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Teach Reading with Orton-Gillingham: 72 Classroom-Ready Lessons to Help Struggling Readers and Students with Dyslexia Learn to Love Reading

Teach Reading with Orton-Gillingham: 72 Classroom-Ready Lessons to Help Struggling Readers and Students with Dyslexia Learn to Love Reading

by Heather MacLeod-Vidal, Kristina Smith


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Give young readers the tools they need to improve reading fluency and master letter-sound relationships with this teacher-friendly book of multisensory lessons based on the proven Orton-Gillingham (OG) reading approach.

Bringing Orton-Gillingham and multisensory teaching into your classroom has never been easier. With this big book of easy-to-follow lesson plans, you can help your struggling students or those with dyslexia start reading today.

Teach Reading with Orton-Gillingham offers research-based suggestions and instructions to make reading multisensory and engaging. Whether it’s using sand or shaving cream, there are tons of fun, proven ideas and strategies to help your students better understand key concepts like letter-sound relationships.

With 9 unique units and 72 different lesson plans, each unit will include lessons, tips, pictures, reference charts, suggested teaching timelines, and more resources. Also included are strategies for customizing this approach, whether you’re working one-on-one, within small groups, or in a whole-class setting.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781646041015
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Publication date: 12/29/2020
Series: Books for Teachers
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 109,351
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 5 - 11 Years

About the Author

Heather grew up in a small town in Connecticut. Upon graduation, she moved to Tampa, Florida, to attend the University of Tampa. She then worked as a classroom teacher in 3rd and 5th grades. Heather began her company, Treetops Educational Interventions, in 2014 after attending her first Orton-Gillingham training. She began tutoring students after school using the Orton-Gillingham method and saw huge growth in children who were not making progress using traditional classroom methods. After that, Heather left the classroom to pursue working full-time with students who have learning differences. She expanded her business to include tutors with different specialties (including co-author Kristina Smith). Heather has attended countless trainings based on the Orton-Gillingham approach and other reading interventions. She is both ESE and reading endorsed. Heather and Kristina set out to create their own curriculum using the methods they had learned, implemented, and improved over the years. Since their launch on Teachers Pay Teachers in 2017, Heather and Kristina have listed and sold hundreds of products based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. They have also been honored as Milestone sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers. Heather currently works with students who have dyslexia and other learning differences at a Tampa Bay area school. She lives in St. Petersburg, FL with her husband, two children, and a variety of rescue animals.

Kristina Smith grew up in a small town outside of Annapolis, Maryland. Initially majoring in psychology at Irvine Valley College in Irvine, California, two years later she transferred to the University of South Florida, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology. Upon graduating, she began her teaching career with Hillsborough County Public Schools, where she taught students with various learning disabilities, ranging from grades prekindergarten to fifth. Continuing to pursue her love of helping children, she attended Florida State University where she graduated with her Master of Social Work degree. This degree allowed her to provide therapy to children with emotional and mental health disorders. After gaining two years of experience, she narrowed her focus back onto children with learning difficulties. Since 2014, she has trained in Orton-Gillingham, taught numerous students who struggle with reading, and has co-authored a curriculum for teachers who wish to help their struggling students with reading. Kristina is still an educator and resides in Panama City Beach, Florida with her husband. To learn more about Kristina and co-author Heather MacLeod-Vidal and their resources for struggling readers, please visit their website or search Treetops Educational Interventions on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

What Is Dyslexia? 2

Helping Students with Dyslexia 4

How to Use This Book 6

Unit 1 Consonants, Consonant Digraphs, and Short Vowels 19

Lesson 1 Consonants p & b 25

Lesson 2 Consonants t & d 28

Lesson 3 Consonants k & g 31

Lesson 4 Short i 34

Lesson 5 Consonants f & v 38

Lesson 6 Short e 41

Lesson 7 Consonants s & z 45

Lesson 8 Short a 48

Lesson 9 Consonants and Digraphs ch & j 52

Lesson 10 Consonants m & n 55

Lesson 11 Short o 58

Lesson 12 Consonants and Digraphs w, h, & wh 62

Lesson 13 Consonants l & r 65

Lesson 14 Short u 68

Spelling Rule c, k, & -ck 72

Lesson 15 Consonant x 74

Lesson 16 Consonant y 77

Lesson 17 Digraph qu 80

Lesson 18 Soft th & Hard th 83

Lesson 19 Consonant Digraph sh & zsh 86

Spelling Rule The Doubling Rule ff, ss, ll, zz 89

Spelling Rule Plural Spelling Rule -s, -es, -lves 91

Unit 2 Blends and Glued Sounds 95

Lesson 1 Initial 2-Letter Blends 100

Lesson 2 Initial 3-Letter Blends 104

Lesson 3 Final Blends 108

Spelling Rule -ct Ending 112

Spelling Rule -ch/-tch 113

Lesson 4 Glued Sounds -am & -an 115

Lesson 5 Glued Sounds -al & -all 118

Lesson 6 Glued Sound -ng 122

Lesson 7 Glued Sound -nk 125

Unit 3 Closed Syllables 130

Lesson 1 Compound Words 136

Lesson 2 Closed Syllables VCCV & VCCCV 139

Lesson 3 Closed Syllables VC/V 143

Lesson 4 Closed Syllable Exceptions 146

Spelling Rule 1•1•1 Rule 150

Unit 4 Silent E 153

Lesson 1 Magic e: aCe 157

Lesson 2 Magic e: iCe & oCe 160

Lesson 3 Magic e: eCe & uCe 164

Lesson 4 Multisyllabic Silent e 167

Spelling Rule -ive Exception 170

Spelling Rule e-Drop Rule 171

Unit 5 Vowel Teams 174

Lesson 1 Vowel Teams ea & ee 178

Lesson 2 Vowel Teams ai & ay 181

Lesson 3 Vowel Teams oa & oe 185

Lesson 4 Vowel Teams ue, ui, & ie 188

Unit 6 Open Syllables 192

Lesson 1 Open One-Syllable Words 197

Lesson 2 V/CV 200

Lesson 3 V/V Syllabication 204

Lesson 4 Schwa 207

Spelling Rule Plurals Ending in y 209

Spelling Rule Suffix -ed 210

Unit 7 R-Influenced Vowels 214

Lesson 1 R-Influenced Vowels er, ir, & ur 218

Lesson 2 R-Influenced Vowel ar 220

Lesson 3 R-Influenced Vowel or 223

Lesson 4 R-Influenced Vowel ear 225

Spelling Rule -rr Exception 228

Spelling Rule Soft c & g 229

Spelling Rule -ge versus -dge 230

Unit 8 Diphthongs and Advanced Vowel Patterns 234

Lesson 1 Diphthongs au & aw 238

Lesson 2 Diphthongs oi & oy 240

Lesson 3 Diphthongs ou & ow 243

Lesson 4 Diphthong oo 245

Lesson 5 Diphthong ea 248

Lesson 6 Diphthongs eu & ew 250

Lesson 7 Diphthongs igh, eigh, & ey 253

Spelling Rule ie & ei 255

Unit 9 Consonant -le and Alternate Spellings 259

Lesson 1 Consonant Plus -le 263

Lesson 2 Unaccented Syllables -ure, -sure, & -ture 266

Lesson 3 Sounds of -que /k/, hard ch /k/, soft ch/sh/, & ph 269

Lesson 4 Sounds of ti, si, & ci 271

Lesson 5 Silent Letter Pairs 275

Appendix 280

Assessment Teacher Tracking Sheet 281

Student Reading Sheet 283

Student Spelling Sheet 285

Guide Words List 286

Spelling Rules Chart 287

Sight Words List 290

About the Authors 292

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