Supervision Matters: 100 Bite-Sized Ideas to Transform You and Your Team

Supervision Matters: 100 Bite-Sized Ideas to Transform You and Your Team

by Rita Sever


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ISBN-13: 9781631521454
Publisher: She Writes Press
Publication date: 08/23/2016
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 848,442
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Rita Sever works with individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations to improve the culture and practice of supervision, thereby helping the organization to be more effective. Sever worked as an HR Director for more than 20 years before she started her consulting practice, Supervision Matters. She has an MA in organizational psychology and is a professional coach. She has taught at the University of San Francisco and Sonoma State University in California, and has published a monthly newsletter entitled Matters of Supervision for over ten years. Sever lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Portland, OR.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Supervision Matters 1

Chapter 1 How You Relate to People 6

It's About You 6

It's About Them Too 9

My Way or the Highway 11

Intentional Conversations 14

Sidebar: Sample Questions for Intentional Conversations 17

Relationships in Minutes 19

The Importance of Seeing 21

Assume the Best 23

Rita's Rules of Engagement 27

Inviting Staff to Push Back 29

Chapter 2 How You Talk 33

Good Morning 33

Praise and Thank-Yous 35

Curiosity: Wake It Up to Slow Down 38

Show Up and Tell the Truth 40

Do I Hear You Now? 42

Avoid These Communication Traps 45

What's in Your Pocket? 48

The Words You Use 50

Either/Or Talk Rarely Helps 53

Chapter 3 How You Act 58

Trust Is Essential 58

Be(a)ware of Your Power 61

Don't Just Do Something, Stand There 65

Slow Down to Get There Faster 68

What Are You Practicing? 72

Things I Know and Forget 74

Goldilocks and the Three Supervisors 75

The Dangerous Dozen and The Diligent Dozen 78

Stop Being So Nice 81

Beware of Shortcuts 85

Tiny Steps Can Change Our Brains 88

Chapter 4 How You Think About Others 92

What's Your View of the World? 92

Fact or Interpretation? 95

Wishful Thinking 99

Dualism Gets in the Way 102

Compared to Perfect 105

The Problem with Common Sense 108

What Do You Believe? 110

Chapter 5 How You Lead 112

Hiking Together 112

Build a Vision for Your Team 115

Laugh a Lot 117

GPS and Mentoring 119

The Power of the Pause 121

Triple Vision Required 124

Don't Just Advise. Offer Support 127

Moments of Wonder 130

Chapter 6 How You Communicate Expectations 133

Avoid the Judges' Table 133

The Transparent Supervisor 136

Give Them a Map 139

Unmet Expectations 141

Delegation Made Simple 145

Preventing Confusion 149

Who Does What? 152

Chapter 7 How You Give (and Get) Feedback 155

It's Simply Information 155

A Coaching Style of Supervision: Working Together for a Common Goal 158

Sidebar: A Sample Coaching Conversation 161

The Space Between 163

Accidents Happen 165

A Formula for Giving Feedback 168

Evaluation Time 171

"You've Got a Bad Attitude" 174

Sidebar: Confronting a Bad Attitude 177

Getting Feedback 180

Chapter 8 How You Act When Things Aren't Working 183

Look for the Gray 183

Make Discipline Real or Don't Go There 186

Fair Discipline in Four Steps 189

Sidebar: What Is a "Fair Period of Time"? 193

Tough Times Call for Tough Truths 194

Pause. Breathe. Decide. 196

Contain the Complaining 199

Don't Just Complain About Your Staff 203

Do You Avoid or Approach Conflict? 206

Sidebar: Approaching Conflict: Ten Steps 210

Chapter 9 How You Work with Your Team 213

Are You a Family or a Team? 213

Are You Playing the Same Game? 215

Undervalued Team Members: Introverts at Work 218

Making Room for Introverts 221

Working and Playing for the Team 224

Sidebar: Lessons from Baseball 227

Raucous Geese 229

Working Together 231

Chapter 10 How You Meet 234

Meeting Structure 234

State of the Team 237

Make Time for What You Value 239

Take Five Minutes to Play Together 242

Sidebar: Ten Game Ideas 245

Thoughts on Learning 252

Online Learning Is Not a Panacea 253

The Power of Routines 256

Sidebar: Self-Assessment Tool 259

Why Do I Have to Go to This Meeting? 259

Chapter 11 How You Think About You 263

An Essential Skill: Self-Reflection 263

Sidebar: Reflection on Power and Privilege in the Workplace 267

Reflect and Choose 268

What Do You Need to Throw Away? 270

Be Who You Are 273

Know Yourself and Share That Knowledge 276

Self-Awareness in Three Scenes 278

Sidebar: Six Ways to Get to Plain 282

Chapter 12 How You Are Part of the Organization 283

Sustainability Beyond You and Me 283

Reveal the Elephants 286

The Blame Game 289

Three Quick Lessons about Culture and Change 293

Do Not Pass Go 296

Sidebar: Remember the Danger Words 301

Consider the System 301

Keeping the Cockpit Safe: The Value of Policies and Procedures 306

Looking the Other Way 308

Paying Attention 313

Bullies in the Workplace 315

Creating a Bully-Free Workplace 319

How Did 100 Percent Become Too Little? 322

Afterword: Thank You 325

Appendix: How Big a Bite Do You Have Time For? 327

Acknowledgments 332

About the Author 335

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Supervision Matters: 100 Bite-Sized Ideas to Transform You and Your Team 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite Do you have a clear understanding as to why you are working at your current place of employment? Do you like your manager or supervisor? If you're a manager or supervisor, does your team like you? Supervision Matters: 100 Bite-Sized Ideas to Transform You and Your Team by Rita Sever provides some useful nuggets and the steps necessary on how to effectively supervise your team to reach your company's goals. Every day the work that you do moves the company closer to its stated mission and vision. Our interaction and communication language is what determines our level of success or the lack thereof. In this book, the Coaching Corner, Intentional Conversation Samples and Rita’s Rules of Engagement are designed to help you attend to the needs of the problem and not to focus on the cause of the emotions. I enjoyed the simple, practical ways that Rita Sever guided me as if she was my personal coach sitting right next to me. As I read through each chapter, I gained the knowledge necessary on supervisory tactics. With Rita Sever including the Coaching Corner in this book, it just put the icing on the cake because it makes you pause, reflect and see the person in the mirror. Through these exercises, you will see how you think, act, speak and respond when encountering a dialogue, requiring results, enforcing leadership or working within your organization. In today's workplace there is a lot to contend with, from direct and indirect discrimination of any type to three generations working together in an attempt to communicate. As an added bonus for those looking to greatly improve how they supervise, Rita’s Rules of Engagement implements the 'to be, hear, see, play and share' elements that create the needed and required transformation for a new you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a small business owner it is really important to keep our team strong. One weak link really disrupts the flow for everyone. This book gave me some great tips on communicating with my team in a pro-active way, and it also helped me set clear boundaries. Everything I read could actually be applied to all the relationships in my life not just work. Great read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rita Sever's "Supervision Matters" is a handbook of tips and advice on how office supervisors can improve and transform their staffs. A long-time supervisor herself, Sever compartmentalizes a hundred basic ideas for improving communications and staff performance, and she uses clear, concise language to demonstrate how to simplify procedures, streamline instructions, and provide opportunities for feedback from employees. She starts explaining many of her one hundred ideas with a real-life situation outside the office - a humorous exchange with her grandchild, a hike through the woods - and applies the lessons from these experiences to similar situations in the workplace. The analogies are effective and persuasive in helping the readers understand how Sever's ideas work. Sever follows each idea with bullet-point advice and a "Coaching Corner," in which she asks the readers how they handle supervisory matters and whether they could have better handled issues in the past - and how they can improve. "Supervision Matters" is full of invaluable advice, and it is a very comprehensive handbook for the workplace. Supervisors shouldn't simply read this book once; they should keep it at arm's length and continue to refer to it to continuously improve their own and their departments' performance.