moments 128

Other People's Reactions to Your Nudity 129

Integrity in the Self 133

What brings you bliss? 135

Life is Beautiful Chaos 137

The Renaming 138

Mystic Moments 139

Part 4 Practices - The Sublimely Naked Soul 141

Practice 20 Finding Your Soul Spark 143

Practice 21 Kindle Your Soul 145

Practice 22 Connecting With Your Soul Spark 146

Practice 23 Ground into Your Power Center 147

Practice 24 Honoring Yourself 148

Part 5 Becoming a Mistress of Mysticism 149

Dancing with Your Feminine Side 151

Mystic Moments 156

Why Did I Choose to be a Woman? 159

Healing the Feminine 161

Blocking Aspects of Feminine Energy 163

Mystic Moments - True Love 165

Moving from Manifesting to Receiving 167

The Divine I 169

Part 5 Practices - Mistress of Mysticism 173

Practice 25 Inner Child Play 175

Practice 26 Find the Pieces of Your Child Self 177

Practice 27 Connecting with Our Child/Teen/Woman 178

Practice 28 Letting Go of Another 181

Practice 29 Pulling on the Feminine to Help with Challenges 182

Practice 30 Preparing For Ritual 184

Part 6 Soulphoria 185

Glossary 192

Author Bio 193

Acknowledgements 194

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