State of Lies

State of Lies

by Siri Mitchell


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One woman is forced to question everything she knows in this domestic suspense novel from award-winning author Siri Mitchell.

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ISBN-13: 9780785228615
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 08/13/2019
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 121,155
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 5.50(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Siri Mitchell is the author of 14 novels. She has also written 2 novels under the pseudonym of Iris Anthony. She graduated from the University of Washington with a business degree and has worked in various levels of government. As a military spouse, she lived all over the world, including Paris and Tokyo. Siri is a big fan of the semi-colon but thinks the Oxford comma is irritatingly redundant. Visit her online at; Facebook: SiriMitchell; Twitter: @SiriMitchell.

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Sean was already pulling his shirt off over his head as he came into the bedroom.

I held up a corner of the comforter as an invitation. But not too far. The damp of a drizzly week had seeped into the house.

He stepped out of his jeans and then slid in beside me.

I nestled against him. Felt him cringe as my cold feet brushed up against him.


He pulled me into his embrace. "One of these days, they're going to fall off." He nuzzled my neck.

I wrapped my arms around him. "They already did. These are the replacements."

I felt his lips curl into a smile as he kissed me again. Sean was doing that thing he does — the one that made my toes curl — when my phone twanged out the beginning notes of "Sweet Home Alabama."

My mother.

I gripped his shoulder and tried my best to ignore the phone because married sex was my personal holy grail. Always elusively tantalizing, just out of reach. I'd even put it on Sean's weekend to-do list, just after "sharpen the knives'" and right before "fix the sink." It was okay because our son, Sam, was still in preschool; he didn't know how to read. That afternoon, however, our window of opportunity was about to come sliding down right on top of our fingers. Sam was down for the count due to a cold, though I expected him to wake up soon.

But the phone kept ringing.

The drums started thumping and the cymbals clashed.

I must have wavered because Sean folded me within his arms. "Georgie. Don't." He nibbled at my neck. "If you want me to, I'll throw the phone across the room for you."

"No! Shh. You'll wake up Sam —"

He rolled over me, switching our positions, leaving me on top.

"— and he needs the sleep to get over that cold he's been fighting."

When I put a hand to his chest and stretched for the phone, he captured my reaching arm and planted a kiss on the inside of my wrist. "She doesn't know we hear her. We could be at the mall. We could be having drinks with friends. We could be at the movies." He kissed me on the lips. "We could be doing this."

His hypnotic brown eyes began to sway me, and then mercifully, the phone stopped twanging.

He relaxed; I relaxed. Things were just getting interesting again when the phone erupted with a drum cadence that quickly segued into a marching version of "You're a Grand Old Flag."

My father.

Both of them were calling me? That wasn't a good sign. I shifted beneath Sean. "Just give me a minute, then —"

"We're in the middle of something here."

"I know." I sat up, trying to pull the sheet with me. "I know. I'm sorry." I stretched for the phone.

Sean gave up and rolled toward his side of the bed.

I swept my hair from my face with one hand as I answered. "Dad. Hi."

"Peach? Your mother wants to talk to you."

"I know. I heard. But I couldn't —"

"Do me a favor. You know how she is. Call her." He hung up before I could say anything else.

Couldn't he have just passed her his phone? Or told me what she wanted?

Sean was right. I shouldn't have answered.

But in the interest of forestalling another interruption, I returned my mother's call.

"Georgia Ann?" Her Southern accent hadn't mellowed with age. Come to think of it, nothing about her had mellowed with age.

"Hi. Sorry, I just —"

"Did you get that picture I texted you from the magazine? The one of that hairstyle? That model has the same long nose you do, and I've been telling you for practically forever that —"

I sent a glance over my shoulder in Sean's direction as she continued to speak.

He lifted one of his black brows and then settled on his back, folding his arms behind his head.

"Well? Did you?" "Sorry.


"The hairstyle. The one I sent you."

"It kind of looked more like a wig."

Sean sighed and closed his eyes.

"Extensions, I think. But that wouldn't be so bad, would it? You're so busy with Sam. A few extensions would give it some body. And you wouldn't have to mess with it. Besides, if you find someone who can match colors, how could anyone ever guess?"

I cupped my hand around my mouth when I answered, trying to keep Sean from hearing what I'd given up sex for. "I am not getting extensions." And my nose wasn't that big. "And I'm kind of in a hurry. Can I call you back later?"

"I just wanted you to be the first to hear the good news. Your father heard it straight from Scott Edwards."

"Scott Edwards?"

"From Scottie. The secretary of defense?"

"Right." That Scottie Edwards.

"He's resigning. Might not even hold out to the end of the year and ..." She chattered on.

I'd given up sex for military gossip? I hated myself. I really did. And I wouldn't have blamed Sean for hating me too.

"And guess what?"

"Mom, I really don't have time right now."

"I'll just tell you: The president has taken Scottie's suggestion of nominating your father as his replacement—"

"Great! That's great. Dad must be really—"

"— so we'll be moving to DC."

"DC? Wow!" DC? No! I was a big girl, all grown up with a family of my own until my parents appeared. And then? I might as well be ten years old again. At least in my mother's view.

Sean's brows had collapsed.

I answered his unasked question with a look of horror even as I replied to my mother. "I don't know what to say."

"I know! It's all so exciting. I knew you'd be happy for your father. Speaking of, he'd like to talk to Sean sometime."

"I'll let Sean know, okay? But really, I need to go."

"Say no more." Punctuality was one of the virtues my mother held sacred. Right up there with Respect for Your Elders, Patriotism, and Really Good Hair Dye. "We can talk tomorrow."

I was just about to sign off when her words registered. "Tomorrow?"

"When we get there."

"There where?"

"To DC. We fly in around three."

"You're coming here? Tomorrow?"

"We'll let you know when we land. Can't wait to see you!"

I switched my phone to silent then burrowed back under the covers and scooted over to Sean's side of the bed. I told myself not to worry about their visit. I would deal with them when they showed up.

"They're not going to call again, are they?" Sean shifted to face me and ran his hands up my arms.

"They ... uh ... they might."

"Hmm?" He was nuzzling my ear again.

"They might call back. Mom said Dad wanted to talk to you." I nipped at his neck. Pressed closer.

"Me? Why?"

"I don't know." I pulled his face toward mine and kissed him. "They'll be here tomorrow though; he'll probably tell you then. Sounds like he's going to be the next secretary of defense."

Sean kissed me back. "Sorry. What?"

I traced the tattoo that ran around his bicep. "Secretary of defense. Scott Edwards is going to resign. The president's going to nominate my father to take his place."

"Mommy?" Sam's plaintive cry filtered through the door.

We froze and then sprang apart as if we were teenagers about to be caught by our parents.

* * *

By the time Sam emerged from the cozy burrow he'd made in his bed, Sean was already at the front door, sliding his feet into his old hiking boots.

Sam ran over to him. Somewhere between his room and the front hall, one of his socks had come off. His honey-colored hair stuck up in back where it had been pressed against the pillow. "Where are you going? Can I go?"

Sean held something up, then shoved it into his pocket. "Have to fix the sink." He glanced up as I approached. "Isn't that what comes next?"

I'd put it on the list to jog his memory. He'd told me back when we first moved in that he would fix it. I was trying my best not to nag.

"If I'm going to do it, I need to find the right parts."

Sam was hopping up and down. "Can I go?"

"Not today. Too cold out. Stay with Mom and keep warm."

Sam gave me the side-eye. The look said, in no uncertain terms, that staying home with Mom was not a very good consolation prize.

I cleared my throat. "Um ..."

Sean turned toward me as he zipped up his coat.

"Can we circle back to the things on the list that we didn't quite get to finish?" I felt so sneaky, talking in code.

The corner of his mouth quirked. "We could just push them back to next weekend. Make a new list."

"No. We can't."

He wanted to laugh. I could tell. But he laid a hand on Sam's head. "Let's play Legos when I get back, Super Sam." He sent me a glance. "And maybe we can check a few more things off your mom's list too."

He leaned over Sam to kiss me and then walked out the door.

* * *

Two hours later, Sean still hadn't returned.

I tried his phone.

It went to voice mail.


Hey. It's Sean. Let me know where to reach you so I can give you a call back.


I wandered into the kitchen and eyed the faucet, wondering if whatever Sean had taken with him would keep it from running. A careful turn of the handles showed it hadn't made any difference.

Rain was pummeling the window above the sink. At least I wasn't out in it the way Sean was. But even so, our old 1920s bungalow came with a built-in draft that circulated about two inches above the floor. It also came with twelve-foot ceilings. Draft; high ceilings. Life was a trade-off.

Sam was hungry and I couldn't delay dinner forever, so I dished us up our servings and we ate together in front of the TV exactly the way I swore to my mother that I never did.

When I tried to steer him toward bed later, he balked. "Dad said we'd play Legos."

"And you will. But it's your bedtime soon and you can't play if you're asleep."

"Daddy said!"

I put a hand on his head to calm him. "I know he did. He'll kiss you when he comes back. And I'm sure he'd love to play with you tomorrow."

As Sam finished up the episode of his TV show, I called Sean's phone again. He didn't pick up.

Eventually, I shooed Sam down the hall to his room. Once prayers were said and one ... two ... three stories read, I kissed him good night and then curled up on the couch in the living room, pulling a blanket over me. Our dog lifted her head, eyeing me as if wondering whether it would be worth the effort to join me.

Apparently not.

Shifting, I parted the curtains and stared out past the front porch into the night. Raindrops glittered like tracer bullets as they fell through the streetlight's diameter, but the light's glow didn't illuminate the ground. It just left silvery smudges on the asphalt.

I let the curtains settle back into place. Tried to talk myself out of the uneasiness that was starting to flutter around in my gut.

Finding a part for an old faucet at one of those home warehouse stores couldn't be easy. But calling me wouldn't have been hard.

I wished it would stop raining.

Drivers in the DC area were notorious. "Powdered Idiots," Sean called them. "Just add water."

Our dog, Alice, huffed a sigh.


She flicked an ear. I wouldn't have called a 150-pound mastiff Alice, but she'd already had the name when we got her.

I'd just started reading a well-thumbed copy of my favorite Asimov novel when I heard footsteps on the stairs outside.

My apprehension lifted away like a helium-filled balloon. Throwing off the blanket, I vaulted toward the door, ready to shush Sean. Sam didn't usually wake up after he'd fallen asleep, but wouldn't it have been just our luck for him to do it that night?

I yanked the door open. "Shh! You're going to —

"It wasn't Sean.

Two men dressed in identical blue uniforms, each holding a rain-flecked hat, stood in front of me. Their faces were sallow in the porch light. "Mrs. Brennan?"

Alice had gotten up and ambled over to see what was happening. As she nudged me aside with a push of her head to my hip, the men took a step back.

"There's been an accident."

I leaned out over Alice and glanced up and down the rain-slicked street. An accident? "Where?" I hadn't heard any sirens. Didn't see any flashing lights.

They exchanged a glance. "Not here. In Falls Church."

"Then why are you —" Realization hit me with the impact of a sledgehammer. "Sean?" With his name came the last bit of air I had in my lungs. Clearing my throat, I tried to swallow an enormous lump of fear. "Is he all right? Where is he?"

"His car was hit. He didn't survive." They exchanged a glance. "We're sorry."

"What are you saying?" I looked from one to the other, trying to decode their words because I couldn't understand them. "Sean's not dead. That can't be what you're saying because he's not — no. No, it's just — he just went to get a part." I was so cold all of a sudden.

Alice stepped forward onto the porch, moving the men farther away from the door.

I had to try several times before I could force more words out. "It was a part for the faucet. It's not working. He took the part off so he could match it, to get a replacement. Only sometimes it's not easy because everything in the house is so old. Sometimes there aren't any replacements. Or they have to be special-ordered. It can take a while. So he's not dead. It's just taking a while. He said he'd be back."

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Brennan. Can we come in?"

I felt like I should offer them something. You didn't invite some- one into your home and not offer them something. Not if you were raised properly; not if you were raised by my mother. "Can I ...?" Having made it into the living room, I thought for a moment before remembering what it was I wanted to ask them. "Tea? Coffee? Would you like something?"

"No, ma'am."

My teeth were starting to chatter. I clenched my jaw to try to stop them. But then my mother's training kicked in and I opened my mouth again. "Could you, would you like to ..." I disguised a full-body shudder by gesturing toward the Alice-distressed brown-leather couch that sat in front of the window. "Please."

"We just need to ask you a few questions."

I heard what they said. I must have. I remember answering questions. And I must have asked them some in return because they told me what they knew.

The accident was a hit-andrun.

Sean's car was totaled.

He was dead.

They handed me a card with the phone number of the medical examiner's office. Asked me to go the next day to identify the body. As they were leaving, one of them paused in the doorway. "Will you be okay, ma'am?"

Sean was dead.

"What?" What was he saying? His mouth was moving, but I couldn't hear any words.

He put a hand to my arm.

I looked down at it.

"Is there someone we can call for you?"

I looked back up at him. "No. Yes." What was the question again? "No. No, I'll be fine. I just have to ..." My hand was groping for something to hold on to. It found something. A leash. I seized it. Held it up. "If you'll excuse me? It's getting late. I have to walk the dog now. Before I go to bed."

* * *

I didn't normally walk Alice at night. Sean did. But if he wasn't . ... if he didn't ... Alice needed someone to take her out. Sam was sleep- ing; there was no need to wake him. I only went down to the end of the block. I'd forgotten to take my umbrella but I had remembered my phone. I called Sean again, willing him to answer, willing for it all to be a mistake.

It kept going to voice mail.

Hey. It's Sean. Let me know where to reach you so I can give you a call back.

I didn't know what else to do, so I just kept calling, waiting for him to pick up.

When I got back to the house, I decided to try a different number. I called my mother instead.

"Mom? They told me Sean died."

"Georgia Ann?"

"Sean died. Sean's dead, Mom. He died."

She gasped. "What?" It was a guttural, Southern whut.

"He went to the store to get a part for the faucet and his car was hit and he died. Mom?" I'd made a list in my head while I was walking Alice. There were things I needed to do. Lots of them. I just couldn't remember what they were right then. "Mom? What do I do? I'm not sure. I don't know what to do now."

"You just hold yourself together."

"Yes, ma'am."

"We were flying in tomorrow anyway. I'll call and make them put us on an earlier flight."

"I just keep thinking I should have fixed the faucet. I could have fixed it when we first moved in and none of this would have happened. I've always been better at fixing things than he is."

"Georgia Ann, you listen to me, do you hear?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"This is not your fault."

Not my fault. She sounded so sure of it that I wanted to believe her.

"Mommy?" The call came from the hall. "Mommy?" It was Sam.

I closed my eyes. I hadn't even thought of Sam. What was I going to tell him? What was I supposed to tell our son?

"Georgia Ann? Are you still there? Georgia Ann! What's happening?"

"Mommy?" Sam appeared at the entrance to the living room, bleary-eyed and pale, sniffling from his cold. "Mommy? Where's Daddy? He was supposed to kiss me when he came home."



I was sitting in the conference room at work surreptitiously trying to write my grocery list while my boss, Ted, was talking about our upcoming two-day red-team exercise. We were supposed to be playing devil's advocate on a group of proposals to make sure we weren't so in love with them that we'd overlooked the obvious or failed to anticipate our customers' criticisms. But Sam and I had just gotten back from a weekend trip we'd taken with my parents to the Eastern Shore and the refrigerator was bare.

I'd been doing better handling my parents in small doses since Sean had died. My father passed through DC regularly to visit companies on whose boards he sat and for whom he served as a consultant on classified projects. The trip to the shore, however, had been about a day too long. They just would not let up on trying to get Sam and me to move in with them once my father got confirmed as secretary of defense. They had bombarded me with a barrage of reasons throughout the weekend.


Excerpted from "State of Lies"
by .
Copyright © 2019 Siri Mitchell.
Excerpted by permission of Thomas Nelson.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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State of Lies 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
Carolefort 3 days ago
State of Lies by Siri Mitchell starts off as a family drama and soon escalates to a mystery. Sean and Georgie Brennan are a happily-married young couple who are parenting their young school-age son. While running an errand, Sean falls victim to a hit-and-run driver and is killed instantly. Life as Georgie knew it changes forever: she is now a single parent to her fatherless son and her job as a quantum physicist is in jeopardy. Her parents offer to help while her father, a four-star general, is about to be appointed secretary of defense. A few month's after Sean's death, Georgie comes into possession of his notebook which details names and codes she is unable to decipher. She then notices that she is being followed and fears that someone wants to kill her and her son. Soon, she can't tell her friends from her enemies. This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller and you won't be able to identify the bad guys from the good. Highly recommended. Thank you to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
DixieJudy 3 days ago
Another great book of suspense and surprises by Mitchell......After her husband's death, Georgia finds out her husband had lied to her about where he was going that fatal evening, Then she finds out other strange and untrue happening concerning him. Was her whole marriage filled with lies and untruths? What about her young son who still spoke of his daddy in the present, as he was not dead but in a "worm hole." So she begins searching for answers and finds her life is in danger.  Who was this person she was married to and what /how had he deceived her? What a book that will keep you turning the pages, eager to know the answers to this intriguing mystery......I was given a copy from the publisher via NetGalley  and I am very pleased to leave a review.
Fitzysmom 14 days ago
Well hello Siri Mitchell! When one of your favorite authors decides to venture out of her usual genre it can be a little unnerving. Will it be any good? Should I give it a try? In the case of 'State of Lies' the answers are yes and yes. 'State of Lies' is filled with plot twists and turns that keep you guessing and rethinking your theories. By the end of the story I was about 50 percent correct in my assumptions. And I was totally amazed at what I had made wrong guesses on. I really hope that Siri continues writting her signature historical fiction but I also want to read more suspense from her as well. Maybe a combination of both??? Anyway, if you are a fan of Siri Mitchell or of suspense (of the political nature) then I am quite sure you are going to enjoy this one. I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review.
Cutiefulpink 18 days ago
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I'm a big fan of mysteries. One of the things I love most about mysteries is the guessing game I get to play with myself. When I’m not reading the book, I am thinking about it in a way I can’t with other genres. I look back at the clues, try to decipher underlying intent, question the motives of every person, just to try to predict an outcome. If I had more patience, I could let the book progress on its own and be told the ending as the author intended, but where’s the fun in that??? State of Lies is unique for many reasons, but the first that comes to mind is it unpredictability. As the story builds, and clues are uncovered, it’s not shocking the reader for shocks sake. Instead, the revelations feel plausible and inevitable, but not foreseen, meaning Siri Mitchell did a wonderful job constructing the plot. Also, the pace was fantastic. I didn’t once feel like the action stalled or that I could skim a section. Conversely, the characters didn’t suffer for the relentless storytelling. The characters had great depth and interesting quirks even though so much of the tale revolves around the suspenseful plot. Sometimes, books can be about one or the other, but it’s refreshing to read a suspense writer who gets people too. I’m usually not a huge fan of political thrillers, but I loved the conspiracy theory angle brought to this story. While the novel wasn’t consumed by it, the deep state vibe gave the whole plot a more sinister feel. Any person who is a fan of mysteries or suspense books will love this addition to the genre. State of Lies would be the perfect book to read with a blanket and a cup of cider on a rainy autumn afternoon. Trust me, you won’t be able to get off the couch before you finish. *Special thanks to Siri Mitchell, Thomas Nelson, and TLC Book Tours for a copy of State of Lies in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous 18 days ago
Let me start off by saying that this is a little different than what in used to by this author but I'm not disappointed!! She certainly keeps u guessing and I love this about suspense books!! I love to broaden my reading! Warning: you'll not want to put this book down while reading it. Be prepared for several hours of adventure, mystery and guessing!! I love Siri's style of writing!! I love how these characters grab ahold of your heart and then breaking it when the story is over. I will say however; that this book starts off a little slow to me but I am glad I kept at it. I can imagine not knowing my own husband. You can be married to someone but not really knowing them and you can't make them to open up to you. My own husband is like this. I did notice what was missing in this book however. There was no turning to God whenever things got tight for Georgie and her son. I still recommend this book for suspense lovers and it is still a wonderful book but without God we are empty. My thanks to Netgalley and Thomas Nelson for a complimentary copy of this book. No compensations were received and all opinions are my own!!
JLYoung 20 days ago
This book had me holding my breath! I could feel my heart pounding trying to jump out of my chest. I listened for noises in my house at night. I hate to love books like this. They grab your entire person and take you on this crazy ride. I love when an author can illicit such a response from a reader with just words! I read half of the book in one sitting and couldn't wait to read the rest in the next. The few issues I had with the book were small in the scope of things. I felt like some of the details were unnecessary and like other details would have been more helpful. I wanted to know more about the inner life of the main character. It seemed like there was a lot of external focus. I also felt like there were details that sent you down a small rabbit trail only to snap you back to the main part of the story with no warning. Why were those things included? I was confused. I also struggled to understand all the military talk. I couldn't grasp every part of the story. I had to back off and read it as a whole instead of worrying about trying to understand all the details. I also thought the ending was a little rushed. There was so much build up but them bam! it was done. An epilogue would have been a great addition to this book. But overall the story was great. Definitely kept my interest and my heart beating fast. I would recommend the book and gave it 4 stars. I received a copy from CelebrateLit. I was in no way required to write a positive review. All thoughts are my own.
DiAnnMills 21 days ago
State of Lies had me turning pages from the beginning. I gave up sleep to keep reading and emerged at the end of the novel with an appreciation for excellent craftsmanship. Siri Mitchell's plotting took unpredictable up a notch, yet credibility reigned in the story with a heavy dose of "What will happen next?"
FHlady 22 days ago
Rating 4.5 WOW!! Departing from her usual genre of historical fiction, Siri Mitchell created a thrilling suspense novel that kept me wondering from start to finish. High-tensioned suspense that kept you tingling throughout this novel. In today's high-stakes political world, her premise was very realistic and the characters and actions quite believable. At times the story was so convoluted that it was hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. I knocked off 1/2 a point for two reasons. Siri Mitchell's books usually contain a good spiritual thread whereas this had none. Also, I felt the conclusion was rather abrupt and did give me full resolution especially since this appears to not be book 1 of a series. **I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley. Opinions are mine alone. I was not compensated for this review.
Deana0326 23 days ago
Wow! I have just read one of the best espionage, suspenseful books ever. We here all the time about spies, people taking bribes and secrets being passed along enemy lines. It isn't every day that I come across a book that is so good, I wish I had a contact in Hollywood. What a wonderful movie this book would make. I even pictured who would be good as each character. Georgia is a great character with brains and attention to detail. When her husband is killed in a car accident, she starts to suspects something is wrong. Could it be that she sees cars following her, or that her house is broken into that brings her to look over her shoulder? Her husband was involved with the FBI somehow, but he kept his assignments secret, which makes Georgia grow uncomfortable when she finds something suspicious hidden in the house. The story takes us to the desert over seas during a time when our soldiers were fighting to preserve our freedom. Something happened out there that causes chaos and turns high ranking officials into deceitful people who commit the ultimate act of treason. There were times I thought I had the story figured out, but the author put twists in and I had to rethink my guess. The characters are strong and there is a good amount of information about the different branches in the government. Georgia had a very hard time trusting anyone and at times wasn't sure if she should even stay around her neighborhood. Get ready for some explosive surprises and unexpected suspects in this very intriguing book. I did wonder why this is classified as a Christian book because there was no mention of God, scriptures or faith that I remember throughout the story. At the beginning of the book is a scene about intimacy between a married couple. I didn't find it offensive, but some readers may so I wanted to mention it in my review. I did enjoy the story very much and it was a non stop action filled book with plenty of secrets that could take down very important leaders. I did feel the ending was a bit rushed but overall the book was intriguing enough to keep my interest. I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.
Ourpugs 23 days ago
State of lies Georgie husband was killed by a hit and run driver. She discovers that there is lot more to it. Who can she trust? Not her friends and especially not her parents. This book kept my attention. I read most of it in one sitting. This was my first book by the author. It will not be my last one. I look forward to reading more books from the author. I loved having a little boy in the book. I think he knew some things his mom didn’t. I also enjoyed having the dog in the book named Alice. I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher through Celebrate Lit. This review is my own opinion.
Virginiaw 24 days ago
This is a wonderful novel of suspense. I did not want to put this book down. I was mystified every step of the way. There were lots of twists and turns. You were not sure who were the good people and who were bad through most of the story. I loved the characters and how they worked with each other. I received a copy of this book from Celebratelit for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
Erin_Slocum 25 days ago
My Thoughts on State of Lies: State of Lies will leave you spellbound as you race the clock to finish the book before you become part of it forever. . . . or maybe that was just how I felt. Wow. Just wow. This book was amazing. I constantly found myself wondering what would happen next. No cut and dried know who done it from the first-page type book. No, this one is so intense and twisted and full of suspense! Wow. Just wow. Cannot recommend this book enough. Georgia Ann, Georgie is quite the lady. Love her character. I found myself so drawn to her and wanting to see how life turned out for her. She grew and became such a different person throughout the story. Her son Sam is also a favorite of mine with his firm holes. So cute and love his insistence that his dad is not fully dead. I was so invested in this story. Really I didn’t want to put it down. My husband was like are you ready for bed? I just want to read just a little bit more. The baby wants to nurse. Sigh. Okay. So I would nurse the baby and then I had such a hard choice to stay in bed because this book was calling to me. And it was so hard to resist the siren call. Siri Mitchell is an amazing author. I am now going to be following her and her pseudonym so that I can read them all! Definitely going to be a new favorite author I can tell. Okay, so a few little bits that I have to say but don’t want to say too much. Someone is spying. There are cables that shouldn’t be where they are. Georgie’s house explodes! Say what? Yeap it explodes but don’t worry she gets out. And why does she get out? Because her husband taught her son to play a game of what if the bad guys come in the house! Oh yeah. It’s so good guys. Go read this book now!! But maybe don’t read it if you’re home alone. And maybe don’t read it if there is a thunderstorm. Or if it’s dark. So read it during the day with the lights on and the doors locked. You’re gonna love it! I have voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from Celebrate Lit. All views expressed are only my honest opinion. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC regulations.
ABook_ADay 26 days ago
A word of warning before you even read the review. It is wisely suggested that you only start reading the book State of Lies when you have time to read the entire book but that is exactly what you will want to do. You will not want to put it down until you have pieced together all the pieces. Reading a few pages into the book, you discover that Georgie’s husband has died in a car accident. As the pieces of the accident are revealed, the pieces don’t seem to make sense and there seems as if there is more to the story. Georgie begins to investigate and more things don’t seem to add up. Suspense, mystery and espionage fill the pages that follow as the reader tries to solve the mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and could not put it down. There were times I had to reread some of the technical information more than once but it was more out of concern that I would miss an important aspect. While it is a book by a Christian author, it isn’t necessarily a Christian novel. There is no mention of God or anything spiritual. In times of grief, she could have turned to God but nothing was mentioned. That part was disappointing to me personally. Overall, I really enjoyed the novel. I have read other books by Siri Mitchell and was intrigued by the different genre. I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own and I was not required to leave a positive review.
SBMC 27 days ago
This is the first book by Siri Mitchell I have read and I am completely blown away! I’ve heard great things about her historical fiction and was quite curious about her venture into the world of suspense. For fans of contemporary suspense, this book is not to be missed! The book flows seamlessly from Georgie’s first person point of view as the young physicist finds herself suddenly widowed. In the midst of her grief, she finds strange clues into her deceased husband’s work life as a historian at the Pentagon and personal life prior to their meeting, courtship, and marriage. Georgie’s father, a four-star army general, is on the brink of being appointed the Secretary of Defense as Georgie and her son’s lives get turned upside down once again as Georgie follows these clues to something unknown but certainly sinister. The plot has plenty of twists and turns in a nail-biting kind of atmosphere that will suck you right into Georgie’s world. I received a copy of the book from Thomas Nelson via Celebrate Lit Tours and was under no obligation to post a positive review. All comments and opinions are solely my own.
WishEnd 27 days ago
STATE OF LIES is one of those books that grabs the reader from the beginning and continues to pull them in as the climax builds towards the end. Full of political intrigue, conspiracy, and danger as the heroine finds herself in the middle of a plot against the country she loves and those dearest to her. Suspense fans will find much to love here! Don't start this book right before bed. I did and then couldn't put it down because I just had to know what would happen. It's quite a bit of an emotional roller-coaster. Be prepared fro some good twists and turns as the story unfold. I immediately related to the protagonist, Georgie, who has been dealt quite a blow and is trying to keep her life on track and care for her son. I appreciated how the author left clues and bread crumbs here and there. Some were fairly easy and the heroine took a bit to catch on, but others were a little more difficult. Reading as she struggled with loss and finding not all is as it appears, was rough. Towards the end I literally did not trust anyone except for one person. Happily, in the end, I was wrong about a few people and right about others. I have just a few minor issues with the story. I felt like the situation was fairly complex and the storyline didn't always support it since there was really a lot going on and, as a reader, we're only getting one part of it through Georgie's eyes. I'm curious if there will be additional books about the other two situations or the fall-out that has to follow this story. My other issue is that the scenes between Georgie and her husband were perhaps a little more detailed than I expected and it surprised me. It means that I can't give this one to my teen daughter to read. In the end, was it what I wished for? I really enjoyed this story. It kept a constant undertone of suspense and danger, had a likable heroine to cheer on, a touch of romance, and a story that will hold readers' attentions from beginning to end. Content: Some fade-to-black love scenes between a married couple, violence. Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through Celebrate Lit Publicity, which did not require a positive review nor affect it in any way.
LifeofLiterature 28 days ago
What a thrilling book! I have always loved Siri Mitchell’s historical novels, so it was so much fun to read her latest suspense story. The writing is very well done, which allows you as the reader to easily devour the book. I could not put it down! There were definitely twists and turns that I did not expect, especially one pretty large reveal that caught me completely by surprise. I also appreciate the amount of research that the author put into the novel with regards to the character’s job as a physicist and the political climate that serves as a backdrop to the story. I do no think the Christian message was strong in this novel, but it is certainly still a clean story. I really enjoyed this book overall and recommend it! I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
conniet729 28 days ago
Normally, this author writes riveting historical fiction books. I was thrilled to see a suspense book come from her. It always makes me excited to see an author switch genres. This book is NON STOP action. You will want to make sure that you have a lot of time to read this book - for you will NOT want to put it down. In this book we meet Georgie. She has become a single mother after her husband is killed in a car accident. Now Georgie is a physist, and after some things don't add up after her husband's death - she looks further into his death. Layers of who she thought her husband was, and what happened come peeling back. Can she find out what happened without endangerng herself or her son? You will have to read it to find out. The author has well written characters, an intense intriguing storyline and so much more. I received a copy of this book through Celebrate Lit blogging program. All thoughts are my own.
5643437 29 days ago
Let me start off by saying this book is rated PG, and I feel like the book would have been fine without the bedroom scene at the beginning. Being a military spouse, I liked the idea of reading a book by another military spouse. However, I was disappointed there was not a strong Christian message in this book given that it is from a Christian publisher. I can not begin to imagine the terror, horror or other emotions that would race through my mind if I found law enforcement officials at my door saying my husband had died. I felt like Siri Mitchell did an excellent job of handling that part of the story. At the same time, I felt like the jump from Georgie finding out her husband had died to the next scene skipped a lot of material that could have been worth reading. Murder, mystery, intrigue, and political drama play a major role in this book. Things are really bad when a person does not even know if he or she can trust his or her own parents. The idea of not knowing who Georgie could trust helped keep the book interesting. I also liked the general pace of the book. All in all, I feel like the book is fairly good, especially for people who like or love reading books dealing with political espionage. So check this book out for yourself. I received a copy of this book for my fair and honest review.
AdventurousWife 3 months ago
Let’s just start with the first chapter in this book. Can I say WOW?. Siri Mitchell gives us one of the best first chapters I have ever read before. It grabbed my attention as nothing else has in a long time. I picked it up to read when I only had a few minutes and boy was that a mistake. I could not stop thinking about the story and what was going to happen next. In the first chapter, I got introduced to some of the intrigue, relationships, and mystery that Siri Mitchell weaves with great skill. It made me think in what-if scenarios (i.e. what if I was in Georgie’s or Sean's shoes?). As I picked it up to finish the story, the book continued to unfold much like that first chapter. I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. It was such a thrilling ride to figure out how all the clues fit together and seeing the ending. I mean Wow. This book left me giddy smiling to the point my husband asked me what was wrong. I, of course, had to explain the plot and told him he really would only understand if he read the book. The whole book flowed at a believable rate, not rushing, but letting you get a feel for the thoughts and emotions of the characters. After reading the first chapter I was hooked. The rest of the book kept that same momentum for me, and I highly recommend reading this book. I give this book a 5 out of 5 Stars (If I could give more I would), for the great attention-grabbing first chapter, how Siri Mitchell weaved in a military/political/mystery/romance with such easy, and for the strength of the characters in not giving up in the face of overwhelming odds. Thanks for the wonderful read. I received this book from Celebration Lit and Netgalley in return for my honest feedback. The thoughts and opinions expressed within are my own.
ARS8 3 months ago
Ok, this book WOWED me. I did not know which way it was going to go, how me as a reader was going to feel about it: I certainly had strong emotions concerning the story and I kept turning those pages as fast as I could. Author Mitchell is a bit of a wild card author to me. I have read a few of her books and sometimes I like them and sometimes nope, all the while thinking how could she end that story like that. However, the books, the ones I liked and disliked, have all made an impression on me and they are some of the stories that have stuck with me and I have not forgotten. State of Lies can now claim the title of my favorite book by her. It was so out of the box. There is creepiness, mystery, conspiracies, and science giving this story almost the feel of watching a Fringe episode. Like the heroine Georgie, I also was questioning everything and wondered how this intriguing novel was going to play out. This one kept me up late and getting out of bed early to finish it. I am looking forward to more fiction stories like this one. I was provided a copy of this novel from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.
MelissaF 3 months ago
Soooo….I have enjoyed reading Siri’s historical romances so I was curious how she would make this transition to romantic suspense. She made a bang, is what she did. Holy cow, what a great book. From the first chapter I knew this would be a book that wouldn’t be able to put down. I loved how the chapters were short and they flowed right into each other, it definitely made it so I wanted to keep reading. Some of the military stuff made my mind kind of lock up (joking), but it didn’t distract me the the overall story, because that part was extremely important to I really tried to focus and grasp it. This is a great book that I highly recommend!!! A copy of this book was given to me through the Celebrate Lit Team. All opinions are my own.
LLangley 3 months ago
Siri Mitchell's latest novel, State of Lies, featuring main character and physicist Georgia Anne, seems like a departure from some of Mitchell's historical fiction novels. But, as a fan of intrigue and suspense novels, I think Mitchell has found her place in a new niche market. I found State of Lies full of action, adventure, and nail-biting suspense. Besides that, Georgia Anne proves to be a realistic, likeable, and easy-to-emphathize with, all-American woman. Committed to her country, her family, and integrity, Georgia Anne finds herself in a situation that will test her character, her beliefs, and her integrity. I found Mitchell's writing style to be refreshing and enjoyable while the novel's plot offered just the right mixture of clues and twists. I appreciated that I could enjoy a suspense novel in all it's excitement without having to sacrifice for bad language and filth. Mitchell also cleverly tied in several clever phrases that made great T-shirt slogans for a physicist to wear! I also enjoyed the fact that Mitchell's character "Georgie" was intelligent (as a rocket scientist should be) and yet so down-to-earth. If you're a fan of suspense and intrigue novels, I highly recommend State of Lies. Bravo, Siri Mitchell! When does the next installment in the series release? I'm anxiously waiting!
72BRUIN 3 months ago
Excellent political thriller with a protagonist caught in the middle of so many threads that it would be impossible to navigate the story but for the able hands of a talented author. Clandestine services, the military, and foreign powers are all juggled successfully by a very strong female character. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advanced digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Customer Review dorothy o'neal 4.0 out of 5 starsAn exciting political thriller! August 18, 2019 Format: Paperback Dot O, Reviewer #StateofLies #NetGalley Intrigue at the highest levels of government. Who can you trust? Your husband? Your friends and family? Can you trust the FBI.? The United States Government? In this fast paced political thriller, a brilliant physicist, Georgie Brennan, quickly discovers there is no one she can trust and no where that is safe for she and her young son, Sam. Months after her husband, Sean, is killed in an accident she discovers that her husband was not the person she thought he was. He had lied about where he was going the night he was killed, and numerous lies were discovered about his secret life. She uses her skills as a physicist to methodically unravel the web of lies told to her by all that she loves. Danger and political intrigue become a part of her life as she struggles to pull the truth from the lies. Georgie's father, a military hero has been nominated for the position of Secretary of Defense, and is preparing for his confirmation hearing. As this develops, her mother, a Southern beauty queen and very efficient army wife anxiously awaits the hearings with ambitious hopes for their future Raised by parents who were very ambitious and "correct," Georgie had been taught to listen to her parents and to aspire to a virtuous life, always being truthful and highly loyal to country and to one's self. As Georgie continues to dig and search for the truth, her own life is threatened and she seems dangerously close to losing all that she holds dear. As the events continue to unfold, she realizes that this tangled web has the potential to destroy not only her way of life, but the very core of the American government!! I literally could not read fast enough to get to the end of this book! State of Lies is an excellent political thriller that I recommend to readers who enjoy and love a good mystery! I found the pace of the story exciting, the characters well developed and the ending left me satisfied, but shocked!! Great and unexpected ending! Thank you to the author,Siri Mitchell, the publishers, and to NetGalley for this advanced digital copy of State of Lies. The opinions expressed are my own.
Nanna51 3 months ago
I expected this book to be Christian fiction, but I did not see any of the usual elements of faith in this book. It was a good suspense thriller, with undertones of politics and espionage, but I would not categorize it as CHRISTIAN fiction in any way. Georgie is a young wife and mother, a physicist dealing with the sudden death of her husband Sean. But all is not as it seems and the reader is hard-pressed to figure out what is really going on. The first third of the book is very fast-paced as the stage is set for Georgie to try to unravel the threads that will lead to the truth. Then the plot slows down and the story becomes a bit difficult to follow. Georgie knows that her life is in danger as she struggles to reveal the truth about Sean and her father who is about to be confirmed at the U.S. Secretary of Defense. The short chapters made the book easy to read, but the convoluted plot made it slow going for me. There was definitely a web of intrigue, but it was hard to understand what was really going on. The book is a suspense novel and it is an intense read, with lots of action happening quickly. This was my first book that I have read by this author, so I don’t know what her other books are like. I would like to try another one just to see if this is her normal style. Readers of suspense may enjoy this book, but it was just too hard to follow for me. Disclaimer Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, “Guides Concerning the Use of Testimonials and Endorsements in Advertising.”