Sweet on You

Sweet on You

by Becky Wade


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Britt Bradford and Zander Ford have been the best of friends since they met thirteen years ago. Unbeknown to Britt, Zander has been in love with her for just as long.

Independent and adventurous Britt channels her talent into creating chocolates at her hometown shop. Zander is a bestselling author who's spent the past 18 months traveling the world. He's achieved a great deal but still lacks the only thing that ever truly mattered to him--Britt's heart.

When Zander's uncle dies of mysterious causes, he returns to Merryweather, Washington, to investigate, and Britt is immediately there to help. Although this throws them into close proximity, both understand that an attempt at romance could jeopardize their once-in-a-lifetime friendship. But while Britt is determined to resist any change in their relationship, Zander finds it increasingly difficult to keep his feelings hidden.

As they work together to uncover his uncle's tangled past, will the truth of what lies between them also, finally, come to light?

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ISBN-13: 9780764219382
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/30/2019
Series: Bradford Sisters Romance Series
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 70,006
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Becky Wade is the 2018 Christy Award Book of the Year winner for True to You. She is a native of California who attended Baylor University, met and married a Texan, and moved to Dallas. Her humorous, heart-pounding contemporary romance novels have won three Christy Awards, the Carol Award, the INSPY Award, and the Inspirational Reader's Choice Award for Romance. Becky lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and three children. To find out more about Becky and her books, visit www.beckywade.com.

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Five hundred and eleven days had passed since he'd seen her last.

Five hundred and eleven days that had been hollower and duller and at times brutally lonely for him because Britt Bradford hadn't been physically present in any of them.

Five hundred and eleven days constituted a streak that, within minutes, would finally come to an end. Because he, Zander Kingston Ford, had returned home.

He sank his hands into the pockets of his sweat shirt and walked beneath the cherry trees arching over the entrance to Merryweather Historical Village. On this morning in early April, pale pink blossoms covered the branches.

He catalogued the details of the village the way a landowner might, with proprietary intensity. He knew this village, this town, and this corner of Washington state very, very well. This place, more than anywhere else on earth, had become his home.

The landscaping around the base of the village's buildings looked fuller than it had before he'd gone, and a fresh load of gravel had been laid on the walking paths. Everything else was exactly as Zander remembered. The deep green of the lawn that all thirteen historical structures faced. The white trunks of the aspens between the buildings. The pale gray of the clouds rolling in from the Pacific. The wooden sign hanging outside Britt's chocolate shop that spelled Sweet Art in black letters.

None of the stores that occupied the buildings would open for another hour. However, he knew that Britt would have arrived in her kitchen at six this morning.

In his lifetime, Zander had acquired knowledge about many things: technology, writing, adventure sports, travel, history. But he was a true expert at only one subject. The subject of Britt.

As soon as he'd awakened this morning, anticipation and apprehension had gone to war inside of him. Anticipation, because he was shamefully desperate to see her again. Apprehension, because he'd left Merryweather for several reasons a year and a half ago. But the greatest of those reasons had been her.

He was halfway across the village on his way to Sweet Art when the shop's door swung open and two women walked out. One of them was Britt. He would have recognized the natural confidence of her posture even if he'd been twice as far away. She was neither tall nor short. Simultaneously slim and strong. Perfectly proportioned.

Zander's progress cut to a halt. His breath stilled in his throat.

Britt and the other woman paused on Sweet Art's porch to talk. Britt wore her white chef's coat with exercise pants. She'd collected her dark brown hair into a knot on the top of her head just like she almost always did when making chocolate.

The women parted, and Britt turned his direction, back toward her shop. Her attention swept past him, then stopped. Lifting a hand to shield her eyes, she zeroed in on him.

His heart froze for an instant, then restarted with hard, drumming beats.

With a whoop of sound, Britt pounded down Sweet Art's steps and sprinted in his direction. The village seemed to be sound asleep, but even if it had been packed with people, she'd have run to him exactly the same way. She wasn't shy.

Joy — deep, simple joy — pulled his mouth into a grin. He opened his arms and caught her with an oomph. Then he spun her around in the air twice. Carefully, he set her back on her feet, steadying her the way he always had emotionally. She hugged him tight, pressing the side of her face against his chest for several long moments.

She was in his arms. Britt was in his arms. Her silky hair whispered against the underside of his jaw. Her crisp perfume — the one she'd adopted during the two years she'd spent in France after graduating from culinary school — filled his senses with the smell of flowers, blackberry, orange, and sunshine. Greedy to catalogue every sensation, he worked to file them all away —

She broke contact and lifted her face to smile at him.

And just like that, standing in the middle of Merryweather Historical Village and looking into her face without continents separating them, the biggest part of his soul — the part that had been missing for a year and a half — locked back into place.

He loved her.

Instantly, the pleasure of that truth was cut in half by pain. Loving her was his greatest blessing. But it was also his greatest curse, because she didn't love him the way that he loved her. Zander was no stranger to loving people who didn't love him back. He ought to have adjusted to it by now, but where Britt was concerned, he never had. They were friends. Britt had always thought of him as her very good friend.

She set her palms on his shoulders. "You came back."

"I promised you I would."

She had the features of a warrior princess. Her eyebrows communicated determination. Her almond-shaped brown eyes revealed fierce creativity. Her chin broadcast independence. Her lips were full. Her nose straight and slender.

"You got taller," she accused.

"Nope. I'm still five eleven."

"Then I must have gotten shorter."

"You're exactly the same."

She appeared gratified by his statement. "You look tired."

"That's because I am. You look well rested."

"That's because I am. Your hair's longer than usual."

"I know. It's bugging me."

Britt tilted her head, peering at him closely. "I'd sort of forgotten about the pinpricks of light blue in your eyes."

"I'd sort of forgotten that you have a few tiny freckles on your cheekbones."

"You forgot about my freckles?"

"I admit that I did."

"I'm scandalized," she said. "Have you lost weight?"

"Maybe a couple of pounds."

"Did I gain weight?"

"Definitely not."

"That's what you'd say even if I had gained weight."

"Yes," he acknowledged. "Because I'm no dummy."

Her pale pink lips ticked upward at one edge. "You've been gone a really long time, Zander."

"I know."

"And you were very far away."

He gave a nod.

"I missed you."

"I missed you, too." The words felt stupidly small. Like calling Mount Rainier a hill. Until he'd left her behind, he'd had no idea he could be as desolate as he'd been without her.

She stepped back and set her hands on her hips. "It's ... sort of ... scrambling my brain to see you again."

"Yeah." After such a long time, it was surreal to be here. With her. The last eighteen months had changed him, but he selfishly hoped that they'd changed nothing about her. While he'd been gone, she'd been going about her small-town routine, the same small-town routine she'd been going about for years. Which is why he'd been able to convince himself that he wasn't missing anything in her life that he couldn't bear to miss.

"I was expecting you to sleep until noon today," she told him.

"I should have." He'd only been able to string together four hours of sleep after reaching the Inn at Bradfordwood, the bed-and-breakfast Britt's mom owned, in the middle of last night.

"What happened? Couldn't stay asleep?"

"Nope." Because I couldn't wait to see you. "Jet lag bites."

"How long did it end up taking you to get here from Tokyo?"

"The trip from Tokyo to Honolulu and from Honolulu to Vancouver took twenty-eight hours. Then I rented a car and drove the rest of the way."

"Brutal." Britt linked her arm through his, and they walked in the direction of Sweet Art. "I'm glad you're home, but I'm sorry that it's for such a sad reason."

"I am, too." Three days ago, his aunt Carolyn had called him in Japan to tell him that her husband, Frank, had died suddenly. The news had gut punched him. Uncle Frank had been like a father to him for well over a decade.

Even as Zander had hunted for available flights to Washington, the ruling thought in his head had been, This can't be right. Frank can't be dead. His subconscious was determined to pick a fight with reality.

The reality: Uncle Frank had been hardworking, reliable, humorous, and devoted to his wife, twin daughters, and two nephews.

Uncle Frank had also been found dead in the driver's seat of his truck this past Saturday, apparently killed by a heart attack.

"How's Carolyn doing?" Britt asked.

"As well as can be expected."

"And you?"



"Yes," he said. "How've you been?"


"You haven't gotten yourself into trouble lately?"

"Not lately."

"You've been behaving?" A note of disbelief marked his question.

"I didn't say I'd been behaving." She shot him a wry glance. "I simply said I hadn't gotten myself into trouble lately."

"Ah. Dating anyone?" Please, God, let the answer be no.

"Not at the moment."

They'd kept in regular contact with each other through texts and FaceTime calls, but he'd purposely avoided asking about her boyfriends, because he hadn't wanted to know.

"I was dating this guy named Anthony, but we broke up three months ago."

"You've been single for three whole months?" The average interval between Britt's boyfriends: 2.5 seconds.

"I know! I'm proud of myself."

"What happened with Anthony?"

"He was an interrupter. I could never finish my sentence."

He held Sweet Art's back door open so she could pass first, then entered the kitchen that occupied the rear of her shop's square footage. Here, the rich scents of chocolate and coffee hung in the air. Walls of white subway tile gave way to counters of stainless steel. Open shelves held ingredients as well as turquoise, gray, and white mixing bowls.

Britt waved him toward one of the stools that framed her large central island. "Sit."

"I can help —"

"You're jet-lagged and sleep-deprived. Sit."

Zander did so while she moved around the room, cleaning her work space and updating him on her family. Her older sister Nora was busy planning her wedding, which would take place in six weeks. Her oldest sister, Willow, had married last summer and was living with her husband in nearby Shore Pine. Her parents were finishing a two-year stint in Africa as missionaries.

Kitchen clean, Britt washed her hands, then grabbed a small plate off a shelf. "Hang on a sec." She vanished through the swinging door into her shop and returned carrying four chocolates on the plate. She stood at the kitchen's side counter for a moment, studying the white Easter-egg-shaped chocolates assembled there, no doubt debating whether to add one to his plate.

Even when still and quiet, Britt radiated energy. He could feel the life in her, the suppressed movement.

She added an Easter egg to the assortment and set the plate before him.

He studied the chocolates. "What do we have here?"

"You tell me."

He shouldered out of his sweat shirt like a boxer shrugging out of his robe before a fight.

Britt laughed. "It's so nice to feed someone who has a sophisticated palate for chocolate. Finally!"

"No one around here cultivated a sophisticated palate while I was away?"

"No. They're all still novices. You're the only one who's ever taken advantage of my excellent coaching."

He picked up a hand-dipped dark chocolate. He'd taken advantage of her coaching, but not only that. He'd also read numerous books on the subject of chocolate.

"I knew you'd choose that one first," she said smugly.

Dark chocolate with nuts had long been his favorite combination.

He let the chocolate soften in his mouth, then chewed slowly.

He'd thought he'd stored the taste of her chocolate successfully in his brain. Now that he was tasting it again, he realized that ... no. His memory hadn't done it justice.

Crossing her arms, she leaned her hip against the island and waited for him to make a guess.

For her dark chocolates, he knew that she used either seventy-two percent extra-bittersweet, sixty-four percent bittersweet, or fifty-five percent semisweet. For her lighter, sweeter chocolates she used thirty-eight percent milk chocolate or twenty-nine percent white chocolate. "Sixty-four percent bittersweet chocolate with macadamia nuts and Grand Marnier," he said.

"It's rum, not Grand Marnier."

"You're not going to give me credit?"

Britt shook her head. "I would have given you credit if you'd stopped after macadamia nuts. You were trying to show o_ when you said Grand Marnier. Pride was your downfall." Her eyes sparkled with amusement.

"I can do better."

"Prove it." She handed him a napkin and a glass of ice water. He sipped the water, as she'd taught him to do between chocolates, then ate a truffle. "Seventy-two percent extra-bittersweet chocolate dipped in white chocolate and rolled in pumpkin pie spice."


He lifted his eyebrows to gloat. "I nailed that one."

"You did," she agreed. "Even though you couldn't resist showing off again by noting the pumpkin pie spice."

"Yeah, but this time I was certain. I've been gone a long time, but I'm still a chocolate savant."

"You may still be a chocolate sous savant —"

"Not all of us can be master chocolatiers."

"— if you can nail at least two of the remaining three chocolates."

"I thrive under pressure."

"And I thrive at humbling those whose taste buds have deteriorated during their international travels."

"You're about to eat those words." He'd sought out chocolate in every country he'd visited. He'd sampled it, sent Britt pictures of it, and mailed the best of it back to Washington for her to try. If he screwed this up, it wouldn't be because he didn't know chocolate.

It would be because he was too distracted by Britt, who was wearing purple tennis shoes, who'd painted her short fingernails gray, whose name was stitched onto her chef's coat in cursive.

He ate a dome-shaped molded chocolate.

For years, he'd been praying that Britt would fall in love with him or that he'd fall out of love with her. God hadn't answered either prayer. So when he'd left on his trip, he'd hoped the passage of time might change his heart. However, Zander's love for her had proven stronger than his own willpower.

Than distance.

Than time.

He wanted to be far more to Britt than her friend. But if he told her that, she'd react with pity and probably misery on his behalf. The admission would crack the rare dynamic they shared, and then they'd be forced to pretend the crack didn't exist.

He wasn't willing to do or say anything that might put their friendship at risk. Because even though their friendship was torture for him at times, it was also the best thing in his life.

* * *

Britt couldn't get over her tugging, tingling sense of awe.

Zander was in her kitchen. Zander!

Her Zander.

To have him here felt both strange and familiar. Very familiar. Very strange.

"Thirty-eight percent milk chocolate with hazelnuts and cinnamon," he said.

"Right again."

She'd met him just days after they'd both started their freshman year at Merryweather High School. Back then, Zander had been as thin and defiant and mistrusting as a wounded animal.

His early life with his parents in a rough St. Louis neighborhood had never been a cakewalk. But things had begun to unravel beyond repair the year Zander was twelve, when his dad had gone to prison. Zander and his older brother, Daniel, had spent the next two years with their drug-addicted mom until the day their home and their "normal" had literally gone up in flames. It had taken Britt ages to pry the story of that day out of Zander.

Before the smoke had cleared, CPS had removed the boys from their mom's care. Their custody had gone to their mom's sister, Carolyn Pierce, and her husband, Frank. Zander had been carted to Washington, world-weary and withdrawn.

He'd made Britt work hard to earn his friendship, but almost nothing else she'd done had proven as worthwhile.

She watched him eat the puffed rice chocolate.

The fourteen-year-old boy she'd once known was long gone. He'd been replaced with this worldly, adult Zander, who was a roaring success and had nothing left to prove.

Earlier, when she'd been standing on Sweet Art's porch, a clang had gone through her when she'd recognized the lean lines of his body, his dark hair, his introspective loner aura.

To her relief, Zander looked very much the same. His pale skin struck a distinct contrast with his hair, which verged on black. His jaw, cheekbones, and nose were all sharply defined. Straight eyebrows. Thick eyelashes. Zander had a romantic, slightly heartbreaking, usually serious face. He could pass as either a nineteenth-century poet or one of those harshly handsome vampires from Twilight.


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Sweet on You 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 46 reviews.
Becky_B 27 days ago
Every spring I look forward to many exciting happenings. I love to see my tulips bloom, warmer weather for walks and the release of a wonderful new Becky Wade book. Though spring is touch and go in Ohio, Becky Wade came through for me again this year with a great new book, Sweet on You. Sweet on You is the third book in her Bradford Sisters Romance series and it is truly awesome! I am still sighing and feel like a better person because I had the opportunity to read it. Sweet on You is the story of Britt and Zander. Britt Bradford is the youngest Bradford sister who is categorized as a warrior princess and is a Chocolatier. ( though that sounds like an athlete for a college team it actually is someone who makes chocolate) Zander has been her best friend since high school and is the faithful silent type. They have hung out forever, but never dated each other. . Sweet on You is their story. Sweet on you has mystery, adventure and characters you can cheer for. Becky Wade has woven romance wonderfully into Sweet on You. The characters are interesting and they love God and mature during the story. Becky Wade has a small section at the beginning of every chapter with texts, high school notes, and diary entries that add depth to the story. And. . I just keep sighing. It is a fabulous book and if you are smart you will go and find a way to read it right now. Do not wait. Life is short. I was given a copy of this book by the publisher, and I was not required to write a review.
Phyllis_H 2 hours ago
A sweet indulgence! Britt felt guilty for being the only Bradford sister whose mom was still around. So she determined that she would not be a burden or a problem or allow herself to be vulnerable. Instead, she focused her attention on being the ideal sister and kept everything bottled up inside. As a result of an unstable childhood, Zander is a little quirky. Among other things, he - Can’t set a timer for an odd number of minutes - Closes any door, cupboard, or drawer that has been left open - Can’t stand to see someone load the dishwasher the wrong way - and has been known to reload those belonging to other people I don’t often think of heroes as favorites. Despite the fact they are fictional, I’m not in the market for a book boyfriend - my husband is enough. :-) Yet with Zander, it is difficult to not admire him. His deep love for Britt which has stood the test of time (thirteen years!) is heart-rendingly sweet. He is so patient with her, despite sometimes getting mad and yelling. at her One of the women in the book describes him to be like a Dickens orphan - brooding and beautiful. While the entire story is exceptionally wonderful, the way Zander responded when Britt finally broke and had a panic attack . . . Ooh! Sweet on You is an amazing, delightful story which touched my heart deeply. From Zander’s long-suffering love to Britt’s pain that she has bottled up. . . Add to these heart issues the mystery surrounding Zander’s uncle and the secrets and danger they uncover and you have the recipe for an incredible book! I loved all the fun metaphors sprinkled throughout and the sometimes quirky characters. It is the perfect blend of romance and adventure and humor and even has police action requiring a SWAT team! Be forewarned, though. Britt is a chocolatier. Be prepared to read lovely descriptions of chocolate making, chocolate flavors, and more delicious chocolate! I recommend having some on hand - preferably the decadent kind. Instead of listening to me ramble on about this delicious treat, hurry and get a copy so you can see what I’m raving about! (If you haven’t read the other books in the series, you might want to start with the prequel and read them all. Sweet on You can stand alone but it does build on the others. You won’t regret reading them all!) Read my review of Sweet on You by Becky Wade at AmongTheReads.net I was given a copy of this book. I was not required to give a favorable review nor was any money received for this review. All comments and opinions are my own.
Patricia Hinojosa 15 hours ago
OMG! Wow! It’s not easy to describe how much I loved The Bradford Sisters Series! Ever since I read “Then came you” I fell in love with Garner Bradford and Kathleen Burke’s story! I knew this was going to be one of my favorite series and I was eager to start reading the story of each of their daughters, all three having a different mother. How their story started felt so real and heartfelt, sometimes raw and tragic, others even humorous. I really fell in love with this family! I’ve read each and every one of the books in the series. I own them in paperback, I especially fell in love with the covers. This last one book was gifted to me by the Publisher and Author herself but I was in no way required to leave a positive review. But it not only deserves a positive review, but a truly exultant one, and this is really my honest opinion! This is my favorite contemporary series yet!!! When I read “True to You”, I thought it would be hard to top this story, but “Falling for You” was equally good too! And what can I say… I just fell in love with “Sweet on You” and think it was the best closing for these series. Maybe because I already knew Britt and Zander from the previous novels and they really grew on me… Britt befriended Zander when they were fourteen. Although they seemed very different, from social background, etc., it was sweet how they soon became the best of friends. Zander couldn’t help falling helplessly in love with Britt from the start, but since she didn’t seem to return his feelings outside of the friend zone, he didn’t want to risk the beautiful friendship they had by letting her know his feeling for her. Britt’s greatest passion is chocolate. She has her own shop as a chocolatier in Merryweather. She has dated on and off, but she never seem’s to find the right guy… Might it be because no one will ever equal his best friend qualities?: Zander is loyal to the bone, compassionate, kind and caring, fun, supportive, he always knows what she has inside! He’s also extremely handsome in his unique way. But friends is better than having a relationship that may ruin the most beautiful thing in her life (other than her family), his unconditional friendship, right? After Zander career as a writer becomes a huge success he decides he needs to separate himself from Britt, otherwise he’ll go crazy, and maybe his feelings will subdue if he’s oceans apart from her… But after a few years, when he comes back to his Uncle Frank’s funeral (the man who took him in and raised him) and sees Britt again, he realizes his feelings are even more solid now. Then life turns upside down when he finds out, along with his aunt, that Uncle Frank may not have been what he seemed and his sudden death becomes a mystery he has to solve, for his and his aunt’s peace of mind. As Britt offers her help and this makes them spend more time together, the attraction they both feel can no longer be denied. But Britt is unsure of taking a bigger step. And Zander is not sure he can contain his feelings any longer… I won’t spoil this story for you. I’ll just tell you it was awesome and I loved it. There is so much deepness of character and so much to learn behind the situations that unfold, their growing relationship, their trust of God in directing them in the right path… I love that these books always have an inspiring message and it helps you see how faith can light up your path in ways you never imagined. And that God always has your back and that his plans for us are alway
Ronya Ervin 3 days ago
Becky Wade has outdone herself with the final installment of the Bradford Sisters Romance series.  After reading and adoring the first two books (and the novellas) in this series, I could not wait to get my copy of Sweet On You and read Britt and Zander’s story.  I absolutely adored the previous books, and already loved Britt and Zander from those stories, so I knew this one would be amazing.  It was better than I could even have hoped for.  Sweet On You is a friends to more story and it’s the first time Becky Wade has used this premise.  I hope she uses it much, much more because she wrote this one masterfully!  Although, obviously, not all male/female friendships are destined for more, Britt and Zander’s definitely is – the only two who can’t see it are Britt and Zander.  Truly, Zander is an absolute dream.  How Britt can be so oblivious, I’ll never know.  Zander, on the other hand, just can’t see a relationship with Britt going from wish to reality.  I am so thankful that Becky Wade is not blind to their plight and sets her pen to helping them realize (and bring to fruition) their love for one another. Becky Wade’s characters are consistently well developed, real and relatable.  Britt and Zander are already beloved to those of us who’ve read the rest of this series and the feeling only grows as we read Sweet On You.  I love that we are treated to glimpses of them when they were younger through notes and journal entries that are shared at the end of each chapter.  The Bradford Sisters Romance series is set in the fictional town of Merryweather, Washington.  Merryweather is a place that you look forward to revisiting in each book and a place you really wish you could visit in person.  Both Britt and Zander grew up in this wonderful town.  Britt has realized her dream of being a chocolatier in her very own “Sweet Art” Chocolate shop and Zander has been traveling the world with the advance from his highly successful, best-selling novel.  Sweet On You begins with Zander having just returned to Merryweather and I so enjoyed his appreciation of this special place – as well as one special someone – in the opening scene. In this story, just like the others in this series, Becky Wade has added a thread of mystery.  The purpose for Zander’s return to Merryweather is that his uncle, who raised him has died.  Upon arrival he learns that the circumstances surrounding his uncle’s death are suspicious.  He vows to get to the bottom of this mystery, and this leads him and Britt on a journey to find answers.  Although not a “suspense” book…there were a few times that I was almost on the edge of my seat waiting to learn what happens next.  I’m very much enjoying the mystery aspect Becky Wade is adding into her stories. One of my favorite things about Becky Wade’s writing is that she shares the faith walk of her characters.  Just like in real life, we are all in different places in our relationship with God.  Her characters reflect that.  Britt is very independent and in Sweet On You she learns that it’s okay to need God and those He has put in her life.  Zander learns to truly trust God with what is most important to him.  I love seeing characters grow in their faith, because it causes me to grow in my faith too. Sweet On You is the perfect conclusion to the Bradford Sisters Romance series.  Becky Wade did a fantastic job of weaving everything together and leaving her readers feeling on top of the world, while at the same time, feeling a bit sad
HeidiMain 5 days ago
Sweet on You was even better than Falling for You, but only by a hair. Can't Becky Wade write more than one novel a year? Just kidding Becky, take all the time you need to produce these awesome reads! In Sweet on You, Zander has been in love with Britt since high school. Britt, on the other hand, considers Zander her very best friend. Except, when Zander returns from an 18 month trip and discovers his uncle may not have died from natural causes, Britt and Zander choose to work closely together to untie the mystery. That's when Zander realizes that taking an 18 month break didn't diminish his love for Britt, time only made their bond stronger. And Britt discovers, much to her dismay, that she may very well be in love with her best friend and that is not okay. She adores the relationship she and Zander have and does not want it to change. At all. But then he kisses her, which leads them on a road of trying to get back to "just friends," which isn't possible. I think the thing I loved the most about this romance was how they were best friends before page one. How Zander has been head over heels in love with Britt forever. And how Britt, much to her surprise, has also been in love with Zander but was afraid to face those feelings. That premise created a strong romantic conflict that ran the course of the entire novel.
OntoHerBookshelf 5 days ago
Reading the final book in a series is always a mixed bag of emotions for me. On the one side, I was so excited to FINALLY read Britt and Zander’s story, but the other part of me never wanted to leave Merryweather and the dear people I’ve come to love. Then there are the expectations that come with a final book. Will it live up to the expectation that has grown in my heart? Or will I ultimately be disappointed? Thank goodness that was not the case with Sweet on You! I loved this book, for so many reasons. Becky Wade writes such real books. Yes, they’re fiction, and yes, unfortunately, there isn’t a chocolate shop in my hometown with the most delicious chocolate on the planet. But the characters that populate them are real and sometimes messy, and so very relatable. Both Britt and Zander must learn the hard-won lesson of reliance. Both in relation to others and to God. Getting to that point often takes a breaking, and it’s one that’s not easy or simple for either one of them. I loved that there was some mystery to this story as well. The plot pulled me along just as much as the characters. The romance, per usual, was spot-on. It was so fun reading about friends falling for each other, which was a step outside the norm for Becky Wade. With the sweet elements of romance, family, and funny characters combined with a deep-reaching spiritual element, this novel is just what Becky Wade fans have come to love and expect from her. Though this novel closes the page on any more stories from Merryweather and the Bradford family, this series is one that I will certainly return to in the future. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.
Reading_Bee 6 days ago
Um. Wow. I first fell (hard) for Becky Wade’s books when I discovered True To You (John & Nora ) at a local bookstore. Her writing was fantastic, tugged at my heartstrings, and smashed its way to my TOP FAVE list! And now. This book. It gives me #allthesqueals!!!!! *Deep Breath* Now, I want to tell you why you should go out, buy this book, smell it, and keep it forever. Reason #1: The Characters Zander. And his selfless, powerful, soulful, heart-breaking love for Britt. But beside all that—he’s such a cool character! He writes, appreciates chocolate, does dishes (*important fact*), solves mysteries, and knows Britt better than anyone else in the world. Plus he’s got a tragic past that only Jesus can help him overcome. Britt. And her stubborn, fearless, creative personality. Her fierce love for her people. And even though her head takes a while to catch up with what her heart knows, once it blossoms, her love is a force to be reckoned with! Reason #2: The Chocolate Seriously. So much chocolate. I want to taste all of them, and Becky Wade’s amazing descriptions make all of Britt’s creations come alive on the page!! Reason #3: The Story The themes of forgiveness, trust, and faith. The power of love. They mystery. The angst. The bonds of family, and what family really means. What happens when the foundation you thought would always be there suddenly shatters, and you are forced to face the hard questions, and the possibility of a brand new future. And although John & Nora are still my favorite Bradford sister couple, Britt & Zander sure gave them a run for it!! So yeah. Read this book. Tell your friends they need to read this book! *You’re welcome* I received a copy of this book from the publisher for FREE, and a positive review was not required. Note: There are a few teensy parts that are a bit TMI, or for a more mature audience.
MI_Reader 6 days ago
The conclusion of the Bradford Sisters series was fantastic! I have been a huge fan of Britt and Zander since True to You and so enjoyed reading their story. Britt is a very interesting character, so different than her sisters from the first two books. Her struggle with control and "letting go and letting God" was so real. A favorite quote of mine is, "The God I've come to lean on understands me better than I understand myself. Ultimately, His timing was perfect." This is so true, but yet so hard to accept during times of struggle. Britt and Zander's story really struck home at times and even brought tears to my eyes. The signs of a true good book! And the mystery of Uncle Frank. Such a great secondary story line! And the chocolate, can't forget about all the chocolate! This book was given to me by the publisher for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own.
Melmanro 7 days ago
Becky Wade has another winner with the Bradford Sisters series finale Sweet on You. Britt Bradford and Zander Ford, both of whom appear in the previous two books, finally get their book. Sweet on You, however, is not your average “best friends fall in love “ story. Britt and Zander have been friends for years, but Britt is oblivious to the fact that Zander has loved her all this time. Becky Wade moves them from “just friends” to forever in the most perfect romantic tale ever! Becky Wade has done a masterful job telling this story. We learn some of Britt and Zander’s backstory through a series of notes and letters at the end of each chapter. Some of these contain the most tender expressions of their growing relationship that will ultimately end in love. The spiritual lessons contained in the story are thought provoking, but not preachy as is typical of books written by this author. We also are reunited with characters from the first two books in the series including the Bradford sisters’ grandma who provides humorous commentary! The word pictures painted in this book are delightful. Wade is an expert wordsmith! One of my favorites: “He looked at her as if she’d just announced that the koi in the pond were performing a play.” Occasionally there is a book that I want to read as quickly as possible to get to the end of the story, but at the same time I don’t want to read it at all because it will be over! This is such a book and I recommend it to anyone who loves love! I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
Anonymous 7 days ago
I love a good series... and this one was full of enjoyment. "Sweet on You" is the perfect end of the Bradford Sisters Series... unless (and I kind of hope!) a long-lost sister is discovered and Becky Wade wants to write about her ;). Highly recommend all books in this series!
caribougirl 8 days ago
I've thoroughly enjoyed the Bradford sisters series and this book offered a satisfying conclusion to their tale. Book 1 was about Nora, the middle sister. Book 2 was about Willow, the eldest. And this book was about Britt, the youngest. While each story can stand alone, I would strongly recommend reading them in order as the back-stories do build on each other. Britt has always been fiercely independent and had never given any depth to her dating relationships. She's never had to lean on anyone but herself and she likes it that way, thank you very much. As we've seen in the prior books, Britt's best friend Zander Ford has loved Britt since the day they met (pretty much) and at the end of the previous book had decided that he needed some distance from her flighty relationships, taking a world tour after his first novel becomes a success. At the beginning of this book, his tour is cut short by the death of his uncle. When things surrounding the death are not quite what they seem, Zander's aunt requests his help in uncovering her husband's secrets and Zander and Britt set out to solve the mystery. As time progresses, Britt finds herself crushing on her bestie and tries in vain to push those feelings away. All the while Zander fears what unrequited love on his part will do to their relationship as his emotions have only intensified with the physical distance. This book had a lot of great characteristics - fantastic writing, good characters, quirky banter, a sweet romance, a good mystery, an element of danger and an exceptional faith moment. Once the story was completed, the author included an epilogue to show the trajectories of all 3 sisters that brought about a satisfying conclusion to the series. In addition to the 3 novels in this series, I would recommend the prequel novella (Then Came You) and the novella that is part of The Christmas Heirloom collection about Britt's friend Maddie, for more of the story. All in all, this is a series I would strongly recommend to fans of contemporary romance or just good character-driven stories. Special thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an ecopy of this book. I was not required to write a review and the thoughts contained herein are my own.
More_Than_A_Review 8 days ago
Sweet on You in the much anticipated story by Becky Wade. We finally get Zander’s story. Some may consider it Britt’s story since she is the third sister in the series. Zander and Britt have been best friends since they were 14 and practically inseparable. Not surprising is that Zander has been in love with Britt since he was 14. In addition, to their love story finding it place, they start researching the death of Zander’s uncle who was also his adopted dad. It was a fascinating mystery of whom he had been and why he did some of the things he had done. An underlying theme of the book was thinking you have control. Britt didn’t ever want to feel or be vulnerable. She finally hits a brick wall and has to make the decision about who if anyone can she rely on. Britt is not intentionally mean but I could not help but cheer for Zander and be frustrated with Britt at times. I was thrilled that Nora and John also played a significant part in the book. They are one of my all-time favorite couples. They have their wedding in this book! If you have been reading the series then I definitely recommend that you read Sweet on You so you have closure for Zander and his love for Britt. If you have not read Nora’s story; YOU MUST. :) sexual content - Kissing, hugging violence - someone is shot (past), someone is kidnapped, someone is being followed I received this book from Netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug/alcohol use in books.
Nicnac63 8 days ago
Yay! Another Bradford sister story! I love following this family. Sweet on You is another Becky Wade hit! Oh, how I enjoyed this story. Ms. Wade has a wonderful storytelling gift. Her characters are lively, believable, and make such an impact. Her touches of faith and humor mingle well with a sweet romance, leaving me with a satisfied smile. Britt and Zander are such endearing characters—very different, yet ideally match up. Britt, the youngest of the Bradford sisters, runs a mouth-watering chocolate shop that had me craving a visit! I love when a hero sneaks into my heart and makes it beat a bit faster. Zander is patient and kind (swoon.) I adore him. ‘Friends to something more’ stories are some of my favorites. The underlying relationship Britt and Zander have had for so long is strong, and I rooted for them to experience an even deeper, more romantic connection. As with all of Becky Wade’s stories, I got even more than I’d hoped for. This story is mysterious, romantic, and spiritual, wrapping up a special family series. #sweetonyoutour First Line: Five hundred and eleven days had passed since he’d seen her last Source: I received an advanced copy from Prism Book Tours. I was not required to give a favorable review.
Amigagal 9 days ago
As others have said, Zander has loved Britt for years, but he's held back on a "declaration" because she is also his best friend and he doesn't want to lose that relationship. I think many, many people have a relationship like that. Best friends first and then....more. Isn't that the best kind though? To know almost everything about a person and still love them anyway before the "romantic" issue come to play? A solid foundation for a beautiful relationship that will stand the test of time. If nothing else, Zander is patient, waiting for Britt to realize that she will love him too if he just waits. That is very difficult as he watches her go through several boyfriends over many years but he's shy and doesn't feel it's the right time. Eventually, he has to take a worldwide trip to be away from her for awhile! Britt on the other hand, has always been the type of person (since she was very, very young) that has to do everything herself and not lean on anyone. I most enjoyed seeing her character develop. Self-sufficiency is good...to a point! But, when you don't let anyone into your life - all the way in - and let them share everything & let them help, a life isn't full. Britt has to learn this. It was a great book and I really enjoyed see how the other 2 sisters were doing since we last saw them in their books! A satisfying conclusion to the series - especially since there is a mystery involved in this one! Pick up a copy!
Alicia Lowery 9 days ago
What a beautiful book!! Such a sweet story of Zander and Britt!! Perfect ending to this fantastic series!!! Zander is so brooding and intense, so loyal and dedicated in his longtime love of Britt. He is such a man of words, he just melted Britt's tough Warrior Princess heart (and maybe mine too). I tried reading this one slowly so it wouldn’t end so quickly. But I just couldn’t! I’ve read everything Becky’s written and somehow she just keeps getting better! She writes the sweetest stories. SUCH romantic and quotable lines! But she never takes the scenes too far. Warning. You’ll likely crave chocolate while reading this book. Haha
cularien 11 days ago
One can never have enough Becky Wade books! Contemporary romance has another winner in Sweet on You, that’s for sure. I’m sad to see the series end, because the Washington-state setting is always fun and I’ve spent so much time getting to know the characters that I don’t want them to go! As with any book set in my home state, I definitely hyperanalyze Seattle references. Britt and Zander went downtown at a couple points during the book, visiting the library (yay!) before lunch at Place Pigalle. I may have spent more time than I’d care to admit mulling over how long it would take to walk between the two! You see, I didn’t initially think it would constitute the “short walk” noted in the book (Google Maps suggests 12 minutes/0.6 miles), but to be fair, I judge distances based on the length of a business-lunch break and likelihood of fast-ish service. I lunch on the clock! World-building continues as ever in the fictional town of Merryweather (does that remind anyone else of Sleeping Beauty?). Characters mentioned previously make appearances — read the series in order! I enjoyed seeing what each of the sisters are up to after their respective stories wrapped up earlier on. Britt and Zander are both endearing. I finally mentally cast Zander by about 2/3 of the way through — Cillian Murphy. I wonder what Wade would say to that, haha! Their love story will absolutely satisfy readers, whether the latter are new to Wade’s books or have been reading them long-term. I received a copy of the book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
Utemom5 12 days ago
Being best friends for thirteen years, Britt & Zander are perfect for each other. Everyone knows it. Everyone except, that is, Britt. This 3rd and final book in the Bradford Sisters series is as emotionally charged as the others. My heart ached for loyal and trusting Zander. We finally get a deeper look into the past of the man who has hovered on the fringes since Nora's story (book 1). He has cut his Grand Tour short to return for the funeral of a beloved Uncle, who has acted more like a father to him than his own. Now with questions being asked around the circumstances of his death - Zander's stay back in town is necessary. However, his relationship with Britt is closely surpassing the point in which he can no longer tolerate the friend zone she has so firmly placed him in. While I felt the beginning began a little slow, at times there was very little zing between Britt & Zander, and perhaps allows for the 'distance' that comes from being apart from someone for a significant amount of time. Gradually as the seriousness of the case surrounding Uncle Frank heats up, so does the chemistry & the tension. I was glad that Britt came to her realizations gradually and not one of those sudden 'epiphany' moments some characters have. The additional plot is clever, and a great embellishment to the story as a whole. The delicious descriptions of Britt's chocolate creations inside Sweet Art will have you salivating! I received a eARC from Netgalley. This is my honest review.
EElizabeth 12 days ago
Chocolate. The word that is most ladies’ favorite word. But chocolate is so generic. there is sweet, creamy milk, chocolate. Bitter, rich dark chocolate. Sometimes to get the richness of dark chocolate, one has to put up with the bitterness. I found Sweet on You by Becky Wade to be like dark chocolate. There was a lot of good, rich, even sweet story inside; however, there was also a bitter taste in parts that I didn’t like so much. First, let’s discuss the bitter parts and then get on to the good part. When I read Christian fiction, I read it assuming that the Christian characters will act like Christians. However, there were several instances where Britt who is supposed to be a Christian, does not act like one. She gets drinks alcohol and even gets drunk, and it is mentioned that she cursed when she cut her finger. But nothing is said about these actions being wrong. It’s just passed over as if there was no problem with her doing these things. This bothered me and made the book have a very bitter taste to me. Now, on to the good richness of the book. The number one item I enjoyed in this book…the chocolate! I had to eat several pieces of chocolate to get through the book because every time Britt makes chocolate I couldn’t continue until I had a piece of chocolate. This was definitely not a problem since I had a bag of Ghirardelli chocolates to consume. Another, more important aspect of the book that made it rich, was the lesson Britt learns about not depending on herself. How it’s okay and necessary to depend on God. It was not given in a preachy way, but in a way that just fit with the whole story. I also enjoyed the sweetness of the story that the romance between Zander and Britt added. The patience that Zander displays towards Britt was amazing. Overall, I enjoyed the book, but there was always that bitter flavor hanging over it, that I could have done without. I would recommend this to those who love chocolate and contemporary romances if they can overlook the problems that I mentioned before. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my ow
PrincessGlor 13 days ago
Becky has outdone herself with the finale to her Bradford Sisters Trilogy. Readers who have read Nora and Willow's stories previously have been EAGERLY awaiting Britt's story and I am happy to report it was all we readers could have asked for and more! Zander is a hero you can't help but adore. His devotion to Britt over the years is the stuff dreams are made of. (Insert dreamy sigh or swoon here!) Britt is tough as nails (Zander calls her a warrior princess-I loved that!) and refuses to ever be weak or vulnerable, even with the ones she loves most. Watching Zander break down those walls finally is a treat to read and I could not put this book down! Britt's career as a chocolatier was extremely fun and I loved that Zander was an author. The mystery surrounding Zander's Uncle Frank was interesting and very well done and kept me guessing at how it would all turn out. My favorite element of the story was the banter between Britt and Zander! It was hilarious. This book has it all: humor, mystery, romance, fantastic characters, a beautiful setting and chocolate! Truly what more could a reader ask for?? This is headed straight for my keeper shelf and my top 2019 reads, no question! I received this book from NetGalley and the Publisher and was not required to post a positive review. All thoughts are my own.
Domus Ardet 13 days ago
(5 stars) - thoroughly satisfying wrap up to the series I've been eagerly awaiting book 3 in the Bradford Sisters series for some time now. It's funny how even the characters in books 1 & 2 have been expressing impatience for Britt to recognize Zander's love for her, but this is not the usual superficial treatment of the best-friends-to-lovers trope. As much as I was eager for Britt & Zander to finally be together, I was very impressed with the author's careful psychological accuracy in depicting the characters' developing thought processes & reactions. The conflicts involved in changing the status of their relationship were real. I totally understood where they both were at mentally & emotionally all the way through the story. Britt has some serious maturing to do before she can be in a serious relationship, and we are helped to understand why it hasn't happened sooner. And why the time hasn't been right before now. The story is full of humor, mystery and excitement, and the author keeps it believable all the way to the end. Ironically, as fun as their first kiss is once it finally happens, it's their second kiss that curls your toes! Content Clean romance level: passionate kissing Religion: This is a Christian romance with a minor amount of talk regarding characters' relationships with God & prayer. It's done in a way that fits naturally & is not preachy.
TrishRobertson 14 days ago
This story exceeded my expectations.  I have been looking forward to reading Britt and Zander's story for soooo long, and once I finally settled in to read it, I found that I was blissfully swept into the story and turning pages as fast as I could read to find out what would happen next. On the other hand, I also wanted to slow down because I knew that this is the last book in the Bradford sisters series, and I didn't want it to end. I loved the character growth in this story, as well as the friendship that grew into something deeper. These characters grew on me as the story progressed and I found myself talking to them even though logically I knew they couldn't hear me. I just couldn't help myself! I appreciated how graciously Becky Wade tackled the tough subjects and through the lens of grace and love, brought them around full circle. If you haven't yet met the Bradford sisters, now is the time to pick up the stories and settle in for some delightful, page-turning stories.  (I receive complimentary books for review from publishers, publicists, and/or authors, including Netgalley. I am not required to write positive reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own.)
Anonymous 14 days ago
Sweet on You By Becky Wade Sweet on You is the third book to Becky Wades Bradford Sisters Romance series. This book can be read alone or with the series, however, will feel more complete read with the first two books. Britt Bradford is a free-spirited chocolatier in Merryweather, Washington. When her best friend Zander returns to town for his uncle’s funeral though her feelings get complicated. Zander Ford has been smitten with Britt since they met back in Jr. High. He has been traveling the world following a successful book launch to avoid his growing feelings for Britt. Their friendship is more important than anything but when he is called home because of his uncle’s death he is faced with Britt and the news that his uncle was not who he thought he was. There are books that pull you in and make you devour every word, sadly this was not one of them for me. I skimmed through most of this book only needing a sentence from each paragraph to put together the story. I am probably being over critical but it just wasn’t for me. Here is a quote that I enjoyed: “…He’d realized Britt’s second-hand faith wasn’t going to be enough to sustain him over the long haul.”
ReneeAnn 15 days ago
I love all of Becky Wade’s books & Sweet On You is no exception. This novel focuses on the enduring friendship of Zander, who has loved candy-maker Britt since elementary school, and Britt, who has been Zander’s champion, companion, and protector over the years. Their story is charming, sweetly romantic, inspirational, and real. The plot touches lightly on the wrongs and heartbreaks of this world—adults ruined by addictions, greed, and crime, and the neglected children who pay the price into adulthood. But the answers provided are simple and true: “The God I’ve come to lean on understands me better than I understand myself. Ultimately, His timing was perfect.” “I survived because I let God carry me through it . . . Here’s what I know for sure: You can rely on Him in the hard as well as in the easy. If He leads you into something hard, then He’ll provide the grace you need to bear up under it.” I enjoyed the interactions of all the characters in Zander & Britt’s world. Though flawed, they are also big-hearted, loyal, wise, and funny. I wish my visit with them could have been even longer! I can’t wait to add a copy to my classroom library, because my student readers value Becky Wade books as much as I do! Entertaining, uplifting & satisfying! Don’t miss this great read! Thanks so much to NetGalley & Bethany House for the opportunity to read this book. Quotes I like . . . “He had been unfaithful, and if God operated on human rules of fairness, then he would have no right to ask God anything. God would have every right to turn away and shut His ears to his pleas. But against all odds and all comprehension, God didn’t operate on human rules. He’d trampled fairness when He’d sanctioned the most unfair act of history—the crucifixion. Because of that, he had been made right with God. He was God’s son. A son full of mistakes. But a son, nonetheless.” “His unfaithfulness couldn’t negate God’s faithfulness. Faithfulness was inseparable from God’s character.” “Joy—deep, simple joy—pulled his mouth into a grin. He opened his arms and caught her with an oomph. Then he spun her around in the air twice. Carefully, he set her back on her feet, steadying her the way he always had emotionally. She hugged him tight, pressing the side of her face against his chest for several long moments.” “And just like that, standing in the middle of Merryweather Historical Village and looking into her face without continents separating them, the biggest part of his soul—the part that had been missing for a year and a half—locked back into place.” “Zander had a romantic, slightly heartbreaking, usually serious face. He could pass as either an nineteenth-century poet or one of those harshly handsome vampires from Twilight.” “When you prayed for something every day and heard nothing but silence for more than a decade, it ground down your hope like corn into cornmeal. Zander had begun to wonder if God could still be good while denying him the one thing he’d prayed for most. Could he depend on a God who refused to give him what he’d waited years for? The right answer was yes. God was still good. God was still dependable. However, disillusionment had driven a wedge into his relationship with God. What had once been simple was now complicated.”
MKWD52 18 days ago
Sweet on You is the third book in the Bradford Sister series. I have been wanting to read Brit's story since the first book. Each of the sisters have different talents. Brit's talent is candy making. Brit's best childhood friend is Zander. Zander has been in love with Brit since they were young teens. Everyone knows Zander is crazy in love with her even though he has not admitted it. Everyone sees it except Brit. I loved Zander from the get go. He was so protective of her. He's been gone for a few months promoting his book overseas but really he just wanted to get away from the pain of seeing the girl he loved date other people. He only returns to the states because of the death of his uncle. I loved this stories of best friends falling in love and this one fits the bill. Another reason I liked this story was the mystery surrounding his uncle. His uncle has a hidden past that even his wife was not aware of. I loved the conclusion of this story and the series. It was also good to catch up on the other sisters and their significant others. Sweet on You is due to be released on April 30, 2019. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
Jaquelyn 19 days ago
Since you are visiting the reviews section for this book I am going to have to guess it’s because: a. You have never read a book written by Becky Wade, or b. You haven’t read any of the other books in the Bradford Sisters series. If you have read anything about Britt or Zander, you had to be dying to get your hands on this book like I was. There is just something about Zander that draws me in. Not only is his personality totally unique, but he’s also tall, dark, and handsome, with tattoos! Would it be weird to insert a drool face? I also love Britt and was eager to get to know her better. She makes chocolate masterpieces like no one else, and I totally wish I could try some of her creations. This story took me by surprise and had so many unexpected twists and turns. Sweet on You was long awaited, and worth every agonizing moment. Wade had me turning pages late into the night. Many dream of their significant other being their best friend, and I loved seeing a different side of it. Britt and Zander have always been inseparable, and Zander leaving on a trip of his dreams throws them both off. Will space and time apart show them what they have in each other? Zander is thrown for another loop when the uncle who helped raise him has a suspicious death. Working together to untangle the past should open their eyes to the love they can have shouldn’t it? Danger lurks around every corner, and there might be more than true love at stake. I loved every moment of this book. I can’t wait to see what Wade comes up with next. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Romance with a little mystery. This book totally works as a stand alone, but I recommend reading the whole series because they are all so good. Plus now you won’t have to wait in agony for the next book to be released like I did. I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers and was in no way forced to post a review. All opinions expressed are my own.