Sweep of the Blade

Sweep of the Blade

by Ilona Andrews

Paperback(Is ed.)

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Maud Demille is a daughter of Innkeepers—a special group who provide ‘lodging’ to other-planetary visitors—so she knows that a simple life isn't in the cards. But even Maud could never have anticipated what Fate would throw at her.

Once a wife to a powerful vampire knight, Maud and her young daughter, Helen, were exiled with him for his treachery to the desolate, savage planet of Karhari. Karhari killed her husband, and Maud—completely abandoned by his family—has spent over a year avenging his debts. Rescued by her sister Dina, she's sworn off all things vampire.

Except... In helping Dina save the world, she met Arland, the Marshal of House Krahr, one of the most powerful vampire houses. One thing led to another and he asked for her hand in marriage. She declined. Arland is not used to hearing the word ‘no;’ and try as she might, Maud can't just walk away from Arland. It doesn't help that being human is a lot harder for Maud than being a vampire.

To sort it all out, she accepts his invitation to visit his home planet. House Krahr is extremely influential and Maud knows that a woman—a human, with a very questionable past—who's turned down a proposal from its most beloved son won't get a warm reception. Maybe she’s not sure about marrying Arland, but House Krahr isn’t going to decide for her. Maud Demille has never run from a fight, and House Krahr will soon discover that there's a lot more to Maud than they’re expecting.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781641971072
Publisher: Nancy Yost Literary Agency, Inc
Publication date: 07/16/2019
Series: Innkeeper Chronicles Series , #4
Edition description: Is ed.
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 16,040
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

#1 New York Times Bestselling author Ilona Andrews is the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing team. Ilona is a native-born Russian and Gordon is a former communications sergeant in the U.S. Army. Contrary to popular belief, Gordon was never an intelligence officer with a license to kill, and Ilona was never the mysterious Russian spy who seduced him. They met in college, in English Composition 101, where Ilona got a better grade. (Gordon is still sore about that.)

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Sweep of the Blade 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 67 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As always this husband and wife writing team immediately suck you into the story and characters lives to such an extent that you never want their books to end. This can be read as a stand alone but all of the books in the Innkeeper Series are so excellent I urge you to start at the beginning. If you read this first you will want to read the rest anyway.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As always, a great read from a very talented duo. Would love to see the innkkeeper series at the movies. Maybe Peter Jackson as director, as he is very good at keeping an author's storyline intact. Looking forward to the next installment.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am, and have been, a huge fan of Ilona Andrews. Their stories draw you in and make you want to be a part of them. This latest installment of the Innkeeper series is a masterpiece of writing! You root for the good guys and can’t wait for the bad guys to get what’s coming to them. The whole time falling in love with the characters and the depth of world building that the authors create. I just hate having to wait for the next book in the series.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Excellent follow_up to the Innkeeper series. Maud comes into her own. Fighting to protect her child and to gain the respect she deserves. Her instincts serve her and the family she hopes will learn to value her for her knowledge and abilities.
Anonymous 9 months ago
I was hoping for more personal interactions between the H/h. Good story though. I hope we learn more about Klaus.
Anonymous 10 months ago
So far, this is my favorite book of the series. I want to read more of this series, a lot more!!!
Anonymous 10 months ago
This one starts a little slow, with a re-cap that is good IF you have read the previous books. BUT, once you get on-planet the story really takes off. IT was a great read and also filled in many gaps concerning the wonderful world of warrior vampires!
Anonymous 11 months ago
This book takes you on a new adventure from start to finish. There isn't a dull moment!
Anonymous 8 months ago
Great as an independent read or with the series. Enjoyed the undercurrents as well as the overt theme.
thereadingchick 30 days ago
Sweep of the Blade is the first novel in this series to not feature Innkeeper Dina Demille. Instead, we learn her sister Maud’s fascinating story of love, heartbreak and honor. Seeing through Maud’s eyes her love for her first husband and consequent betrayal by him I understood more the barrier she built to save herself, and her daughter Helen from caring for anyone that much again. When she helps her sister defend her Inn and meets Arland her will starts to bend until she agree’s to go with him to House Krahr to determine how well she and Helen would fit in. Maud is such an interesting character! She is a warrior, scholar, mother and woman who just kicks A&&! If you looked up fierce in the Ilona Andrews dictionary, you’d see a picture of Matilda “Maud” Demille. A human married into a vampire House, Maud had to show her worth by knowing every single fact about that vampire world. Those facts combined with her knowledge from an education growing up an Innkeeper’s child made her a silent threat. As she navigates House Krahr those skills become invaluable as she uses them to infiltrate behind possible enemy lines. Arland, Marshal of House Krahr, is as funny and unique as in previous books, but in this one we see a more serious side. He is back home where he has a job to do and outside influences take up a lot of his time. This doesn’t take away from his determination to win Maud as his wife and be a father to Helen. He does this by allowing Maud to shine on her own. I LOVED that! Helen as in the last book, steals the show. She is sassy, brilliant, and fierce like her mom. A veritable mini-Maud, albeit she is a human-vampire hybrid. I hope somewhere in our future Helen has her own series! The Innkeeper series is one of my favorites. I’ve listened and read each book numerous times and always find a new tidbit to keep me coming back. Sweep of the Blade only added to the allure, and the ending? Oh boy! I can’t wait to read what happens in the next novel!
Anonymous 4 months ago
the only problem with this story is that there is not enough of it
KahlanMercy 4 months ago
Innkeeper Chronicles Book Four. First Book with Maud as the lead character. Maud Demille has only one love in life - her daughter, Helen. When she meets the vampire Arland of House Krahr, Maud is determined to keep him as far from her as she can. She is done with the vampires after their treatment of Helen after Maud's husband was exiled. However, Arland is persistent and proposes to her at Dina's inn after barely surviving his attempt to save them all. Maud agrees to accompany him back to his home world, where Helen will have a normal life, but she will not marry him. Proving that she is worth more than a pawn is the first step to Maud feeling truly safe in the vampire world. If you've been waiting for more Arland and were interested in Dina's sister, Maud, jump into this book immediately. Audio Review: Natalie Naudus voices Maud beautifully. Because of the change in lead character, it makes perfect sense to change narrators. Maud and Arland couldn't have had a better champion. AudiobookObsession
Anonymous 6 months ago
Ilona Andrews always delivers. Couldn't put it down! Can't wait for the next in The Inkeeper Series.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Great characters that you want to triumph. It's a good mix of sci-fi and paranormal romance. Definitely need to read the earlier books first, at the minimum the third book, to get the background.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Totally loved this book! Action, adventure, blood, guts and a love story. I've read every one of Andrews books and can't get enough.
Anonymous 8 months ago
read it on the blog, got hooked, and totally satisfied with the finished product!
Anonymous 9 months ago
5 star
Anonymous 9 months ago
Did not want it to end!!!
Anonymous 10 months ago
Page turner as always. A bit slow in the beginning but great as all there books.
PollyBennett 10 months ago
A great addition. It was fun learning more about the Vampire society.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Loved the series. Read all of them in a week.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Can't wait to read more!
Anonymous 11 months ago
Excellent a great story line. An interesting world that isn't too outlandish. I wish they were longer or out more frequently.
mrsOsusan 11 months ago
JUST AWESOME!!! I wasn't sure what to expect with Maud's story so of course I was blown away. I started reading around 12:30 a.m. after everyone was in bed and could not put the book down. My eyes finally made the decision for me to go to sleep around 5:30 a.m. (since I wasn't able to do that on my own). Then, when I woke up, I picked the book up, started reading again and finished the book. Cannot wait to see what happens next.