Storm Warrior Vol 32: Hidden Treasures

Storm Warrior Vol 32: Hidden Treasures

by WL Cox


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Charles visits California while he is in Denver and is pleased with the progress.
Charles returns to Denver and finds the two horses that Harris Hudson has sent to be bred. Pun Le tells Charles that he has run them around the track and their times are slow. Charles understands why he did it, and it angers him a little.
A problem arises with the railroad construction crew in Arizona. Charles travels to the construction site to resolve the issue. Charles travels to Arizona to resolve the issue and Ghost rides with him. Charles asks for the U.S. Marshals help when he learns the rancher has twelve gun hands.
Charles returns to San Francisco and buys some land and ends up in a court battle with an angry and vindictive man, forcing Charles to ask for help from his good friend, Bill Bulger, to represent him in court.
Charles returns to Philadelphia and is pleased with how the farms are being turned around.
White Buffalo has applied to Harvard Law School and received a letter of denial. Charles suspects that it is due to White Buffalo's name and travels to Harvard with White Buffalo to confront the administration.
Charles discovers that Harvard's requirements include a letter of recommendation from a high ranking political official. Charles knows just the people to appeal to.

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Pages: 286
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