System Earth via Geodetic-Geophysical Space Techniques

System Earth via Geodetic-Geophysical Space Techniques


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ISBN-13: 9783642264245
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 10/13/2012
Series: Advanced Technologies in Earth Sciences
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 596
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.05(d)

Table of Contents

CHAMP and GRACE.- More Accurate and Faster Available CHAMP and GRACE Gravity Fields for the User Community.- The CHAMP/GRACE User Portal ISDC.- Improvements for the CHAMP and GRACE Observation Model.- The Release 04 CHAMP and GRACE EIGEN Gravity Field Models.- Orbit Predictions for CHAMP and GRACE.- Rapid Science Orbits for CHAMP and GRACE Radio Occultation Data Analysis.- Parallelization and High Performance Computation for Accelerated CHAMP and GRACE Data Analysis.- GRACE.- Improved GRACE Level-1 and Level-2 Products and Their Validation by Ocean Bottom Pressure.- The GRACE Gravity Sensor System.- Numerical Simulations of Short-Term Non-tidal Ocean Mass Anomalies.- Improved Non-tidal Atmospheric and Oceanic De-aliasing for GRACE and SLR Satellites.- Global Gravity Fields from Simulated Level-1 GRACE Data.- ITG-GRACE: Global Static and Temporal Gravity Field Models from GRACE Data.- Validation of GRACE Gravity Fields by In-Situ Data of Ocean Bottom Pressure.- Antarctic Circumpolar Current Transport Variability in GRACE Gravity Solutions and Numerical Ocean Model Simulations.- GOCE.- Gravity and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer GOCE.- GOCE Data Analysis: From Calibrated Measurements to the Global Earth Gravity Field.- GOCE and Its Use for a High-Resolution Global Gravity Combination Model.- Spectral Approaches to Solving the Polar Gap Problem.- Regionally Refined Gravity Field Models from In-Situ Satellite Data.- Quality Evaluation of GOCE Gradients.- Validation of Satellite Gravity Field Models by Regional Terrestrial Data Sets.- Comparison of GRACE and Model-Based Estimates of Bottom Pressure Variations Against In Situ Bottom Pressure Measurements.- SEAVAR.- Sea Level Variations – Prospects from the Past to the Present (SEAVAR).- Radar Altimetry Derived Sea Level Anomalies – The Benefit of New Orbits and Harmonization.- Combining GEOSAT and TOPEX/Poseidon Data by Means of Data Assimilation.- Reanalysis of GPS Data at Tide Gauges and the Combination for the IGS TIGA Pilot Project.- Sea Level Rise in North Atlantic Derived from Gap Filled Tide Gauge Stations of the PSMSL Data Set.- Using ARGO, GRACE and Altimetry Data to Assess the Quasi Stationary North Atlantic Circulation.- A 15-Year Reconstruction of Sea Level Anomalies Using Radar Altimetry and GPS-Corrected Tide Gauge Data.- TIVAGAM.- Continental Water Storage Variations from GRACE Time-Variable Gravity Data.- Surface Mass VariabilitySurface mass variability from GRACE and Hydrological Models Hydrological model : Characteristic PeriodsPeriods characteristic and the Reconstruction of Significant SignalsReconstruction of significant signals .- Time-Space Multiscale AnalysisTime-Space Multiscale Analysis Multiscale analysis and Its Application to GRACE and Hydrology Data.- Mass Variation Signals in GRACE Products and in Crustal Deformations crustal deformation from GPS: A Comparison.- Monthly and Daily Variations of Continental Water Storage and Flows.- Calibration of a Global Hydrological Modelglobal hydrological model with GRACE Data.- NRT-RO.- Near-Real-Time Provision and Usage of Global Atmospheric Data from CHAMP and GRACE (NRT-RO): Motivation and Introduction.- Global Atmospheric Data from CHAMP and GRACE-A: Overview and Results.- Near-Real Time Satellite Orbit Determination for GPS Radio Occultation with CHAMP and GRACE.- The Operational Processing System for GPS Radio Occultation Data from CHAMP and GRACE.- Assimilation of CHAMP and GRACE-A Radio Occultation Data in the GME Global Meteorological Model of the German Weather Service.- MAGFIELD.- The Earth’s Magnetic Field at the CHAMP Satellite Epoch.- GGOS-D.- Integration of Space Geodetic Techniques as the Basis for a Global Geodetic-Geophysical Observing System (GGOS-D): An Overview.- GGOS-D Data Management – From Data to Knowledge.- GGOS-D Consistent, High-Accuracy Technique-Specific Solutions.- GGOS-D Global Terrestrial Reference Frame.- GGOS-D Consistent and Combined Time Series of Geodetic/Geophyical Parameters.- GGOS-D Integration with Low Earth Orbiters.

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