Surviving Teacher Burnout: A Weekly Guide to Build Resilience, Deal with Emotional Exhaustion, and Stay Inspired in the Classroom

Surviving Teacher Burnout: A Weekly Guide to Build Resilience, Deal with Emotional Exhaustion, and Stay Inspired in the Classroom

by Amy L. Eva PhD
Surviving Teacher Burnout: A Weekly Guide to Build Resilience, Deal with Emotional Exhaustion, and Stay Inspired in the Classroom

Surviving Teacher Burnout: A Weekly Guide to Build Resilience, Deal with Emotional Exhaustion, and Stay Inspired in the Classroom

by Amy L. Eva PhD


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A teacher’s self-care guide for building resilience, boosting emotional strength, and finding hope in the face of daily stress and overwhelming challenges.

If you’re an educator who works with children, you often face intense pressure in the classroom. This was true before the pandemic, but now you may be feeling it even more. You aren’t alone. From having to adapt to remote learning on the spot, to balancing the impacts of the pandemic on your personal life, many teachers are experiencing record levels of stress, trauma, and burnout. In addition, as an entire generation of students struggle to meet the academic and social emotional learning (SEL) challenges caused by a extended remote learning, you may be dealing with kids who are anxious, traumatized, and likely a year or two behind developmentally as they return to the classroom. It’s a lot to manage, and you may feel like you are at your breaking point.

Written by an educational director at the Greater Good Science Center, Surviving Teacher Burnout is a 52-week self-care guide for teachers that features simple, low-lift strategies for increasing resilience and fostering greater well-being, confidence, and hope. Grounded in research-based positive psychology, the book offers tons of practical activities and journal-style prompts to help you cultivate feelings of gratitude, optimism, mindfulness, forgiveness, empathic joy, self-compassion, purpose, and curiosity—so you can return to your classroom each day with renewed energy and inspiration.

You’ll also find doable strategies to share with other educators to help infuse more positive energy in classrooms and schools, and create more supportive systems that promote a sense of meaning, belonging, and connectedness among teachers and students.

If you’re like many educators, you may feel you lack the time and energy to engage in self-care practices. This guide offers bite-sized insights and activities that are simple, approachable, and usable, so you can thrive in the classroom, in your community, and in life!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781684039791
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Publication date: 09/01/2022
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,085,438
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.49(d)

About the Author

Amy L. Eva, PhD, is associate education director for the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley. As an educational psychologist and teacher educator with decades of experience in classrooms, she writes and speaks about teacher well-being and resilience. She is one of the key developers of Greater Good in Education, which features science-based practices for creating kinder, happier schools. She has also helped to develop free online resources for educators across California while facilitating statewide social-emotional learning communities of practice for educators in collaboration with educational leaders from Sacramento and Orange Counties.

Table of Contents

Introduction Growing into Hope 1

Month 1 Understanding Your Emotions 5

Week 1 Identifying Your Emotions 6

Week 2 Being with Difficult Emotions 9

Week 3 Working with Anger 12

Week 4 Savoring Positive Emotions 15

Month 2 Being with Life-As It Is 19

Week 5 Checking In with Yourself 20

Week 6 Observing Your Emotions 23

Week 7 Noticing Your Thoughts 27

Week 8 Becoming More Mindful of Others 31

Month 3 Seeing the Good 35

Week 9 Cultivating Curiosity 36

Week 10 Connecting with the Natural World 39

Week 11 Appreciating Beauty 43

Week 12 Discovering Awe 46

Month 4 Embracing the Good 49

Week 13 Prioritizing Gratitude 50

Week 14 Learning to Forgive 53

Week 15 Sending Good Wishes to Others 56

Week 16 Choosing Optimism 59

Month 5 Developing Resilience 63

Week 17 Identifying Your Beliefs about Emotions 64

Week 18 Challenging Your Thoughts and Beliefs 68

Week 19 Being Kind to Yourself 71

Week 20 Creating a Resilience Plan 75

Month 6 Honoring Your Strengths 79

Week 21 Acknowledging Your Values 80

Week 22 Affirming Your Character Strengths 84

Week 23 Recognizing Your Meaningful Work 87

Week 24 Clarifying Your Purpose 91

Month 7 Celebrating Creativity 95

Week 25 Appreciating "Third Things" 96

Week 26 Being with Words 99

Week 27 Experiencing Art 102

Week 28 Finding Your Creative "Flow" 105

Month 8 Exploring Your Cultural Identity 109

Week 29 Examining Your Social Identities 110

Week 30 Unearthing Your Biases 113

Week 31 Bridging Differences 116

Week 32 Exercising Humility 119

Month 9 Reaching Out to Others 123

Week 33 Understanding Empathic Distress 124

Week 34 Responding with Compassion 127

Week 35 Practicing Kindness 130

Week 36 Taking Pleasure in Generosity 133

Month 10 Growing Your Relationships 137

Week 37 Communicating Mindfully 138

Week 38 Putting Yourself in Others' Shoes 141

Week 39 Feeling Empathic Joy 144

Week 40 Sustaining Connections 147

Month 11 Nurturing Supportive Spaces 151

Week 41 Acknowledging Trauma 152

Week 42 Creating Safe Spaces 155

Week 43 Fostering a Sense of Belonging 158

Week 44 Encouraging Healing- Centered Practices 161

Month 12 Caring for Your Community 165

Week 45 Building Trust with Colleagues 166

Week 46 Creating Stronger Relationships with Students 169

Week 47 Connecting with Families 172

Week 48 Engaging with Your Community 175

Conclusion Looking Ahead and Sustaining Hope 179

Week 49 Believing in Yourself 180

Week 50 Finding Inspiration 183

Week 51 Seeing Mistakes as Opportunities 186

Week 52 Moving Forward with Hope 189

Acknowledgments 193

References 195

Index 215

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