Studies in Ada® Style

Studies in Ada® Style

Paperback(2nd ed. 1983)

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ISBN-13: 9780387908168
Publisher: Springer New York
Publication date: 02/07/1983
Edition description: 2nd ed. 1983
Pages: 111
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 11.02(h) x 0.01(d)

Table of Contents

to the Second Edition.- to the First Edition.- I The Impact of Abstraction Concerns on Modern Programming Languages.- 1. The Impact of Abstraction Concerns on Modern Programming Languages.- 1.1 Issues of Modern Software.- 1.2 Historical Review of Abstraction Techniques.- 1.2.1 Early Abstraction Techniques.- 1.2.2 Extensible Languages.- 1.2.3 Structured Programming.- 1.2.4 Program Verification.- 1.2.5 Abstract Data Types.- 1.2.6 Interactions Between Abstraction and Specification Techniques.- 1.3 Abstraction Facilities in Modern Programming Languages.- 1.3.1 The New Ideas.- 1.3.2 Language Support for Abstract Data Types.- 1.3.3 Generic Definitions.- 1.4 Practical Realizations.- 1.4.1 A Small Example Program.- 1.4.2 Pascal.- 1.4.3 Ada.- 1.5 Status and Potential.- 1.5.1 How New Ideas Affect Programming.- 1.5.2 Limitations of Current Abstraction Techniques.- 1.5.3 Further Reading.- II Programming In Ada: Examples.- 1. Introduction to Example Programs.- 2. An Implementation of Queues.- 2.1 Description.- 2.2 Implementation.- 2.3 Program Text.- 2.4 Discussion.- 2.4.1 Use of Limited Private Types.- 2.4.2 Initialization and Finalization.- 2.4.3 Passing Discriminants to Tasks.- 2.4.4 Remove as a Procedure.- 3. A Simple Graph Package Providing an Iterator.- 3.1 Description.- 3.2 Specifications.- 3.3 Program Text.- 3.4 Discussion.- 3.4.1 The Algorithm.- 3.4.2 Information Hiding.- 3.4.3 In/In Out Parameters.- 3.4.4 Using the Iterator.- 3.4.5 Iterators Versus Generic Procedures.- 3.4.6 Separate Compilation.- 4. A Console Driver for a PDP-11.- 4.1 Description.- 4.2 Implementation.- 4.3 Program Text.- 4.4 Discussion.- 4.4.1 Use of a Package to Surround the Task.- 4.4.2 Distinction Between Task Types and Tasks.- 4.4.3 Resetting and Terminating the Terminal Driver.- 4.4.4 Interfacing to Devices.- 5. Table Creation and Table Searching.- 5.1 Description.- 5.2 Implementation.- 5.3 Program Text.- 5.4 Discussion.- 5.4.1 Use of The Package.- 5.4.2 Use of the Search Function.- 5.4.3 Use of Packages.- 5.4.4 The Type of the Entries in the Table.- 5.4.5 Use of a Private Type for the Pointers to the Table.- 5.4.6 Nesting a Generic Package Within a Generic Package.- 5.4.7 String Comparisons.- 5.4.8 Use of Integers in Find.- 6. Solution of Laplace’s Equation with Several Ada Tasks.- 6.1 Description.- 6.2 Implementation.- 6.3 Program Text.- 6.3.1 A Protected Counter Task Type.- 6.3.2 Parallel.Relaxation Procedure.- 6.4 Discussion.- 6.4.1 Use of Shared Variables.- 6.4.2 Updates of Shared Variables From Registers.- 6.4.3 Generics and Generic Instantiation.- 6.4.4 Scheduling of Ada Tasks Onto Processors.- References.

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