Ten-Step Drawing: Cats: Learn to draw more than 50 cats in ten easy steps!

Ten-Step Drawing: Cats: Learn to draw more than 50 cats in ten easy steps!

by Justine Lecouffe
Ten-Step Drawing: Cats: Learn to draw more than 50 cats in ten easy steps!

Ten-Step Drawing: Cats: Learn to draw more than 50 cats in ten easy steps!

by Justine Lecouffe


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Learn to draw your favorite cats and kittens, step by step, with Ten Step Drawing: Cats.

The blank page can be daunting, but the fun and approachable books in the Ten-Step Drawing series offer a quick and easy starting point for any doodler, illustrator, or aspiring artist to be creative. Featuring illustrated tutorials for drawing a variety of different animals, flowers, plants, and people, each book in this appealing series breaks down each subject into 10 simple steps. And all you need is a pen or pencil and a piece of paper!

Handy prompts help you learn to draw by encouraging you to express creative individuality, while helpful general drawing tips enable you to try out your drawing skills on other subjects not featured in the book. The projects feature instructions for graphite pencil, ink, and colored pencil, for a well-rounded introduction to drawing.

Learn to draw more than 50 cat breeds, including:
  • Ragdolls
  • American Shorthairs
  • Persians
  • Siamese
  • Sphynx
  • Maine Coons
  • And many more!
The perfect reference for your first steps as an aspiring artist, Ten Step Drawing: Cats is sure to give you the courage to break out a pencil and paper and draw to your heart’s content! 

Also from the Ten-Step Drawing series, learn to draw even more subjects in 10 simple steps with:Animals, Flowers, Nature, People, Everyday Things (September 2021), Manga (September 2021), and Dogs (October 2021).

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781600589485
Publisher: Foster, Walter Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/14/2021
Series: Ten-Step Drawing Series
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 270,610
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.45(d)

About the Author

Justine Lecouffe is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer based in London, UK. She creates digital and traditional hand drawings encompassing fashion, beauty, architecture, and travel for clients in a wide range of industries, from book publishing to branding for jewelry and fashion designers. Her work has been published in a number of books, including Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, and her major clients include Apple, O2, National Trust, NHS, Redbull, Nivea, and Pandora. If you’d like to find out more information or see further examples of her work, find her on Instagram @justine_lcf.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

How to Use this Book 7

Faces & Features

Front View Face 10

Side View Face 12

Eyes 14

Nose 15

Ears 16

Birman 18

Chartreux 20

Oriental Shorthair 22

Maine Coon 24

Singapura 26

RagaMuffin 28

Sphynx 30

Snowshoe 32

Cats at Rest

Sitting, Front View 36

Sitting, Back View 38

Lying Down 40

Sleeping 42

Curled Up 44

Nebelung 46

Persian 48

Egyptian Mau 50

Devon Rex 52

British Shorthair 54

Turkish Van 56

Siberian 58

Bengal 60

Ragdoll 62

Balinese 64

Russian Blue 66

Burmese 68

Colorpoint Shorthair 70

Savannah 72

Cats in Motion

Standing 76

Grooming 78

Playing 80

Reaching 82

Stretching 84

Walking 86

Running 88

Jumping 90

Bombay 92

Siamese 94

Norwegian Forest 96

Burmilla 98

Chausie 100

Cats & Kittens

Licking Paw 104

Balancing 106

Playing with Wool 108

Arching 110

Mother & Kitten 112

Abyssinians 114

Exotic Shorthair 116

LaPerm 118

American Shorthair 120

Scottish Fold 122

Tonkinese 124

Ocicat 126

About the Artist 128

Acknowledgments 128

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