Strawberry Stables: Passions Reunited

Strawberry Stables: Passions Reunited

by Bobbi Kenady
Strawberry Stables: Passions Reunited

Strawberry Stables: Passions Reunited

by Bobbi Kenady


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The third book in the Strawberry Stables series reunites Jade Devareaux and Rory Carson after they had spent one steamy night together months earlier. Rory had fulfilled the fantasy Jade had wanted to experience before she settled into a mundane, respectable existence as a high school guidance counselor. When they are reunited, it is apparent that the passion between them is still very much alive. Rory is eager for a repeat performance of the unforgettable night they spent together; but Jade is trying to portray a respectable image that would be suitable for a guidance counselor and a torrid affair with Rory does not fit into that scenario. Jade finds it increasingly difficult to resist Rory charms; but as she continues to resist, Rory begins to realize that Jade has sparked an interest in him that goes way beyond her physical attributes. For the first time in his life, he is actually interested in a woman for more than the passion that she incites. As the story unfolds, Jade and Rory both begin to imagine a future together; even though neither of them believe that would ever be possible. Are they letting their imaginations run toward an impossibility or is it possible that they may actually have a chance at an exhilarating future together?
What on earth was she thinking? The idea of kissing him was almost irresistible. She should resist it though. She knew she should. The rational side of her brain was screaming to ignore him and step aside so he would leave. But her body was being drawn toward him by an invisible magnetic force. One step closer, two steps closer.
She stopped and looked up at him. This was a mistake.
He stepped forward, closing the distance between them. "One little kiss." He repeated. He leaned closer but remained an inch away from her lips.
Jade's breath hitched in her throat. Back up Jade, her rational brain kept telling her. But she didn't listen. She knew he was offering her an out. He would not close the distance between them; it was up to her. He had told her that she could trust him and she knew that she could. He would not kiss her unless she consented.
The temptation was more than she could withstand. One little kiss shouldn't hurt. After all there was no one around to see. Her image could not be tarnished in this empty house.
She leaned in to touch her lips to his. The fire that swept through her caused her sharp intake of breath. She could not stand on her own. She leaned into him, her arms slid around his neck, pulling him against her.
A groan escaped from somewhere deep inside Rory as his arms slid around her; curving her body against his masculine form.
Familiar sensations roamed through her body. This was the man that had rocked her world as it had never been rocked before. He had brought out and satisfied yearnings and desires that she had not experienced before. It was as though he knew her body so intimately that he knew exactly what to do to elicit the responses he desired. That notion was crazy; it had been the first night that they had met.
Now her body was shouting all that it remembered from its first encounter with the perfect male form of Rory Carson.
She should stop this tirade on her senses, if only she could.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781490457086
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/18/2013
Series: Strawberry Stables , #3
Pages: 142
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Bobbi Kenady
An early love of reading and writing led her to determine at the age of nine that she wanted to become an author. When she was nine she fell in love with the Trixie Beldon Mystery series and immediately began on her first mystery novel; that one has yet to be completed. As she grew older she became interested in romance novels and began writing down plots for different stories and actually finished one teen romance short story as a teenager. After she was married with two children and was involved in a different career, she still longed to become an author. During the time her children were growing up, she stayed up late to complete two romance novels. Those two novels, Cherished Moments and Unbridled Passion and their characters are still dear to her heart, although she believes her writing has improved since her beginning attempts at writing. After succeeding in her first career and raising two sons, she began concentrating on her love of writing again. To date she has written books under the Contemporary Romance and Inspirational/Christian Romance genres and is finally beginning her exploration into the Mystery/Suspense genre; with a little romance blended in, of course. When she isn't writing, she enjoys walking on the beach, hiking in the woods and spending time with her husband and grown sons. Currently she divides her time between Kentucky and Florida.
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