Supercomputing: 1st International Conference, Athens, Greece, June 8-12, 1987; Proceedings

Supercomputing: 1st International Conference, Athens, Greece, June 8-12, 1987; Proceedings


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ISBN-13: 9783540189916
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 04/04/1988
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #297
Edition description: 1988
Pages: 1098
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.17(h) x 0.24(d)

Table of Contents

A supercomputing performance evaluation plan.- A perspective on parallel processing.- Parallel multigrid methods: Implementation on SUPRENUM-like architectures and applications.- Using memory in the Cedar system.- Another combining scheme to reduce hot spot contention in large scale shared memory parallel computers.- Applications environment for the IBM Research Parallel Processor Prototype (RP3).- High speed interconnection using the clos network.- Multipath hierarchies in interconnection networks.- Performance analysis of multi-buffered packet-switching networks in multiprocessor systems.- Analysis of interprocedural side effects in a parallel programming environment.- Design and rationale for MUPPET a programming environment for message based multiprocessors.- An overview of the PTRAN analysis system for multiprocessing.- Tools for performance evaluation of parallel machines.- Strategies for cache and local memory management by global program transformation.- Advanced loop optimizations for parallel computers.- MIMD-parallelization for SUPRENUM.- Loop quantization or unwinding done right.- Vector optimization vs. vectorization.- The performance of software-managed multiprocessor caches on parallel numerical programs.- Realization of a knowledge-based parallelization tool in a programming environment.- Incremental performance contributions of hardware concurrency extraction techniques.- Access patterns: A usefull concept in vector programming.- Scheduling sequential loops on parallel processors.- Management of PDE-software for supercomputing.- Implementing codes on a SIMD/SPMD architecture application to a subset of eispack.- Supercomputing about physical objects.- The LINPACK Benchmark: An explanation.- Cluster-partitioning approaches to mapping parallel programs onto a hypercube.- A parallel graph partitioning algorithm for a message-passing multiprocessor.- The mapping of applications to multiple bus and Banyan interconnected multiprocessor systems: A case study.- Communication and control costs of domain decomposition on loosely coupled multiprocessors.- Half-dynamic scheduling with data-flow control.- A parallel block cyclic reduction algorithm for the fast solution of elliptic equations.- Parallel LU-factorization algorithms for dense matrices.- A group explicit solution scheme for non-linear parabolic PDES on MIMD parallel systems.- Gaussian elimination on message passing architecture.- Basic linear algebra computations on the Sperry ISP.- Future scientific programming on parallel machines.- Design and scheduling of mesh array of hardware unifiers for large-scale unification.- A systolic array structure for matrix multiplication in the residue number system.- VLSI arrays with reconfigurable buses.- A Wavefront Array Processor using dataflow processing elements.- Finite element methods on parallel and vector computers application in fluid dynamics.- LU factorization with maximum performances on FPS architectures 38/64 bit.- MSC/NASTRAN on amdahl vector processors: Adaptation and performance.- Parallel systolic LU factorization for simplex updates.- Solving elliptic problems by the domain decomposition method using preconditioning matrices derived by multilevel splittings of the finite element matrix.- Major research activities in parallel processing in Japan.- A high resolution parallel Legendre transform algorithm.- Parallelization of a reservoir simulator.- A computer graphics rendering algorithm for use on a SIMD machine.- Benchmark of the extended Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms on the NEC SX-2 supercomputer.- Least-squares iterative solution on a fixed-size VLSI architecture.- Parallel matrix factorizations on a shared memory MIMD computer.- Fast parallel algorithms for processing of joins.- Performance analysis for a join processor.- Parallel algorithms for parenthesis matching and generation of random balanced sequences of parentheses.- Superlinear speedup for parallel backtracking.- On the processing time of a parallel linear system solver.- A RISC-type structural design of the Hermes multiprocessor kernel.- Supercomputing in Europe—1987.- Domain decomposition in distributed and shared memory environments.- A technique for compiling execution graph expressions for restricted and-parallelism in logic programs.

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