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Structure and Dynamics of Membranous Interfaces / Edition 1

Structure and Dynamics of Membranous Interfaces / Edition 1

by Kaushik Nag


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Structure and Dynamics of Membranous Interfaces / Edition 1

Leading scientists review and explain the state of thescience

With chapters contributed by pioneers and leading scientists in thefield, this carefullyedited work provides state-of-the-sciencereviews focusing on the structural and dynamic aspects of diversemembranous systems. In addition to learning the significanceof thelatest discoveries in membranous systems, readers also learn themost advanced techniques used to study these complex systems.Moreover, the text brings together a tremendous array of bothpublished and unpublished data, offering an unprecedented referenceand resource to fuel further research.

Integrating findings from computer science, biophysics, surfacescience, physical chemistry, nanotechnology, biochemistry, chemicalengineering, materials science, and clinical physiology, this bookoffers a truly multidisciplinary perspective. Its fifteen chaptersare organized into three main sections:
* Membrane Structure, focusing on direct experimental studies todetermine the polymorphic structures of model and naturalmembranous systems
* Dynamics & Molecular Events at Membrane Interfaces, examininghow membrane structures are formed and evolve into othersuperstructures
* Complex Membranous Systems, exploring bacterial and neuralmembranes, lung surfactants, and other colloidal systems

Structure and Dynamics of Membranous Interfaces offers researchersand students studying biomembranes a unique snapshot of what isknown in the field, where additional research is needed, and wherethe field is heading. Furthermore, armed with a betterunderstanding of membranous systems, readers are well positioned tomake new advances in such areas as drug design, medicine, andenvironmental technologies.

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ISBN-13: 9780470116319
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 09/26/2008
Pages: 464
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About the Author

Kaushik Nag, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Physics at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. His research interests include biophysical and structural biochemistry of lipid-protein systems in lung surfactants and biomembranes. In addition, Dr. Nag is involved in using Langmuir films, giant liposome, Deuterium-NMR, fluorescence and atomic force microscopy, differential scanning calorimetry, Raman/IR imaging, and molecular dynamics simulations to study lung surfactant and biomembrane structure and dysfunction. He is the recipient of a prestigious five-year New Investigator Grant from the CIHR and major infrastructure funding from CFI and NSERC for Surface Nanobiology Laboratory.

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Table of Contents


Part I: Membrane Structure.

1. The Membrane Interface as a Structured Compartment and aSubstrate for Enzyme Action (Ole G. Mouritsen Luis A. Bagatolli,and Adam C. Simonsen).

2. Tof-SIMS Imaging of Lipid/Protein Model Systems (MichaelSeifert, Mohammed Saleem, Daniel Breitenstein, Hans-Joachim Galla,and Michaela C. Meyera).

3. Flexibility and Structure of Fluid Bilayer Interfaces(Michael Rappolt and Georg Pabst).

4. X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Lung Surfactant MembraneStructures (Marcus Larsson).

5. Neutron and X-Ray Scattering from Isotropic and AlignedMembranes (J. Katsaras, J. Pencer, M. -P. Nieh, T. Abraham, N.Kucerka, and Thad A. Harrown).

Part II: Dynamics and Molecular Events At MembraneInterfaces.

6. Interaction of Plasma Proteins with Phospholipids atInterfaces (Chia-Lin Yin, D. Dorcas, Anna Dudek, and Chien-HsiangChang).

7. Monitoring of Membrane-Associated Protein Binkding and ofEnzyme Activity in Monolayers at the Air-Water Interface byInfrared Spectroscopy (Sylvain Bussieres, Julie Boucher, PhilippeDesmeules, Michel Grandbois Bernard Desbat, and ChristianSalesse).

8. Chirality and Dipolar Interactions of Membrane MimeticAmphiphilic Molecules (Nilashis Nandi, K. Thirumoorthy, and DieterVollhardt).

9. Organic and Inorganic Osmolytes at Lipid Membrane Interfaces(Peter Westh and Gunther H. Peters).

10. Protein Lipid Interactions from a Molecular DynamicsSimulation Point of View (Christian Kandt, Edit Matyus, and D.Peter Tieleman).

Part II: Complex Membranous Systems.

11. Molecular Analysis of Bacterial Membranous Systems (SalimSioud, Nicolas Joly, Patrick Martin, and Joseph Banoub).

12. Thermodynamics of the Nervous Impulse (Thomas Heimburg andAndrew D. Jackson).

13. Relationships Between Surface Viscosity, Monolayer PhaseBehavior, and the Stability of Lung Surfactant Monolayers (JosephA. Zasadzinski, Coralie Alonso, Junqi Ding, Frank Bringezu, HeidiWarriner, Tim Alig, Siegfried Steltenkamp, and Alan J. Waring).

14. A Cursory Glance at the Phyiscochemical Properties ofOppositely Charged Surfactants in Solution and at the Air-WaterInterface (Amiya Kumar Panda and Kaushik Nag).

15. Phase Transitions, Cholesterol and Raft Structures in Filmsand Bilayers of a Natural Membranous System (Kaushik Nag, MauriciaFritzen-Garcia, Ravi Devraj, Ashley Hillier, and Doyle Rose).


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