Spaghetti Western

Spaghetti Western

by Em Lynley


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A Novel in the Delectable Series

Cordon Bleu-trained chef Riley Emerson arrives in Aspen, Colorado for a summer at the best restaurant in town, only to discover his jerk of a boyfriend has dumped him, leaving his heart and his plans in tatters. Doubting himself and longing for a change of pace, he takes a low-paying position at the Rocking Z guest ranch, though he expects nature up close and personal won’t hold a candle to his exciting Paris lifestyle.

When born-and-bred cattle rancher Colby Zane spots a newcomer being pawed at by a passel of horny cowboys at Aspen’s Club Rawhide, he rushes in, throws the guy over his shoulder, and rescues him. Sober, Riley Emerson is sweet and sexy, but not interested in more than a one-night stand. Still, Colby’s over the moon when Riley later arrives as the new cook on his family’s ranch.

But all’s not well at the Rocking Z. Unsurmountable financial problems force them to seek a cash infusion from outside investor Fitz Wellington. Fitz is hot for Colby, and he won’t sign on the dotted line without some very personal incentives. The future of the ranch is at stake, and Colby’s just that desperate, but saving the Z might mean losing Riley.

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ISBN-13: 9781632161345
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press, LLC
Publication date: 09/17/2014
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

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Spaghetti Western 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
RuralMom More than 1 year ago
A little something for everyone! SPAGHETTI WESTERN is a heartwarming, well written and engaging addition to Lynley's Delectable series. The characters are realistically developed, entertaining, honest, and feel like a large family. The drama and romance are perfectly balanced as the story builds towards completion. With complex emotions and unique scene settings, SPAGHETTI WESTERN is a delicious treat to read! Part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone story, and I would recommend it to fans of contemporary romance who enjoy drama, a bit of angst and Lynley's trademark happy endings. My OFFICIAL REVIEW written for Carly's Book Reviews
Luv2ReadAG More than 1 year ago
This was an excellent story of love. I enjoyed reading about these two falling in love and helping one another. I was a little upset at the lengths the cowboy was willing to go to save the land and likely destroy his relationship but in a way understood. It is a wonderful story that I cannot wait to read again.
stella_matta More than 1 year ago
This story is so sweet!!! It was fun and easy reading it. Riley and Colby were an interesting couple, even if all the angst in this book is cause the miscommunication between them.  Riley is afraid of being hurt again, after the betrayal of his ex Danny,he's insecure to claim his relationship with Colby. And Colby is so deep in his problems with the ranch that he can't see the mistake he's about to make with the new investor Wellington until the end. The second characters were good too, I loved how they welcomed Riley in their ranch. The only thing I didn't like was their approval to Colby to be with Beef just to safe their place.  The Happy Ending was almost perfect but a little predictable. I totally can recommend this story to you, even if you haven't read the previous books in the Delectable series, it definitely can be read as a standalone.  It's a solid 3.5 stars rounded to 4 cause the book is really well written.
Lara-IT More than 1 year ago
This is part of the "Delectable" series but it could be easily read as a standalone. One of the thing I liked most of this book is Riley: he's such a good guy! He grew up in a very rich family and, instead of taking the privileges that comes with it for granted, he took his own path. Even when he found himself stranded and without the boyfriend and the job he thought were waiting for him, he tested his own ability as a chef in a new setting and location. Moreover the one time he asked for help to his family he did it more for the sake of Colby's family than for his own gain. If I have to find something to criticize Riley for it's probably his insecurity in his relationship with Colby and how often he preferred to say nothing instead of confronting him. They could have spared themselves a lot of angst if they both just talked to each other!! Colby has a very different life-story than Riley's. He lost his parents when he was still a child and he formed a strong attachment to the ranch and his work. Now that the family's ranch has financial problems he is ready to do everything to escape its sale. He is also full of guilt for a bad choice he made and for aggravating an already difficult situation so when the prospect of losing it all or bed the investor and take the money presented itself he was quite tempted... I won't say how it all worked out in the end - you should read the story to find out ;) - but I will say that it was (maybe) a predictable but satisfying way! While a little jealousy could also be a positive motivator, as I've already pointed out, if they talked sooner to each other they (and we all) could have saved a lot of angst! One thing Riley and Colby had in spade though was their sexual chemistry!!! In the end Spaghetti Western was a 3.5 stars read to me: I liked pretty much all the characters involved in it(Denny and Beef notwithstanding) and the flow of the story; I just wasn't fully taken away by Riley and Colby relationship. I appreciated - even if I'm definitively not chef material - also the author's idea of putting at the end of the book some of the recipes mentioned during the story. I don't know if it's the same for the others books in the series but it's a really good idea! At last, I'd like to thank again the author for the opportunity to read her book for free and I hope she appreciates my honest review. [DBML Event: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review]
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! It's a solid 4.5 stars. Not only did I enjoy it, I will be reading it again. Riley has just come back from Paris and Cordon-Blue. He's eagerly looking forward to seeing his boyfriend in Aspen, Colorado; so much so that he even skipped visiting his family to get to Denny. In a week, Riley will be starting his new job as a pastry chef in the same restaurant as Denny. He gets to the place they are going to be living together, only to find Denny with another man. He drives away and decides to rethink his life. He has some contacts that try to help him get a another job, but that doesn't go as well either. Deciding to head out for the night to a club, he ends up very drunk and rescued by a real cowboy, Colby. Colby is in Aspen to help his aunt find help for their ranch. He just happens to be at the same club and sees Riley in trouble. Giving him a hand and being totally honorable, he makes sure Riley is okay and has a place to sleep it off. They end up having a one night stand. The next morning, Riley finds a job at a ranch as the head chef, but wishes he would have talked to the plaid cowboy (Colby) before he left.  Turns out Colby's aunt hired Riley for the summer. Colby and Riley are really attracted to each other, but not sure if this relationship is only causal, for the summer, or what. Neither is comfortable talking about it and so misunderstandings abound at times. Yet, even as feelings get hurt and they don't talk about their true feelings, they still manage to hold together and understand where things are their fault. Apologies are made until the next time. Colby is a strong, honorable, hard-working man, but he's made some mistakes with the ranch that have cost them money they can't afford. Due to that, his confidence in his decision making is shattered. Riley was just looking for a place to think and work since he loved the scenery when he got to Aspen and didn't want to leave due to his ex-boyfriend. They both grow a lot in this book. It was easy to love Riley; Colby I just wanted to hug and remind him that he was a good man. I wanted more of Riley and Colby when I finished. If you preordered this book, you'll get a bonus short story with them in it.  I have only read one other book in the Delectable book series, but that was no hindrance to reading this book. It is completely stand alone. There is a very small mention of two characters from book 2, but the mention is brief and tells you all you need to know for this book. I will say that I was interested in seeing what book 2 was about after that - but that's my curious nature. I will be buying and reading the rest of this series as soon as I can.  *I received a free ARC of Spaghetti Western from the author in exchange of an honest and unbiased review*