by Devney Perry


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ISBN-13: 9781732388406
Publisher: Devney Perry
Publication date: 06/19/2018
Series: Lark Cove , #1
Pages: 374
Sales rank: 208,548
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.83(d)

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Tattered 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 55 reviews.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Great new series. Loved the Jameson Valley series, and now after reading Tattered, am looking forward to Timid and love this series just as much. Love that Logan got his HEA. He was the perfect thread tying the two series' together.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She did it again. I can never have enough of her books, love them all. I can’t wait to reread them again. I love how I always read books from this author I have all the feels. The most I love about reading is men in books become dads. It just melts my heart. Devney perry you are a amazing writer and I can’t wait for Willa’s story and pipers too!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it.
Anonymous 5 months ago
You will fall in love with the characters. Very hard to put down once you get started.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Absolutely loved it and already preordered the next two.
Anonymous 12 months ago
So glad I found a new great author.. this book was a really good read. I was super excited and ready to read book 2 then discovered it’s not out till September so I was a little bummed but am planning on buying another series by this author cause the story just sucks you in and makes it hard to put the book/ nook down.
ShaunaC1795 12 months ago
Come fall in love with Logan, Thea, and Charlie Another heartwrenching book from Devney Perry. With every new release, she tops the last book she wrote. Logan and Thea are no different. Logan has jumped to my #1 Devney Perry Book Boyfriend. There were no games, no pretenses; when Logan knew what he wanted, he went after it. Thea will break your heart. She wants love so bad and once you know her background, you will understand the path she has taken on. I can't wait for more books in this series. Once again, well done!
Lisa-Lou 12 months ago
Tattered by Devney Perry is the first book in her brand new Lark Cove series. Slightly connected to the Jamison Valley series, this book is an absolute emotional hard-hitter. Told in dual POV complete with a hard-won happy ending this was yet another phenomenal story from start to finish by one of my new favorite authors. Logan is someone we met previously in the Jamison Valley series. He was not a main character but his brief time there showed he wasn’t a jerk so bonus. This time around he is investing in a kids camp in Montana. What he doesn’t expect to find in what he deems the middle of nowhere is his often thought about one night stand from six years ago and a daughter he never knew he had. Thea did not expect much from her one night with Logan. It was amazing. It was mind blowing. But they didn’t exchange numbers or last names. It was just ghat one night. Until she discovered she was pregnant. With no way to find him and no way to keep bar tending at the same place they met, she followed the only “family” she had to Montana and don’t look back. Until Logan appeared one day, out of the blue. Secret baby. Lost love. Kismet. Fate. This story was powerful. Intriguing. It draws you in from the first page and does NOT let go until the end. And then the tease for the next book will have you on tenterhooks waiting for that to release. If you haven’t already, read everything by this author. She is amazing. Enjoy!
shobeteener More than 1 year ago
Thea never knew that hooking up with a complete stranger that came into the bar she was bartending at would completely change her life. The only thing she would do different would of gotten his full name. A 2nd chance meeting years later (or was it) has Logan and Thea connecting again. Only there's a daughter, Charlie, Logan never knew he had. There are many good things in this book. I loved that Thea let Charlie be her own tomboy self. I loved that Logan didn't try to push himself on Charlie, he allowed her to set the pace. I loved that Thea stood up for her profession of running a bar and that Logan backed her. In fact, I just loved Logan and his character so much. I loved Logan's Grandma and her tidbits of 'life's knowledge'. I loved the fact that through Thea and Logan's love of her that Logan's family seem to get more 'real'. As I was reading along my emotions really got involved. I was elated when Logan and Thea connected again, apprehensive of Thea meeting his family, wanted to do a fist bump when Logan stood up for Thea and Charlie and I was gutted when they were debating if a future together was even possible. Tattered is an amazing read that came into my life at the right time. I don't think I've ever gotten so into a book that life around me completely disappeared.
KatieLeckelt More than 1 year ago
Tattered has to be one of the most romantic stories I have ever read! From the start it melted my heart, I was hooked on the story and loved Thea and Logan! Six years ago they met at the bar Thea was working at, the chemistry between them was off the charts HOT! They spent one magical and memorable night together, walked away the next day without exchanging last names or phone numbers. Which they both have regretted, Logan because he couldn’t stop thinking about Thea and how special their connection is. Thea because that wonderful night left her with the best gift ever....their daughter Charlie (which by the way has to be the most adorable tomboy ever!) Fast forward 6 years later, when Thea and Logan cross paths and it brings one hell of a big shock and surprise to Logan....You’re a daddy! Y’all really need to read this book to see how it all turns out! I promise you won’t regret it. From the moment I read Devney’s first book (The Coppersmith Farmhouse) she had quickly became one of my all time favorite authors.
SusanReads1 More than 1 year ago
Tattered by author Devney Perry is the first book in the Lark Cove Series. It starts the series off with the most heartwarming, all consuming romance novel. This contemporary romance made my nerve endings sizzle and my heart gallop with happiness. The words and story kissed my soul. Thea met Logan one night six years ago. The night was unforgettable and gave her the greatest gift of all...Charlie. Thea is a strong and resilient single mom with a past filled with heart break and loneliness. She devotes herself to giving her daughter the life she never had as a child. Logan is successful and sexy. He thought a lot about Thea over the six years and when he sees her again he gets the surprise of his life. Tattered takes you on a journey of love, growth and learning how to parent and co parent. The love story is phenomenal and I can’t recommend this book enough. I truly love the stories that this author writes.
smurray013 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! I keep thinking that every book is my favorite. This book was wonderful I loved the relationship between Logan and Thea. This story starts off with a bang and does not disappoint. Buy the book I believe you will really enjoy it as well.
Storm992472 More than 1 year ago
Tattered is the first book in Devney Perry’s new Lark Cove Series. What an awesome book it is. Devney is such a great storyteller. Tattered delivers so many emotions, and gives one hope. This book will keep your attention until the wee hours of the night you can forget sleep. Once you start reading you won’t be able to put it down until you turn the last page. Tattered has a great plot, awesome characters based in a small town. Devney makes you feel like you are right there in the same small town alongside the characters in her book. I am looking forward to more books in this series. Absolutely loved this second chance book. I highly recommend you reading this book you will not be sorry.
VPV613 More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed this book. It was a beautiful and emotional love story. I look forward to more books in this series. I definitely recommend this book, this author and this series.
Alliebee82 More than 1 year ago
Devney ALWAYS writes the good stuff. Never once have I been disappointed by anything she puts out. Tattered isn’t any different. I couldn’t wait to hear Thea and Logan’s story- and definitely was a home run. Thea was dumped in a legit trash can when her mother gave birth to her. She doesn’t have any grand notions that someone will come in and sweep her off her feet- as a bartender in NYC, well- that’s all she’d ever be, and she was more than fine with that. Until one day, a man enters the bar and her life is turned upside down. Logan is a businessman, where money is no object, and while he has become deluded about some things over the years- one thing is constant, things go his way. But when he walks into a bar and sees Thea the rest, as they say, is history- sparks fly and BOOM surprise baby! Only Logan doesn’t know it, and by the time Thea does, the mystery man is gone from her life. Five years pass and Logan walks into Thea's bar, but this time it's in Montana, its only when he sees the mini version of himself (or more like his sister) and Logan decides almost immediately he wants to be a part of Thea and Charlie's life- and eventually move them all back to NYC. I loved the story from beginning to end, everything about it was breathtaking. The characters, the scenery, the plot- everything was timed well, and it was just amazing! Every time I read one of Devney’s books I am transported to the Midwest, and I love it! I want to go see Montana myself, just to get a little picture of the rolling landscapes. I also want to see Charlie’s fort, I have a feeling it is epic. If you are looking for a hot romance, with a little suspense thrown in, Tattered is the story for you. And not only Tattered, we are going to get a whole series based in Lark Cove- and I for one cannot wait to see what Devney comes up with next!
MellieCallahan More than 1 year ago
I have waited for Logan's story since The Clover Chapel and Tattered did not disappoint! This unique twist on the surprise baby and second chance romance tropes feel fresh and intriguing under Devney's hand. Thea is the type of strong heroine that there should be in more books (and in the world). Her love for her daughter and resilience in dealing with all of her baggage shines through on every page. Logan is thrown the curveball of his life and does so with the kind of swoon-worthy success that I have come to expect from a Devney hero. This story, and Charlie's personality, wrapped itself around my heart making me love, hurt for, and cheer on these characters. Devney creates an incredible sense of community and family, both blood and bond, in her tales of small-town Montana that make you want to be a part of it. Her incredible blend of heartfelt storytelling, heated encounters, incredibly fleshed out characters, and perfect pacing guide you a journey through Lark Cove that pulls at your heartstrings before giving you the happily ever after ending that Thea, Logan, and Charlie deserve. This is a one sitting kind of read and perfect to cure your reading hangover from the Jamison Valley Series. Now I can't wait for Timid. Bring on Willa and Jackson!
bbarneybooks28 More than 1 year ago
‘I like to take the tattered and lost and make it shine. Garbage doesn’t have to stay garbage. Things just need to find their right place.’ This is a lesson that Thea Landry learned the hard way, but it’s also one that allowed her to leave her lonely and insecure life in New York City and find courage, confidence, and peace as well as a group of people she considers family in Lark Cove, Montana, and now that she’s found her rightful place and the perfect small town to raise her daughter, Thea has no intention of looking back…that is until her one-night stand/father of her little girl shows up in her Lark Cove bar 6 years later, giving Logan Kendrick the chance to meet his daughter and providing Thea and Logan the opportunity to prove the undeniable attraction and connection that led them to exploring each other’s bodies for one glorious night could be something that lasts forever, despite the hurdles that stand in their way. One aspect of Devney Perry’s storytelling that I’ve come to appreciate is the way in which she utilizes every facet of the story to play a significant role in the hero and heroine’s lives. In Tattered, Logan and Thea are heavily influenced and shaped by the settings of the story as well as its secondary characters. Logan’s New York City lifestyle, his workaholic demeanor, and his Kendrick family name dictate the kind of life he lives as well as the kind of man he has become. He’s a take charge man - one who hates to lose and hates to feel out of control, which is exactly why the situation with Thea and his daughter, Charlie, is problematic for him. He’s a fixer and a solver, but those skills don’t help him to connect with his 5 year old child or the woman he’s never stopped thinking about since the night that categorically changed their lives six years ago. For Thea, Lark Cove and its inhabitants, especially Hazel and Jackson, have given her a place that truly feels like home. She found her own happiness in this little town in Montana, and she’s unwilling to give that feeling up, especially to head back to the place where she never fit in and never felt good enough, and that idea is only compounded by the fact that she didn’t fit into Logan’s New York City world and she never would. But while it seems like Thea and Logan’s contradictory lifestyles and their different geographical locations are insurmountable obstacles, these two characters have their priorities straight, meaning one way or another, they will do what’s best, first and foremost, for their daughter and hopefully for themselves as well. Devney Perry is my kind of romance writer; her storylines are character and content driven, meaning that everything that occurs is essential to move the plot forward; there’s no unnecessary drama and the steamy scenes illustrate the growing connection between the hero and the heroine, and all of these qualities is what makes Tattered an entertaining and heartfelt read. 4.5 Poison Apples
MireleDouradoPauly More than 1 year ago
"I like to take the tattered and lost and make it shine." I'm mesmerized. Speechless. Already missing this book and nostalgic. And I love when that happens. I'm lost, happy fullfilled for reading such a beautiful story, but I'm sad, really, because it ended. For those who have not read her other books before, there is this series "Jamison Valley", and in its second book, The Clover Chapel, we meet Logan. He was Emmeline's boyfriend there. And since that book, I wanted more about him! I even said about him in my review for that book! He could be a threat, be could be a pain, but he was actually a great person. He was just not the right one for Emmeline....because he was the right one for Thea! And boy, are they right for each other! They met years ago in what was supposed to be a one night stand, although they both felt things were more intense. They couldnt find each other after that night (even though both of them looked for the other). And then, six years later, fate broght them together...but they weren't two anymore. Charlie was the main point! It's a shock at first, of course. Logan had no idea about her. But he acts like a real man should do. And I loved him more and more for that. He wasn't a boy, not even a bad boy or a playboy. No. He was a man. He was mature. He was solid. He knew what he wanted, he tried to make things work. He adapted, he compromised, he kept his promises. He was more than just a book boyfriend. Because, you know, sometimes you see a character in a book or a movie, and you love him...there! In that book, in that movie, but if you had to actually live with that person, you wouldn't stand a week. But not Logan. Logan was so much more than a book boyfriend. He was a person you wanted to know in real life. Because despite his mistakes and crazy uptight family, he was real, emotional, protective, mature. He is the person you want by your side to hold your hand when you're scared, to support you when you want to explore, to be with you when you fight, to listen to your silence as much as he listens to your words. He was learning, and beggining, and struggling to be what he wanted to be for both Charlie and Thea, and gesture by gesture, love by love, he broke their walls and made himself at home! And Thea was just as incredible. She was strong and resilient, she was loving and fierce. She was protective, but she knew when to let it free. She was this incredible heroine that needs to be applaused at. She was a fighter, a mother, a lover, a friend, a sister, a worker, a fixer. And Charlie. Oh My, Charlie!! She is a free spirited kid! A force to be reckoned, wild and refreshing. She is pure, inocent and brings the best in us! She brings to the surface what is important, what really matters, what is real. And when they are together, they are family. Thea and Logan. Thea and Charlie. Logan and Charlie. The three of them together. They are what is meant to be. They are the real deal. Another (of the many things) that I loved about this book (and actually every book by Devney) is that the other characters are as important! And at the same time they are important and fundamental for the plot, they never steal the thunder from the main characters. It's the perfect balance. With all that said, I wish I had more from these characters, all of them. I wish I had more from Logan, Thea and Charlie. and not because the story wasn't enough. It's because, when you find something that incredible, you can't let it go!
dmarie2980 More than 1 year ago
Logan Kendrick & Thea Landry, I do believe are my most favorite D.P. couple EVER. No kidding. Thea has had to fight her way through this eff'd up world since birth. Never really believing she's meant to have or be anything special. So different from Logan, who is born and bred high society. So, when Logan walks into the hotel bar she's working at and sits down for a drink with that sexy smirk and gorgeous face, she's decided, just for one night, she'll let herself have something extraordinary. Neither one of them ever forgot the other. Logan because of the connection he couldn’t deny and for Thea too, but mostly because she parted with the best gift ever, Charlie (who is the most precious, tomboy ever written). But, since it was just one night and no last names or contact info was exchanged, they went on about their lives. Well, that is until he once again, walks into her bar nearly 6 years later. Crazy how fate works. I just LOVED this book so, so, so freaking much. I cried. A lot. As always, Devney’s writing is superb, I couldn’t put the book down. I felt such a connection to Thea, not entirely sure why but I did. She is a survivor, such an amazing character. Logan is just as incredible; I really enjoyed his journey to self-discovery. And hello do not skip out on the BONUS EPILOGUE! GAH ;) I can’t wait for more in this series; the other characters are just as astounding.
JenPagan338 More than 1 year ago
How am I suppose to write a review for this book that consumed me from the very beginning? Devney Perry has quickly become an automatic read for me. Her characters are always well round and captivating, this story is no different. We first meet Logan in The Clover Chapel. Fast forward 6 months after his break up with Emmaline, and Logan finds himself back in Montana working for his family's foundation. Fate steps in and he runs into a one night stand he had in New York 6 years ago, the woman he could never forget. Upon this fateful meeting Logan finds out he left something behind that night 6 years ago, his daughter Charlie. Thea and Charlie have got to be some of my favorite characters I've ever read about. Thea literally has overcome so much in her life. She yearns for affection and wanting to belong somewhere and to someone before leaving New York for the small community in Montana. Being a single mom among other things gives her purpose. I absolutely love her strength and resilience to build a life of her own for Charlie. Logan is the rich single lawyer from NYC, who knows nothing about being a dad, not having money, and how to fit into Thea and Charlie's lives. This book is so emotionally fascinating and inspiring. I read it in one sitting, staying until 230 am just to finish, who needs sleep right? I am absolutely obsessed with this new cast of characters and I can not wait for book 2!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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