Super Simple Home Cleaning: The Best House Cleaning Tips for Green Cleaning the Home

Super Simple Home Cleaning: The Best House Cleaning Tips for Green Cleaning the Home

by Judith Turnbridge


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Would you like to get your cleaning done without putting the rest of your life on hold?

Would you like your house cleaning to have a professional makeover?

If you do, then Super Simple Home Cleaning will help you do just that, and more!

This easy to read how-to-guide by Amazon bestselling author Judith Turnbridge will not only help make your home clean, safe and harmonious for you and your family to live in, but to do so in a way which is easy on your pocket and friendly on the environment.

Here's how...

Whether you are doing your weekly chores or embarking on some serious deep cleaning, this book will show you how easily it can be done. You will be able to say goodbye to amassing a closet full of cleaning products in the vain hope that something is going to make it easier - when in fact it doesn't! Instead you'll be able to streamline down to just a few inexpensive but effective items - most of which can already be found in the kitchen pantry!

Also included in this great book is a 31-day cleaning plan which will help you to break your cleaning routine down into easy-to-perform manageable chunks. This will mean that you'll be able to spend your quality-time doing those things you really want to do.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Cleaning your fridge and freezer - including how to keep a stainless steel refrigerator clean and free of fingerprints
  • How to de-frost your freezer without flooding your home
  • Cleaning your microwave oven - including the lazy way to clean your microwave
  • Cleaning the stove - including how to manually clean a self-cleaning oven
  • Cleaning the sink - including how to de-scale taps and plugholes
  • How to clean countertops and kitchen cabinets - including really greasy cabinets
  • Cleaning the kitchen floor - including how to use a mop the proper way
  • How to clean your couch, armchair and cushions - including how to get your couch free of pet smells
  • How to clear a living room in just 12 minutes - great if you have visitors arriving soon
  • How to take care of your dining room table - including how to hide scratches
  • How to clean the toilet so it will look and smell brand new - even including the toilet's waste pipe
  • How to remove soap scum and kill mold
  • How to clean / de-scale a shower-head
  • How to clean a bathtub or sink drain
  • How to clean mirrors
  • How to clean the bedding - including how to clean ink from bedspreads
  • How to clean the mattress - including how to remove stains
  • How to clean windows, drapes and blinds
  • How to clean rugs and carpets
  • How to clean books, CDs and DVDs
  • How to clean lampshades
  • How to clean silver, gold, brass, copper and pewter
  • How to clean wood furniture - make your wood cabinets sparkle!
  • How to clean audio visual gear and computers
  • How to clean your walls without taking the paint off
  • How to reduce the amount of dust forming in your home
  • Sharing the chores - including when's the best age to start getting your kids involved and what kind of chores would be best

There's also much more in this no-fluff (pun not included) cleaning guide!

You owe it to yourself to read Super Simple Home Cleaning because no other book will help you make your home cleaner than ever before, easier to maintain and best of all, save you from breaking the bank in the process.

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Pages: 80
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