Stranger Things

Stranger Things

by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
5.0 2


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Stranger Things 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Like an old friend walking back into your life and talking about the good times and the bad. By far the best album I bought this year. Top ten favorite of all time. Good listen any time.
Guest More than 1 year ago
No, don't flip through the samples and make a snap decision based on fragments. Do it the old fashioned way... Just buy the CD! Now unwrap it and listen to it once, set it aside, then listen to it twice the next day and you'll be hooked! However you get this CD into your collection, don't pass up this great little summer of '06 surprise from Edie and the boys from Booker T. Play it on your summer vacation. Play it on your way back to college. Play it on your back porch while you're sweltering in the record heat. This CD is 100 percent real music from a genuine group who's been jamming together since they were teenagers. It drips with authenticity -- and it should -- because it's clear these talented musicians made this record solely because they want to make music. Considering the ups and downs and sideways turns the members of this band have taken over the past 20 years, this CD comes across as the outward expression of a collective mellow epiphany, a six-way harmonic convergence (a full seven years before Earth is due to become the Galactic Seed, too!) Then again, it comes across even stronger as a bunch of musician friends -- exceptionally good musician friends -- who called each other up and said, "Hey, let's jam." It's the original lineup -- free from the meddling hands of shortsighted record company pricks and impatient producers -- doing what they love to do in their own.. particular... idiom. Close your eyes and let the groove laid down by Brandon, Brad, and Bush on Mainline Cherry and others take you back to a breezy '80s summer night under the trees and stars behind Club Dada -- even if you'd never been there before. As a bonus, they've added keyboardist Carter Albrecht, who's about to become a lot more well known than he already is around town. He channels the late great Billy Preston on 45 speed (that's a record player reference) as he barrels through Long Lost Friend, and adds rich, full-bodied flavor throughout. I don't know how hard they plan to push this record into whatever the "music industry" has become. I gave up long ago trying to figure out what makes a hit record these days. It seems more than one potential "hit" lurks within the bits of this CD. But if you just go ahead and buy this record you probably won't care any more than the band itself about hits and charts and all that crap. As long as you like the music, that's what they're after here. It works for me! Check it out...