Stolen Soulmate

Stolen Soulmate

by Mary Catherine Gebhard


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There’s a rule in Crowne Hall: never look a Crowne in the eyes.

It protects us more than them.

I broke it once, the night Grayson Crowne mistook me for his true love and stole my first kiss. I’ve regretted it every day since.

He hates me.

He torments me.

He won’t let me go, because that night he whispered a secret against my lips not meant for me. Grayson Crowne, heir to the Crowne empire and notorious playboy prince is… a virgin.

I signed a contract in my heart’s blood as much as ink: help him get back his love, repair what I broke. Give him my body, my soul, my heart, let him use all of me, so when the time comes to marry her, he won’t need me.

I shouldn’t need him.

But he’s my stolen soulmate, and I’m at his mercy.

Stolen Soulmate is the second book in the Crowne Point universe. You do not need to have read Heartless Hero to read Stolen Soulmate, though it is recommended. It will enhance your reading experience as you will catch easter eggs and the timelines overlap.

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ISBN-13: 9781733851060
Publisher: Trendlettrs
Publication date: 02/27/2020
Series: Crowne Point
Pages: 434
Sales rank: 610,245
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.97(d)

Customer Reviews

Stolen Soulmate 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
LivingMyBestBookLife 3 months ago
Mary Catherine Gebhard is the queen of bully romance!! Stolen Soulmate is so freaking good that I finished it in one night. I lost some sleep because I couldn't put it down but it well worth it. Stolen Soulmate is about playboy Grayson Crowne and his maid, Story. One look and one kiss changed everything. Story wasn't supposed to ever look a Crowne in the eye and she did. Was it the biggest mistake? Mary Catherine Gebhard ripped out my heart and then put it back together and repeated this cycle. Grayson and Story are so fascinating just like their unique personalities. One moment things would be great and then with the snap of finger things took a turn. If you enjoy bully romances, this book is a must-read. I give Stolen Soulmate 5 stars. It isn't a fairytale, but the relationship between Grayson and Story is intense and passionate. The push and pull relationship that was portrayed is addicting like the entire story!!
WhooGivesAHoot 7 days ago
Stolen Soulmate was a breathtakingly emotional and soul crushing tale that wholeheartedly stole every inch of my soul. My heart is bleeding on the ground as it was torn so abruptly from my chest as I inhaled all of the words that Mary Catherine Gebhard had to offer. There’s this intense ache that has completely taken over my body and I am still trying to comprehend all of my emotions. I never knew that a story could take control over every part of you until I came across this one. I am a total mess right now and I freaking loved EVERYTHING about this story! Grayson “Gray” Crowne and Story Hale are officially my favorite hero and heroine of all-time. Mary Catherine Gebhard I am living for these two, like they are now officially part of me forever and always. These two are from completely different worlds and their love is romantically tragic, which had shedding tears more times than I care to admit. I felt deep in my soul that these two were destined to ruin each other. Their chemistry was addictively forbidden, but that didn’t mean they were afraid to break a few dozen rules that stood in their way. Their story was EPIC and had me on the edge of my seat the ENTIRE time! There is so much that I want to say, but at the same time there is NO way I can say everything I want to without giving away spoilers, so I will just say this…MAKE SURE TO ONE-CLICK THIS STORY RIGHT NOW! Also, do yourself a favor and clear your entire schedule for the day before diving into this story because you will not be able to put it down. The moment I started reading, I found myself in a trance as I devoured all of the words in one sitting. While I wanted to savor every moment of this story, I couldn’t help myself because the words capture every part of me.
Mandyyloves2read 28 days ago
I am completely mind blown , gutted and speechless after reading this book , I had to wait a few days to get my emotions in check and I’M. STILL. NOT. OK. This book completely caught me off guard and was so not what I was expecting! This is a slow burn angsty af romance like no other it’s filled with sexy steamy moments ,heartbreaking truths and the tension between these two is so thick that when they do finally come together it’s dirty , raw and hot af ! gahhh! My heart literally hurts when I think of Story and Gray and it just ain’t fair that Gray can’t be left alone to love who he wants and live life with the girl who stole his heart like a thief in the night . I so did not see that ending coming ! BEST BOOK OF 2020 ! IMO and if you were a fan of Heartless Hero than you definitely will want to be #wreckedbygray ! *** I voluntarily reviewed an advanced complimentary copy of this book ***
Midwest-Romantic 3 months ago
I think I say this a lot with my reviews...but HOLY HOTNESS!!!! I freaking LOVED reading Stolen Soulmate!!  It was amazing and kept me so interested that I could hardly do anything without the book open and reading! Grayson and Story are AMAZING and this book really had me twisted around! The emotional roller-coaster is long and twisted and dark....but such a fun ride! I was so intrigued because every time I thought the plot was going one would totally go another....just freaking amazing!  The ending is most definitely NOT what I was expecting and because of that I can't wait to devour book 2!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!! * I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own.*
Joyffree 3 months ago
"If you don't dream you can't fail, if you don't love your heart can't break. " I'm sooooo broken! In book one Gray was, for me, a dark enigma. I really wasn't sure if I liked or loathed him. Nothing he did was ever as I expected. He seemed so heartless. But there was something that had me take pause and look a bit deeper. I felt I was missing something. When he takes center stage in SS I was torn between wanting to shove him into a fountain to cool his heels and hug him to let him know I saw him. In the end, he broke my heart. Oh, Story, you lost delusional snitch. If only you had chosen fairy tales over words maybe you could have salvaged your heart You would have known how the story ends I need more... I need to know How... Why... Be prepared to scream To feel like you are being toyed with To suffocate under the gloom of never knowing when the clouds will part This takes place in the same timeline as book one which I found absolutely delightful! It gave the story a different depth to it - If you haven't read book one may I suggest you read it first and if you have read it may I suggest you read it again right before this one. I am serious it will change how you see the events in this book. This is such a twisted tale. Even as the story came to a close I still felt off? Lost? I am not even sure how to word it. I know I need my answers this is going to haunt me until I have them. "Miss me one place? Find me another..." Gray, what are you up too? Lottie, I'm not sure about you something feels off Mom? Still hoping you choke on your venomous words
StarStacy 3 months ago
This book stole my heart 5 stars This book didn’t waste any time getting started, and I loved it! The words, story and characters that the author created were captivating. The tension and spark between Grayson and Story was palpable, and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see how it would all unfold. Gray was cruel (so cruel), clever then sometimes caring, and Story saw through to the real him. He hated her for that because it wasn’t supposed to be her, yet he couldn’t get enough of her honesty. He was addicted to her, and she was the same. She wasn’t supposed to want him, but she couldn’t help herself. I admired that she was honest with Gray and tried to stand up for herself as much as could. When I read a certain part of the book (around 62%), I could literally feel my heart breaking for Story. Then I had to hold the Kleenex box the last 15% of the book. So what happens when addiction turns to love between two people who are not supposed to be together? Read this book, get addicted, get your heart stolen and find out! *I received an advanced copy of this ebook for my honest review.*