Stress Less, Sell More: 220 Ways to Prioritize Your Well-Being, Prevent Burnout, and Hit Your Sales Target

Stress Less, Sell More: 220 Ways to Prioritize Your Well-Being, Prevent Burnout, and Hit Your Sales Target

by Jeff Riseley
Stress Less, Sell More: 220 Ways to Prioritize Your Well-Being, Prevent Burnout, and Hit Your Sales Target

Stress Less, Sell More: 220 Ways to Prioritize Your Well-Being, Prevent Burnout, and Hit Your Sales Target

by Jeff Riseley


Available for Pre-Order. This item will be available on February 1, 2023


Improve your sales performance and avoid burnout with Mental Health, resilience, and stress-management strategies.

In Stress Less, Sell More: 220 Strategies to Prevent Sales Burnout and Maximize Mental Performance, celebrated sales leader and founder of the Sales Health Alliance, Jeff Riseley, delivers a practical and impactful handbook that makes it easy for sales teams to perform better and build mental health conversations consistently into their busy selling days.

In the book, you’ll explore ways to navigate the pressures and stressors faced by every sales professional. Its pages can be read day-by-day or all at once, and a companion website supplements the material found in the book with free articles, , and videos. You’ll also discover:

  • How to build an individual Mental Health and stress-management toolkit to improve mental resilience and sales performance.
  • Ways to overcome stressors in sales like lost deals, missed targets and buyers ghosting.
  • Helpful team-based changes that dramatically improve salesperson mental health—like quota relief during vacations

An essential guide to improving salesperson wellbeing and sales performance, Stress Less, Sell More will prove to be an invaluable resource for sales leaders, team leaders, salespeople, and sales teams looking for ways to make daily work life less stressful and more productive.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781394153398
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 02/01/2023
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

About the Author

JEFF RISELEY is the Founder of the Sales Health Alliance, a group of sales leaders and health experts building awareness around mental health in sales. Sales Health Alliance is the first company focused on helping sales professionals improve their performance through better mental health. It uses strategies from fields including positive psychology, neuroscience, and physiology to help sellers feel and perform better each day.

Table of Contents



• Quota Relief

• Compounding Health

• PIP 2.0

• Sales Sabbaticals

• Intrinsic Motivation

• Work Hard, Play Hard

• Kobe

• The Problem with Slack

• Slack Hygiene

• Eight Rules to Live By

• Take Your Breaks

• The Problem with Process

• VP Sales Enablement

• Interview Questions

• LeBron James

• Daily Vitamins

• Advice from a Friend

• Remove Your Blockers

• Hiring Process Burnout

• Sharing Bad Habits


• Listen to Your Body

• Stop the Hamster Wheels

• Being Present

• Sales Role Models

• Recognition vs Praise

• Treat Them like Family

• Who Will Be More Motivated?

• Two Tennis Balls and a Sock

• When You’re Not 100%

• How to End Stigmas

• The Date Jar

• Who’s More Responsible?

• David vs Goliath

• Rejection Handle

• Dangerous Expectations

• You Need a Hobby

• Do Wellness Initiatives Work?

• Save Past Experiences

• Responding to Good News

• Changing Jobs


• “Grinding” in Sales

• Fight Together, Not Alone

• Motivation Bucket Checklist

• Meaningful Work in Sales

• Connecting through Failure

• The Problem with Rewards

• Pattern Interrupts

• Steve Kerr

• Am I Experiencing Burnout?

• What Are We Doing?

• Vulnerability Paradox

• Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

• Not Programmed to Exercise

• Sales Is a Marathon

• Stoicism and Resilience

• Burnout and Control

• “Squeezing” Salespeople

• Formula 1

• My Team “Looks” Healthy

• Mindful Eating


• Messy Humans

• Exercise for $25,000?

• Drinking Culture in Sales

• Prioritize Mental Health

• Collaboration in Sales

• Sales Training Confusion

• Lark or Owl?

• Have or Have Not

• Getting Mental Health Wrong

• Languishing

• Emotional Experiences

• Napping in Sales

• 20 Extra Days

• Don’t Be a Homer

• Take a Mental Health Day

• Control What You Can Control

• Get Involved

• Protect Your Players

• Your To-Do List

• Proactive Sales Onboarding


• Say NO More

• Recovery Metrics

• Personal Growth

• Unlimited PTO Is Not Enough

• Climb Down into the Hole

• Mental Health Cost Calculator

• Uncle Ben

• Stop and Check

• The Wim Hof Method

• The Power of “Yet”

• Visualizing Sleep

• Where Is the Off Ramp?

• Toxic Sales Dashboards

• Sharing Openly

• Why Are You Angry?

• Components of Hope

• Not Feeling Motivated? Read This

• Impact of Job Security

• Being Supportive

• Choosing the Right Type of Meditation


• Craft, Mind, and Body

• Who Do You Want To Be?

• The NFL and Sales

• It’s Showtime!

• The Power of Appreciation

• Grab an Umbrella

• Corporate Greed

• Learning a New Skill

• Be like Mike

• What Are You Feeling?


• Back from Vacation

• Your Signature Move

• Empowering Sales Teams

• Top-Down, Bottom-Up

• Eustress vs Distress

• Benefits of Meditation

• Emotional Literacy

• Compound Resilience

• Block the Sales Dashboard

• Upper Limit Happiness

• The Right Action

• Hearing vs Listening

• Distanced from Work

• Competing Perspectives in Sales

• Top Performers

• The Bus Stop

• Overtraining

• Afternoon Coffee

• Email Apnea

• Theory X or Theory Y


• Uncoupling from Fear

• Courageous Vulnerability

• Mindset Matters

• Praising Effort and Learning

• Perception and Targets

• Becoming a CEO

• ABCs of Anxiety

• Sales and Masks

• Five Dysfunctions of Mental Health

• Your Voice Matters

• Mindset and Algorithms

• The Anxiety Cure

• Action Thinking

• Interview Candidates

• Dark Horses

• Wellness Day Problems

• Social Impact

• Get in Touch

• Delivering Bad News

• Stop Making Excuses


• Stop Wasting Time

• Suicide Prevention

• Push-ups and Sales Burnout

• Sales Biases

• Types of Sales Stressors

• Swing Votes

• Fear of Loss

• Doing the Dishes

• Control Your Information

• Bad Outcomes of Success

• The Pre-Call Ritual

• Needs vs Wants

• Sales Needs Emotion

• Drinking on the Job

• Playing the Long Game

• No One Is Wearing Shoes!

• High Strain Activities

• Stop Aiming for Perfect

• Intermittent Fasting

• Input-Focused Mindset


• You Don’t Need Years of Experience

• Starting the Conversation

• No Brakes

• What Is Empathy Really?

• 30 Days of Sweat

• Ryan Reynolds


• Working for Workers Act

• Stop Comparing

• Your “Spidey-Sense”

• More Sleep = More Sales

• “I’m a Failure”

• Seasonal Changes

• Maybe They

• Trust Recession


• Be Kind to Each Other

• Did I Matter?

• Fix Yourself First

• Hope in Sales


• Buyer Mental Health

• Mastery Manipulation

• Super Mario

• Failure in Sales

• “Feeling Lucky”

• The Drivers

• Seeds of Growth

• Planning to Miss

• Story Editing

• Instant Gratification

• Don’t Speak Up

• Rehearsal Loop

• Small Actions Matter Most

• Buyer Ghosting

• Challenging Experiences

• The PIP

• Becoming a Chameleon

• The First Call

• Jeff Goldblum

• The Off-Season


• Your Inner Citadel

• Building Empathy

• Law of the Lever

• Bad Is Stronger than Good

• Keeping It Objective

• Finding the Present

• How Supported Do You Feel

• Naive Realism

• Stress-Enhancing Mindset

• Sleep Best Practices

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