Storm of Roses: A Compilation of Poetry and Short Stories

Storm of Roses: A Compilation of Poetry and Short Stories

by E. Tara Scurry
Storm of Roses: A Compilation of Poetry and Short Stories

Storm of Roses: A Compilation of Poetry and Short Stories

by E. Tara Scurry

Paperback(Second Edition)

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With bold musings about pleasure, pain, life, death, anger, spirituality, nature, compassion, fantasies and daydreams, this compilation is a provoking celebration of wisdom.

Originally published in 2006, Storm of Roses was the winner of the Best Books National Book Award in Poetry and an award-winning finalist in the "Indie Excellence 2007" Book Awards in the Poetry category. Storm of Roses, 2nd Edition has been completely updated to incorporate short story revisions, making it an even more tantalizing collection of literary art.

Within these pages, E. Tara Scurry delivers an intense and enchanting debut assortment of over 90 poems and 11 short stories written when she was between 7 and 23 years old.

A unique take at poetry and storytelling, Storm of Roses fluctuates convincingly from dark to sunny and violent to serene. Exceptionally captivating, it's a gathering of pieces for the tenacious and resilient.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780578896212
Publisher: Chrysocolla Publishing
Publication date: 07/15/2021
Series: Poetry and Short Stories , #1
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

E. Tara Scurry lives her life's purpose by storytelling to make the world a better place and give reprieve and joy to those who need it most. You'll find her speaking at events and socializing on Twitter. Irrespective of creating in different genre's, her poetry and stories are always provoking, eccentric, inclusive, and openhearted. She writes about love, social problems, self-introspection, and the divine - all from a sociological perspective. She has gratefully added joy and thought-provoking experiences to her readers for over 3 decades; most of which was before she was formally published.

As a Speaker, she has taught at progressive places of worship, conferences, academic classes, and served as an inspirational speaker at Women's Retreats.

As a Storyteller, she believes her stories impact the world by making it more welcoming and inclusive. That the world is a better place when all feel safe, respected, and comfortable expressing all aspects of our identities. She believes that a whole life can change by one story. One experience can change a heart.

E. Tara Scurry is a graduate of Sweet Briar College and Johns Hopkins University's Carey Business School with a B.A in Sociology, Law & Society minor and a M.S. in Organizational Development & Strategic Human Resources.

A native of the D.C. Metropolitan area, she lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. Subscribe to her blog at, and connect with her on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Table of Contents

Chapter I. Light of Proverbs (Spirituality)

The Essence of God

Have Mercy

Nearer to You

The Carpenter

For You

Night Studies

Christian Credit Card

Ode to Satan: The God of this Age

Ode to Lucifer: The Prince of Heaven

Perfect Vessels to Receive


Chapter II. Destiny of the Breathing (Love)

Beneath the Breath of Heaven

Candle Love Spell



Heartless Dog


Honeysuckle and Berries

Unique Infatuation

Like an Ocean

Mercy on Our Souls

My Undead Lover

Save My Love

Apple's Lover


The Last Time I Cry

Third Wish

With or Without

Confession of Unyielding Love I (From Tales of Earthenstone: Book II)

The Wine of Eternity

Chapter III. Clenching Fists (Anger)

Deceptive Devils

My Castle Is Built

Picking the Dead



Succumb to Nature

Such a Pitiful Pebble Pushed

Taste Your Own Toxin

Tired and Not Ready to Sit

The Fool's Concentration

Chapter IV. Elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water)

Women of the Sky

Forbidden Underwater Palace

Life of the Rock

The Rock's Agony

Master of the Sun


Praise the Rays II

After the Rain

Sandy Strip of Peace


Natural Lullaby

Sweet Tempest II

Unnatural Disaster

Chapter V. Tears of Angels (Pain and Sorrow)

A Comfort Women's Testimony

Accept the Lies

Algebra Is Evil


Comfort of the Clouds

The Sky Is Really Green

Lost to You

Not In Love

Numbness of Luxury


Screwed Over in the Dark

Sad Faces

The Light and the Blades

To the Light I Stumble

Trickling Out over the Lovely Violets

Bloody White Roses

With Death Comes Peace

Double Bind

Ich Werde Immer Bei Dir Sein

Void of Essence

Chapter VI. White Hole (Miscellaneous)


Clear the Way

The Circle



Cream of the Crop


Dangerous Baby Girl

A Geisha's Death in Winter

Blood Night

Naked Dance

Epicurean of the Land



Time Alone

How Good You Were

Happy Moments

Let the Earth Love Me II

Chapter VII. Narratives of the Wind (Short Stories & Prose)

Banquet of Bliss




Gump Graduates

Tonic Graduates

After Death of the First Era: Cause and Consequence

The Shrine in the Forest

Storm of Roses

The Patty Story & Jon! & Zon (BONUS piece)

The Ninja Cat Irene (BONUS piece)

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