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Stop Fixing Yourself: Wake Up, All Is Well

Stop Fixing Yourself: Wake Up, All Is Well

by Anthony De Mello
Stop Fixing Yourself: Wake Up, All Is Well

Stop Fixing Yourself: Wake Up, All Is Well

by Anthony De Mello


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Can you imagine how liberating it would be to never be disillusioned again, never be disappointed again, never feel let down again? Want to wake up, come alive, and be free? Anthony De Mello’s Stop Fixing Yourself is the answer you have been looking for.

The question Anthony De Mello’s Stop Fixing Yourself poses and successfully answers is: Can you attain enlightenment without the slightest effort on your part? Spiritual seekers exhausted from years of fruitless striving might well sigh deeply and think, “If only that were true.” Well, Anthony De Mello asserts it is true. Stop Fixing Yourself: Wake Up, All Is Well provides the simple path to living an enlightened life.

De Mello tells us that if you are watchful and awake, all that is false and neurotic within you will drop away and you will begin to live increasingly from moment to moment in a life made whole and happy and transparent through awareness. Awareness transforms you from a seeker to a finder, opening your eyes to the reality of the love, peace, and beauty that has always surrounded you. Awareness will set you free.

In Stop Fixing Yourself, De Mello’s down-to-earth teaching method helps you discover true awareness, releasing the divinity all around you and making your life meaningful, beautiful, and prosperous.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781582708362
Publisher: Beyond Words Publishing
Publication date: 04/13/2021
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 159,967
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 7.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Anthony De Mello was a Jesuit priest born in Bombay, India, in 1931. He is regarded as one of the foremost spiritual teachers of the twentieth century, respected widely for his groundbreaking and enduring work that integrates Western and Eastern spirituality. De Mello founded the Sadhana Institute in India and is the author of the bestselling masterpieces Awareness and The Way to Love, along with eleven other books that have been translated into twenty-one languages and have sold more than two million copies worldwide. His large body of work continues to have impact beyond his untimely death in 1987. Some of our era’s most acclaimed spiritual teachers have acknowledged the liberating and elevating impact of De Mello’s practical spirituality, including Rhonda Byrne, Eckhart Tolle, Neil Strauss, Adyashanti, Thomas Moore, and Paulo Coelho. Visit the De Mello Spirituality Center website at

Table of Contents

Note from the Editor xiii

Foreword xvii


As You Read This Book xix

The Parable of the Sannyasi xxi

Part 1 Now Is the Time

The Divine Flame of Discontent 4

Search Inside Yourself 5

Stop Fixing Yourself 7

All Is Well 9

Put On a New Mind 10

You've Been Programmed to Be Unhappy 11

You've Been Trained to Upset Yourself 13

You've Been Infected with Attachments 15

Why You Are Afraid and Anxious 18

The One and Only Thing You Need to Do 19

The False Beliefs 21

The Symphony of Life 24

Programmed Not to Question the Programming 26

The Kingdom of Joy 29

Driving with the Brakes On 31

The Contrast of Worldly Feelings to Soul Feelings 33

Your Sad History of Self-Improvement 35

A Philosopher's Tale 37

The River Meditation 39

Part 2 Happiness

What Is Happiness? 46

The Irony of Happiness 47

See the Unhappiness 48

What Do You Have to Do to Get Happiness? 50

A Businessman's Tale 53

The Secret Meditation 55

Part 3 A Grace Called Awareness

Awareness, Awareness, Awareness 62

Looking, Observing, Understanding 65

Aware of What? 66

What I Mean by Awareness 68

Come Home to Yourself 70

If You're Unaware, You're Vulnerable 71

Four Truths 72

Four Steps 74

You Are Called Upon to Be Aware 77

Can You Be Happy in Your Depression? 79

Two Sources for Change 81

Acceptance and Perspective 83

The Litmus Test 85

Another Test 87

Nothing Else Will Matter Anymore 88

A Parable to Ponder 89

A Sufi's Tate 91

The Enlightenment Meditation 93

Part 4 Who Am I?

The Lion Parable 100

What Am I? 101

Who's Living in Me? 102

"I" Observing "Me" 103

What the T Is Not 104

You're Not a Label 106

You're Not a Concept Either 108

Self-Worth 110

Our Lost Innocence 111

Mystics and Children 113

To Walk Alone 115

A King, a Queen 117

A Farmyard Tale 119

The Exposure Meditation 121

Part 5 The Kingdom of Love

What Is Love? 128

All or Nothing 129

Blocks to Love 131

True Love? 133

The Roller Coaster Ride 134

The Finest Act of Love 135

What Will Save the World 138

What Is Clear Thinking? 140

Charity 142

Creating a Loving World 144

Behold Your Savior 147

A Worshiper's Tale 151

The Wellsprings Meditation 153

Part 6 Union with God

A Finger Pointing to the Moon 160

Your Mystical Heart 161

The Riches of Silence 163

Breathing As a Form of Prayer 166

Silence 167

A Hasidic's Tale 171

The Caress Meditation 173

Part 7 Suffering and Growth

If You're Suffering, You're Asleep 178

Painful Experiences Lead to Growth 179

The Bright Side of Suffering 180

A Guru's Tale 183

The Dawn Meditation 185

Conclusion: I Can Assure You of This 187

Acknowledgments 190

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