Stranger In My House

Stranger In My House

by Mari Manning


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When Kirby Swallow assumes her half sister's identity to help figure out who's threatening her, she finds herself in way over her head. On the remote Texas ranch her sister calls home, she confronts a growing list of suspects and a rising body count

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ISBN-13: 9781533151827
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/09/2016
Pages: 340
Sales rank: 1,058,848
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.76(d)

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Stranger In My House 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
Romance with a suspenseful twist Stranger in my House' by Mari Manning is book two in the "A Murder in Texas" series and is the story of Kirby Swallow and Seth Maguire . Kirby is a Cop but not local and Frankie is her sister . They tended to look a lot of alike, like twin sisters. Frankie is one of the heirs to a lot of money along with a ranch. Frankie comes to Kirby asking for her help, after someone tries to kill her. Kirby goes in her place to get the lay of the land so to speak and to find out who is trying to kill her sister. Kirby goes in there undercover as Frankie and while there , she meets Seth and while she is so very attracted to him, she cannot act on it because she is trying to follow all the clues and keep her eyes open for anything important that could say Frankie. Seth knows that something is different with 'Frankie' after she returns from being missing for about two days but he isn’t sure what is different. There are so many twists and turns in this story and the ending..ahh the ending. Do they or don’t they? You have to read to find out that answer. My rating: 4.3 stars *** **I was given an ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review***
KaraS More than 1 year ago
Romance, suspense, intrigue This is an Entangled: Select Suspense story which is a new Entangled genre for me. It is another Murder in Texas story from Mari Manning, but they are each stand-alones. There is romance, suspense and intrigue. Kirby Swallow is a Tulsa cop who assumes her half-sister’s identity to figure out who is threatening her. She tries to stay away from the sexy ranch manager, Seth Maguire, but that turns out much harder to do. It took me a while to get into this book, but once it got going the story took a few turns and keeps you guessing until the end. Even if you think you know the ending – it still throws a few final twists at you. The cast of characters is very eclectic – you’ll appreciate the furred and feathered ones too. Seth discovers the charade that Kirby is pulling and almost immediately knows she isn’t her half-sister, Frankie. He isn’t this attracted to Frankie after all. But Kirby has more secrets that are slowly revealed. The heat factor was good and the suspense was engaging and I always enjoy when I can’t exactly guess the ending. If you enjoy this genre – you definitely want to check these out! Received a copy from the Publisher via Net Galley
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
When Kirby Swallow assumes her half sister’s identity to help figure out who's threatening her, she finds herself in way over her head. On the remote Texas ranch her sister calls home, she confronts a growing list of suspects and a rising body count—all while wearing her sister's 4-inch heels. The only problem is the sexy ranch manager, Seth Maguire, is starting to catch on to the charade. The attraction between them is undeniable—and soon, what starts out as just a one-night stand, turns into something much deeper. But someone on the ranch is out for blood…and Kirby's next. Review: I really liked that I kept guessing who was behind all the happenings and killings in the book. I hate plots being spoiled so I will try to give a good review without giving away everything. The book had a cast of quirky and not all that they seemed in the book. They are not being who they seem lead to that should they be trusted or not. I thought at points Kirby was being too kind, I know she is pretending to be her sister, but people were just plain mean to her and I would have given it right back. Seth is moody and sexy, and is bad and good for Kirby. I liked the tension and the will they? won't they? act on their attraction for each other. When they finally do act out on their feelings there is just the right amount of heat for the story. Also, I liked that Seth got personal stuff resolved in the story too. This is the second book in the series and other than being set in the same small Texas town I cannot see how it would hurt reading them out of order. I give kudos to the Author, she writes a good romantic mystery that I did not figure out until all was revealed at the end. 4Stars *I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.*
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: Stranger In My House - A Murder in Texas 2 Author: Mari Manning Published: 6-13-2016 Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC / Select Suspense Pages: 302 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense Sub Genre: Romance ISBN: 9781633756700 ASIN: B01G1K38HY Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalley Rating: 4 1/2 . Kirby Swallow is at home believing all is well with her mother and half-sister Frankie's world, when suddenly Frankie shows up on Kirby's doorstep to tell her their mother has been kidnapped and now someone is after Frankie. Kirby decides to go undercover assuming her Frankie's identity. After all she is a cop she should have no problem pretending to be Frankie as they are so alike even their mother sometimes has trouble telling them apart at a glance. That's only one of Kirby's miscalculations, another is having to where Frankie's four inch heels. Then there is the fact that it seems the entire holds Frankie in contempt with her better than thou attitude. Add a much to observant ranch manager by the name of Seth Maguire that lights Kirby's fires and doesn't much care for Frankie and you have a fun time on the ole ranch tonight. This is one amazing read. It is fun, humorous and filled with an eclectic cast of characters that will keep you captivated to the story from the beginning to the end. The plot is seamless and flows smoothly from scene to scene. Stanger in my house will keep you on edge all through the twist and turns just as you will laugh at a few of the scenes. My rating is 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
Let's start with the cover. AMAZINGLY SEXY!!! Now, the story line. It was great! It was set up well and some of the characters played their part well. Miss Bea, Mr. Shaw, Susanna and Frankie were great! Kirby, Seth, Manny and Brittany were not so great. Kirby should have been smart. She's an officer of the law. She was extremely naive and I failed to see intelligence, especially where Frankie was concerned. The way she let others speak to or yell at her was just too much. Extremely degrading. The only thing I'll say about Seth is, WHAT COWBOY WEARS KHAKIS AND TOP SIDERS? No, just, NO! The story would have been awesome if the characters matched the story line. The last chapter was the best as all the characters behaved like normal human beings. The last chapter is the only place I saw any hint of a real romance throughout the entire book. I'm sorry if my review sounds harsh. I didn't mean it that way but I failed to see what others saw in this book. Received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed is my own.
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
Kirby has lost everyone in her family but her estranged half sister. When she gets a call from her in a panic saying someone was trying to killer her. No one the wiser they could be twins she takes on her sister’s identity to help find the people after her sister. There are always two sides to every story as she finds out on reaching the ranch that things are not quite as her sister Frankie said. The list is long of those that aren’t crazy about Frankie this should be a cut and dry case she is a cop and solving mysteries is her job. There are some twists and turns you don’t see coming, I thought this as a fun and intense read. It was well written with some great characters. You have a little of very things here from romance, hot men, family feuds, some things could have been timed better for this group of delightful characters. With all the facts laid out whom will the finger point to or could it all be in Frankie’s mind? I really enjoyed the even pace book that had no trouble holding my attention. I know most will find this as delightful as I have. This is the first I have read by this author but it won’t be the last.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
Assuming her sister's identity isn't an ideal situation, but it's really the only way Kirby Swallow can sneak under the radar and investigate all the mysterious happenings on the ranch her sister currently lives on. Her sister wholeheartedly believes her life is in danger, and she is surrounded by people who would rather see her dead than alive, so the list of suspects is mighty high, and Kirby knows she has her work cut out for her, but her longing for family connection has her saying yes without much thought. All she needs to do is change her eye color, grow accustom to waltzing around in four inch heels, and everything else with take care of itself, she is a cop after all, and this was what she was trained to do. But soon after she arrives, she learns that she may just have signed herself up for far more than she bargained for... especially when she meets sexy ranch manager Seth Maguire. After a few heated moments together she knows she is going to have to amp up her game or her little investigation will be blown before she gets the chance to find her perpetrator! This was my first time reading something from this author and I have to say she totally won me over with this sexy spine-tingling little tale!! It captured my attention right from the start and held on tight until the very end!! It was packed with edge or your seat intensity, heated passion, steamy romance, thrilling mystery, and took me on one spectacular literary ride!! It truly had it all and was the perfect blend of suspense and romance and I loved every minute of it!! Definitely one of the best NetGalley finds that I have stumbled onto in quite a while, and also the introduction to a truly gifted storyteller, I look forward to more reads from her!! Highly recommend this one, it's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through!! ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC - Select Susupense in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.
n7kk7br00ks More than 1 year ago
Kirby Swallow has lost her entire family, except for her estranged half-sister. When Frankie calls her in a panic stating that people are trying to kill her, Kirby lets her hide out in her home and she becomes her near identical sister to track down the bad guys. When she arrives on the ranch that her sister will one day inherit she finds things not quite as cut and dried as Frankie made out. Seth Maguire is the ranch manager with ambition, Ms Bea seems to have an almighty hate for Frankie and cousin Eenie seems to be teetering on the brink on ill-health. Could any of these people actually be willing to hurt Frankie? Were they responsible for the disappearance of Frankie's mother? Well written and exciting read. Will family feuds, mis-represented facts and an ill-timed attraction with the main suspect!!! Lots of twists and turns and I loved the heat between Kirby and Seth
FizzaYounis More than 1 year ago
I loved it! Characters are amazing and so well-written. I enjoyed the mystery, the romance, and unexpected ending. It is a delightful read, a must for all book lovers. When Kirby's half-sister arrives at her doorstep unexpectedly she thinks of it as good sign. But all is not well in the world of Frankie. Apparently someone has kidnapped her mother and is now after her. As both sisters look exactly alike, it is decided that Kirby will go to the ranch in stead of Frankie and investigate the disappearance of her mother. Kirby is a cop. She thinks she will be able to handle the kidnapper and find out exactly what is going on at the ranch, which Frankie is going to inherit one day. When she arrives at the ranch things are different from what Frankie has explained. Everyone seems to hate her. It looks like the whole town could be a suspect. Frankie hasn't been good. In all the craziness that follows Seth is an ally. Even though Frankie warned her about him it seems that she cannot resist him after all. Soon she find herself falling for the sexy ranch manager who is too intelligent to keep buying her charade for long. She wonders what is to come out of all this mess.... I enjoyed reading this book. It is one of the best mystery novels I have read this year.
repsgoddess More than 1 year ago
I received this book in exchange for an honest review. A wonderfully done romantic mystery, Stranger in my House by Mari Manning is Book 2 of the A Murder in Texas series. The author has put together great characters, a captivating storyline and a surprise twist ending that you won’t see coming. My only issue was some of the reactions of the characters; they didn’t always fall in line in a convincing way and at times even conflicted in how they should have reacted. That being said, if you are looking for a well-paced romantic suspense with plenty of twists and turns then you will enjoy this one.
Sissymae1 More than 1 year ago
I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. 3.5 Stars 'Stranger in my House' by Mari Manning is book two in the "A Murder in Texas" series. This is the story of Kirby Swallow and Seth Maguire Kirby is a Cop but not a local on in Texas where she is going undercover to try and help her sister Frankie. Frankie is one of the heirs to a great deal of money and a ranch. Frankie comes to Kirby asking for her help after someone tries to kill her. Kirby looks a lot like her half sister so she goes undercover pretending to be Frankie to try to solve what is going on. Kirby meets Seth there and even though she is attracted to him she is keep her eye on him for a possible person of interest. Seth knows that something is different with 'Frankie' after she returns from being missing for about two days. This book does a good job of keeping the mystery going along with the love story.
Linda__ More than 1 year ago
LOVED this book! Kirby, a police officer, assumes her sister's identity to figure out what happened to her mother. As soon as Kirby arrives, she is treated with disdain, has her car keys taken away, and has her activities closing monitored. This is a quickly moving tale that romantic suspense fans will love. I never saw the villain coming - it kept me guessing until the very end. Add in a very sexy ranch manager and this story is hot! This is a must read for fans of the genre. This author is on my must read authors' list.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
An excellent romantic suspense that had my attention from the very first page. Kirby is a great character and she's willing to do anything for her half sister. The only real family she has left. So going to her sister's ranch and posing as Frankie seems easy enough. While she may fool most of the people, ranch manager Seth Maguire knows something is most definitely different with Frankie. He's never had this intense attraction before and he means to get to the bottom of what's going on. While Kirby might find Seth intriguing she can't let herself get distracted. She needs to find out who is trying to hurt Frankie. There seems to be more secrets and strange goings on at the ranch than there are horses. This one is full of twists and turns as the story progresses. Definitely an exciting read and one I would highly recommend.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
This is a suspense filled murder mystery - with danger lurking everywhere! Kirby Swallow has been brought up by her Grandfather and is feeling somewhat alone after his recent demise. When her near identical half sister, Frances (better known as Frankie) comes calling, battered and bruised asking for her help, Kirby will put her own life on the line to help her. Kirby is a hard working, considerate and lonely cop whilst Frankie is a spoilt, selfish brat with very loose morals but now seems genuinely scared and very concerned after the disappearance of her mother and being attacked herself. Kirby can’t resist and agrees to wear green contact lenses to hide her brown eyes - the only physical difference between the sisters - and to go undercover as Frankie on the isolated ranch where she lives. Trying to act like Frankie, wearing her ridiculously high heels and striving to uncover the truth is going to be a real challenge for Kirby. What will make it harder is the attitude of others on the ranch to Frankie - no one seems to like or trust her. With so many potential suspects, her aunt still missing and more mysteries to resolve life is taking a definite change for Kirby - and the attractive ranch manager, Seth Maguire, could just be one challenge too many for her to ignore! With family feuds, everyone in the household apparently hating Frankie, the ranch going downhill fast after all the cattle and most of the horses have been sold, nothing is as Kirby had assumed. Get ready to meet some great characters - human and animal! There are so many secrets, motives and conflicts abounding that this is an exciting read with so many twists and turns it will keep you guessing till near the end! This is a great romantic mystery to escape into and I have no hesitation in highly recommending it to lovers of this genre. Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too, for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.