Talk with Angels: How to Work with Angels of Light for Guidance, Comfort and Healing

Talk with Angels: How to Work with Angels of Light for Guidance, Comfort and Healing

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


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Talk with Angels introduces the seven archangels including Archangel Michael and the angels of protection, Archangel Raphael and the healing angels, Archangel Gabriel and the angels of peace, plus the archangels who bring forgiveness, wisdom, love, joy, and even success and powerful prayers for their help.

Angels listen day and night. Majestic beings of light and love, angels wait for you to ask for their help in matters great and small. When facing insurmountable problems on a world scale - the economy, the environment, or terrorism - there are angels on call. Or closer to home - need to comfort a child, help the healing of a loved one, or find the perfect job? Angels are there, 24/7!

With stories of angelic intercession, examples of how angels work with you, and profound spiritual insights, Talk with Angels shows that we should never underestimate what our guardian angels can do. From the magnificent archangels and fiery seraphim to our own guardian angels, they are tremendous beings of love awaiting our free will choice to get their help.

Isn't it best if we learn how to work with them every day?

In this book, Elizabeth Clare Prophet shares powerful spiritual techniques with you. Expand your heart and sense of peace with beautiful meditations, protection prayers to Archangel Michael, healing prayers to Archangel Raphael, I AM affirmations and mantras. Your world will change dramatically when you begin to access the power of the angels.

Take this book and forge life-changing personal relationships with these powerful beings of light.

Includes links to free downloadable audio files of angel prayers and meditations.

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ISBN-13: 9781609882433
Publisher: Summit University Press
Publication date: 08/07/2017
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 1,161,054
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 5.50(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, world-renowned author and pioneer in practical spirituality, experienced a deep connection with angels starting in her teenage years. For 40 years, she taught spiritual thinkers how to work with angels in their daily lives. Her goal was to help people walk and talk with the angels and come to know angels as their friends. Among her best-selling works are The Lost Years of Jesus, The Lost Teachings of Jesus, Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil, Kabbalah: Key to your Inner Power and Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity. Her books have been published in more than 30 languages.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Angels and You 1

Chapter 2 How Angels Protect You and Those You Love: Archangel Michael and Faith 27

Chapter 3 How Angels Help You Contact Your Higher Self: Archangel Jophiel and Christine 59

Chapter 4 How Angels Help You Experience More Love: Archangel Chamuel and Charity 81

Chapter 5 How Angels Help You Recapture the Spirit of Joy: Archangel Gabriel and Hope 109

Chapter 6 How Angels Help You Heal Yourself and Others: Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary 129

Chapter 7 How Angels Help You Create Personal and Planetary Change: Archangel Uriel and Aurora 155

Chapter 8 How Angels Help You Create Miracles in Your Life: Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst 179

Chapter 9 How to Meet Your Guardian Angel 203

Chapter 10 How to Work with Angels for Success: Holy Justinius and the Bands of Seraphim 221

Notes 245

List of Illustrations 248

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Talk with Angels: How to Work with Angels of Light for Guidance, Comfort and Healing 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a student at The School of Transformation and Healing in Houston, TX, this book is recommended reading but is also wonderful for anyone wanting to tap into their born abilities of speaking and working with Angels. Unlike other books from Elizabeth Clare Profit this one is an easier read with beautiful pictures. Two weeks ago I became quite ill. After three different types of antibiotics and still feeling horrible I began praying in earnest to Archangel Grabriel who answers our prayers for healing. Within two days my fever was gone and I was able to return to work. Coincidence? Maybe but I'm not about to dismiss it lightly.