Taelo: The Early Years

Taelo: The Early Years

by Ron Mueller


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Taelo: The Early Years by Ron Mueller

These are stories I told to my children as they were growing. It is weaves the values of life in with the adventures of Taelo a young boy of long ago. His talents allow him to do things just beyond the normal. He has the kind of ability and aura we all wish we too could have. These are stories meant to be shared between Mom and Dad and the kids. It will bond everyone together.

The story of Taelo: The Early Years begins with his naming and takes the reader through Taelo's and Golden Hawk's early years until they are recognized as full members of the Clan.
They constantly contribute to the well-being of all around them. They are known throughout all the Elk sub clans as being good luck to have around.
Taelo's actions lead to the adoption of an older, different kind of people called the Others into the Elk Clan.
The Early Years ends with the successful hunt by a hunting team having both male and female hunters for the first time. The team's success overwhelms the clan and changes its culture.
The story of Taelo, talon of the eagle, the journey of a young, exceptionally talented child. The eagle, Taelo's totem always makes an appearance at the critical and important moments in Taelo's life.
Golden Hawk is Taelo's cousin, best friend and partner in their many adventures.

White Swan and Quiet Pheasant their mothers are sisters who gave birth to the two on the same day. Taelo's mother, White Swan politically guides both her husband Grey Fox Running and Taelo in their interactions within the Elk Clan. She also ensured Red Oak and Quiet Pheasant transferred with them from the Elk Horn Clan the main Elk Clan. She was determined her son would grow up with his cousin and best friend.

The two boys each have leadership totems. The two families still talk about the boys seventh birthday when a golden hawk caught and dropped a salmon into Golden Hawk's lap as an eagle cried and flew overhead.
All know when an eagle screams from the sky, something eventful is about to happen.

The next in the series is The Golden Feather. Taelo's team takes the next step in their development. They first travel south into the Andes of South America. They meet the peoples living in those areas. On their return they go into the far North Coastal area where the Elk clan originally had its home. Their actions once again change the culture of the Elk Clan.

Then In Journey of Discovery, Taelo and Golden Hawk travel from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean and see the wonders of nature and discover many new species of animals. The Mount allows them to travel faster and farther than they thought possible. Bears, Sharks, Wolves and alligators all take their turn in challenging Taelo's team

Finally In Dangerous Passage, Taelo and a new mix of members travel back across the ice bridge into Asia. They first battle very aggressive giant bears. Then they must overcome natural challenges. Finally they meet with the Blue Eyes, renegade warriors from the far west. In the battles that follow Taelo and his small team overcome the brute force of the much larger blue eyed enemy.

These books are meant for parents to read or at least discuss with their children. There are many opportunities to explain and reinforce the central concept of "treat others as you wish to be treated."
Additionally, the books are written to challenge and develop the young reader's vocabulary. Every five pages they should be asking about the meaning of a word.

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ISBN-13: 9781682230763
Publisher: Around the World Publishing LLC
Publication date: 01/30/2017
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

Ron grew up in what is now Flint River State Park in Southeast Iowa. The 170 year old house Ron lived in is built into a hillside. It faces a 125 foot high cliff towering over the little Flint River. The house and the land talked to him about; the passing of time, the struggle to conquer the land, the struggles people faced and the wonder of nature.
He climbed the cliffs, crawled into the caves, dove from the swimming rock, collected clams from the bottom of the pond, gigged and skinned frogs for their legs. He trapped muskrats for fur, hunted raccoon in the dead of night, and hunted rabbits in the dead of winter with only a stick. His young life was outdoors and nature tested him. He walked to a one room, stone school house uphill both ways. It was a great way to grow up.
His experiences inter-twined with snippets of fantasy lend themselves to the adventures Taelo leads the reader through.
Ron has told many similar stories as a means to impart life values and influence the thinking of his children and now grandchildren. He feels stories are a wonderful means for parents and their children to engage in meaningful discussions about behavior and fundamental values and principles.

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