Successful Business Writing. How to Write Business Letters, Emails, Reports, Minutes and for Social Media. Improve Your English Writing and Grammar. I

Successful Business Writing. How to Write Business Letters, Emails, Reports, Minutes and for Social Media. Improve Your English Writing and Grammar. I

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Successful business writing.
How to write business letters, emails, reports, minutes and for social media.
Improve your English writing and grammar.
Improve your writing skills. A Skills Training Course.
Lots of exercises and free downloadable workbook.
Dramatic changes in technology in the workplace mean we write so much more than we used to. It is vital to be able to express ourselves in a professional manner. This book enables you to plan, prepare and express your thoughts in a clear and persuasive way.
This is the UK spelling version of this book. For the American spelling is ISBN 978-1-84937-074-5. The book is a course to help you practise the skills as you work through it. There is also a downloadable workbook available at .
You will be able to achieve improved results through thinking about the purpose of the communication, get what you want by identifying the background and needs of your reader. You will be able to create successful text for emails, letters, minutes, reports, brochures, websites, tenders and social media.
Ensure your organisation’s good image by knowing how to proofread successfully and gain techniques to prepare thoroughly. You will learn how to write effective communications that persuade people to help you and create excellent impressions with well formatted documents.
You will learn how to avoid common mistakes of business writing and there are plenty of exercises to help you improve. There are sample letters and emails and, of course, plenty of grammar and punctuation.
Heather is passionate about the English language and its evolution in business. She is a keen supporter of the Plain English Campaign and wants to bring business writing into the 21st century whilst maintaining excellent standards.

Praise for business writing success: ‘The course gave me a boost of confidence that shows I am capable of drafting letters.’
‘I learnt such a lot from the course, I take a bit longer over everything I write now, but it is amazing the difference if you change the ‘tone’ of the message.’
‘I feel a lot more confident using punctuation. I found the course interesting and everything is explained clearly.’
‘I learnt how to deliver bad news with a positive spin.’
‘It is all great and adaptable for my role.’
‘I particularly found the practising of email writing and feedback given was incredibly helpful.’
‘I thought this was focussed and incredibly useful. The methods, hints and tips which I learned will enable me to improve the quality of my work.’
I would certainly recommend it to others.’
‘Extremely informative.’
‘It is fantastic and has helped me improve my writing skills.’

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ISBN-13: 9781849370714
Publisher: Universe of Learning Ltd
Publication date: 03/13/2012
Series: Skills Training Course
Pages: 130
Sales rank: 267,015
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.28(d)

About the Author

About the author: Heather Baker
Heather had over twenty years’ experience as a secretary and PA before setting up Baker Thompson Associates Limited in 2000. The company specialises in the training and development of secretarial and administrative staff ( She now travels all over the UK working with large and small companies to enable their office staff and PAs to work more effectively and efficiently. She also delivers courses in the Middle and Far East. Heather is a Certified NLP Practitioner.
She worked for ICI Pharmaceuticals (now AstraZeneca) and Hewlett Packard; she spent 5 years in France working for the Commercial Director of Cognac Hine and then 10 years with Granada Media working up to personal assistant to the managing director, commuting regularly between their offices in Manchester and London.
Heather conceived the speedwriting system BakerWrite and wrote a best selling book based on this system (Speed Writing skills training course, ) which is also available as a video training course ( ). She is the author of Successful Minute Taking.

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