Splitting the Moon: A Collection of Islamic Poetry

Splitting the Moon: A Collection of Islamic Poetry

by Joel Hayward
Splitting the Moon: A Collection of Islamic Poetry

Splitting the Moon: A Collection of Islamic Poetry

by Joel Hayward


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Splitting the Moon tracks Joel Hayward's intriguing journey into Islam, his fascination with the mysteries of faith, his experiences and observations as a Western Muslim, and his thoughts on the state of the Ummah (Islamic community) today. He writes his poetry to capture events each day in the way that some people keep a diary, both deeply personal and reflective.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781847740342
Publisher: Kube Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 09/04/2018
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Professor Joel Hayward (ZDaF, BA, MA Hons, PhD, FRSA, FRHistS) is a New Zealand-born British scholar, writer and poet. He joined the National Defense College of the United Arab Emirates as Professor of Strategic Thought in 2017. He previously held two academic leadership positions within Khalifa University, which is also in Abu Dhabi. Already a full Professor, between November 2012 and December 2016 he was both the Director of the Institute of International and Civil Security and the Chair of the multidisciplinary Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. He joined Khalifa University as a full Professor of International and Civil Security in 2012, after having enjoyed a Fellowship at the Cambridge Muslim College.

His career highlights include having been the Dean of the prestigious and historical Royal Air Force College for five years (2007–2011), Director of the Royal Air Force Centre for Air Power Studies for four years (2008–2012), Head of King's College London's Air Power Studies Division for six years (2005–2011), as well as Program Coordinator, Centre for Defense Studies, and Senior Lecturer in Defense and Strategic Studies, Massey University (both in New Zealand).

He is the author or editor of ten positively reviewed books and dozens of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. Some of his works have been translated into Portuguese, Spanish, Serbian, German and Chinese. In January 2012, the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Amman, Jordan, published his concise monograph, Warfare in the Qur'an.

Read an Excerpt

The Voyage of a Scholar

On the day that paper clips and files
And memos snowed upon a city
I opened an unfamiliar book
To see what had brought that storm

Each night I brushed back dreams
By turning pages of profundity
To learn what had placed death
In the eyes of passport photos

The heavens opened for
Forty days within my mind and
Soul in a Noah’s flood of
Confusing certainties

The willing dead were absent in
Every word but my forty days
Left greater questions buoyant
And curiosity unvanquished

I sailed twenty times
In seven years through
Surah seas of calm swells
Pushed by winds of conscience

Twenty times I charted their
Depths – truly Pacific –
Before I knew that I
Knew nothing

When tranquil winds lifted
La ilaha illallah I heard a soft
Muhammadur Rasulullah
Slip without thought from my lips

A book read twenty times asked
When I would embrace its truth
And in a small stillness I replied
Now oh Lord, Now

Florida Pastor

Tool, cruel, mistaken fool, grabs for fame, causes shame
Christ would cringe, this done in his name
Flames winning, Shaytan grinning, charred mess, success
Promise spoken, entirely broken, failed a single test
Eyes blind, blackened mind, should’ve read the book
A tiny pyre, the world’s ire, three minutes all that it took
Wanted, gained, anger blamed on Muslims always hated
Love missing, wisdom dismissing, happy with Muslims baited

Anger unbound, fists pound, Shaytan fanning the flames
Control left behind, grief in mind, anger pulsing in veins
Streets swollen, crowds emboldened, victims caught in rage
The irony is, the book forbids this, hatred not on a page
Message ignored, calmness abhorred, playing into his hands
World worse for that man’s curse, tension sadly expands
One copy alight, one billion alright, their power even greater
God’s mighty word, always heard, untouched by one Muslim hater

Today’s World

What will you think when you learn
That I have been bowing low like
Those who pulled down the brothers?

What will you think when you learn
That with hands by ears each day
I whisper the phrase of the cockpit?

What will you think when you learn
That I discover truth in the book
Found in lost luggage?

What will you think when you learn
That I have chosen the same faith
As the one in the cave?

How will you know
That I would never let my elbows
Touch theirs on the floor?

How will you know
That I have reclaimed the words
Stolen by the devil in the pilot seat?

How will you know
That I read the same book
But cannot see the same words?

How will you know
That I would not share his path
Or enter the wasted air of his cave?

Table of Contents

Preface xi

Beyond 1

The Voyage of a Scholar 2

Arab Spring 3

Your Book 4

All in All 5

Florida Pastor 6

Prayer in Peterborough 6

Thank You 7

That City That Day 8

The Six at Thawr 9

Wounded at Uhud 11

Transfixed 12

The Calling of Moses 12

True Wealth 13

Today's World 14

You Know My Life 15

Ironies 16

I think of the Prophet 16

Not for Himself 17

Chosen One 18

114 Surahs 19

Splitting the Moon 20

Knees of the Revert 21

The Islamic Bookshop in Leicester 22

Lord of the Worlds 23

Iman 24

What You Do 25

Master and Servant 25

Her Journal 26

Faizan-e-Madina Mosque 26

The Certainty of Not Knowing 27

The Office 28

Empty One 29

All in Their Eyes 30

From a Hadith 32

Ahl al-Kitab 34

Day of Judgement 35

A Wind Blew 36

Libya 37

Battle of Misrata 38

Life as Childhood 39

Man Named Razi 39

Soon 41

You Kept Me 42

Life in Gulps 43

Darling in Misrata 44

Birds of the Battlefield 45

Nature 46

His Face 46

Today 47

More Life as Childhood 49

For What? 49

Every Morning 50

Suicide Bomber 51

Osama bin Laden 52

Bin Laden: An End? 53

God's Blessings 53

The Journey Back 54

Praying as a Revert 56

Yesterday 57

Holy Qur'an 58

Too Often 59

The Moment … in Jakarta 59

Lamentations 60

No Despair in Lamentations 61

The Cleft 62

Will I Write a Poem about Her and Sin? 63

Regret in Cashmere 64

In Different Rooms 65

The World is an Asian Intersection 65

Ambrosia 66

Such Power 67

Everything 67

At the Office on Thursday 68

Everywhere 69

Born with a Burden 70

Muslim Youth Workshop 71

Unfathomable Depths 72

Life is Such 73

The Fifth That Day 75

The No. 30 in Tavistock Square 78

Muslim Warrior 80

Mortal Dread 80

We Talk 81

Love as I Write 82

Noodles in Jakarta 83

For Her in That Room 84

Through Time 85

Qabil and Habil 86

Jihad al-Nafs 87

Prophethood 88

Capturing Beauty 89

Insha'Allah 91

It's Monday Tomorrow 93

Yunus Found in Darkness 94

From So Far Away 99

Sajjadah in My Quietest Place 100

Glossary of Arabic Words and Phrases 103

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