Team Workout: A Trainer's Sourcebook of 50 Team-Building Games and Activities

Team Workout: A Trainer's Sourcebook of 50 Team-Building Games and Activities

by Glenn PARKER, Richard KROPP


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"Teams have evolved into an important structure in business today—and are now needed more than ever. An insightful collection of activities, Team Workout provides facilitators, trainers, leaders, and managers with a wide variety of tools to increase team effectiveness and upgrade skills and knowledge within today’s challenging organizational environment. The book focuses on such current team issues as virtual teams, trust-building, customer satisfaction, recognition, and respect. Trainers will learn the key ideas that underlie all of the activities in this manual, including: * Each team has a common purpose, mission, or goal * Members are interdependent; they need each other to achieve their purpose * Agreement that working together effectively will help to reach their goal. This collection will help team leaders, team-building specialists, trainers, and others interested in creating collaborative, harmonious and effective work teams."

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ISBN-13: 9780814400425
Publisher: AMACOM
Publication date: 04/29/2007
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 4.71(w) x 7.17(h) x 1.04(d)

About the Author

"Glenn Parker (Skillman, NJ) is an author and consultant. He works with organizations to create and sustain high-performing teams, effective team players, and team-based systems.

Richard Kropp (Scituate, MA) has more than 20 years of experience as an internal HRD consultant. He currently teaches at Suffolk University in Boston."

Table of Contents


Team Building and Team Training

How to Use the Activities, Assessments, Case Studies, and Other Experiential Learning Methods


1. Bringing Up the Boss

2. Building Trust among Team Players: Trust Is All We Have to Lose

3. Characteristics of an Effective Work Team: An Assessment Activity

4. Choice Role: A Role Clarification Activity

5. Communicating about Conflict: Learning Ways to Resolve a Conflict

6. Creating a Team Logo

7. Creating a Team Mission: A Team Development Activity

8. Customer Delight: A Data-Collection Tool

9. Drawings: Improving Collaboration among Teams

10. E-Handles: A Closer for a Mature Team

11. Forming New Teams: A Get Acquainted and Introductory Activity

12. Freeze Frame: Dealing with Problem Behavior in Teams

13. Got Culture? A Team Assessment Tool

14. Get Smart: Goal-Setting Skill Development

15. How Do You Like Your Recognition? A Self-Assessment

16. How’s Your Team’s Vision? A Team Development Activity

17. Improving Team Meetings

18. It’s a Puzzlement: A Get-Acquainted Ice-Breaker

19. Meeting Monsters: Dealing with Problem People on Teams

20. My Team and Me: Increasing Team Members’ Identification with the Team

21. Project Rescue

22. Really...But I Thought

23. Refreshing the Team: Taking Stock of Where We Have Been and What We Need to Do to Move Ahead

24. R E S P E C T: An Assessment Introduction

25. Rhyme Time: A Game That Teaches Team Concepts

26. Roadblocks: A Constraint Activity

27. Selecting a Problem Solution

28. Separate Tables: Resolving Intergroup Conflict

29. Single White Female: Using Personal Ads as Ice-Breakers

30. Skills for Sale: An Assessment Simulation

31. SOS: An OD Intervention

32. Team Building Interview Guide

33. Team Conflict Mode

34. Team Development: A Grid Perspective

35. Teams That Change: Building a Team Plan for Change

36. Tell-a-Story Teaming: An Exercise in Creativity and Productivity

37. The Car Chase: Learning How to Define a Problem

38. The Case of the Free-Falling Team: Developing High-Performing Team Players

39. The Collaborative: Creating the Conditions for the Collaborative Team

40. The Effective Team Member: A Consensus-Building Group-on-Group Activity

41. The Headband Game: An Experience in Team Diversity

42. The Product Development Team: A Simulation

43. The Quality Case: An Ethical Dilemma

44. The Way We Are, and Want to Be: A Visioning Activity for an Intact Team

45. TMS: A Process for Role Clarification

46. Tricky Tales: A Cross-Team-Building Approach

47. Tuff Jobs: A Consensus-Building Activity

48. Virtual Brainstorming: Problem-Solving for a Geographically Dispersed Team

49. Wisdom: An Inter-Group Team Game

50. Yea, Team! A Large-Group Ice-Breaker"

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