That Which Doesn't Kill Us: How One Couple Became Stronger at the Broken Places

That Which Doesn't Kill Us: How One Couple Became Stronger at the Broken Places

by Charlie Bloom, Linda Bloom


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ISBN-13: 9780996578554
Publisher: Sacred Life Publishers
Publication date: 04/09/2018
Pages: 252
Sales rank: 926,876
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.53(d)

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That Which Doesn't Kill Us: How One Couple Became Stronger at the Broken Places 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
tiffanie_luna 10 months ago
Linda & Charlie hit a home run with their new book, That Which Doesn't Kill Us: How One Couple Became Stronger at the Broken Places. You will find love, hostility, encouragement, & annoyance… all wrapped into a beautiful story of how one couple used love and connection to conquer all of the destruction that can occur on this journey called life. Anyone who picks up this book will not only connect with the authors, but find comfort, encouragement, and possibly motivation to make changes on their own path for the better.
David_Lustig 11 months ago
“I am both honored and humbled at having the privilege to read the magnificent story that Charlie and Linda have co- created. I am still under the spell that they cast! I’m amazed by the level of vulnerability and honesty of the story and believe that very example is the whole point. I am in awe of what they have endured and the lessons they learned and put into practice. They teach us how to have the winds of grace fill our sails!” -David Lustig
Carolynllevering More than 1 year ago
A raw and honest look into a couple's journey as they fight to save their marriage. I loved that each half of the couple wrote from their own perspective so I could see how each one was struggling with the dysfunction that they had created for themselves and how they found their path out with help from others. A great love story of one brave couple's willingness to tell their truth, warts and all, to grow into a stronger relationship & to share their story with us. A very real couple and a very inspiring read!!
MarciaNaomiBergerLCSW More than 1 year ago
Linda and Charlie Bloom show us what a real marriage looks like, not the fairytale effortless, happily-after-version. This book is a raw, courageous story of how the authors overcame huge relationship challenges that nearly caused them to end their marriage. They show us what commitment looks like and inspire us to invest fully in our partnerships not just during the good times but during those that test us and our relationship as well. The book is an inspiring page-turner that reads like a well-written novel.
Lorrine_Carrara More than 1 year ago
As with all of Linda and Charlie's books, this one too is full of homegrown wisdom into what it takes to navigate the stormy, unexpected rough seas of relationships and to not only move through them, but to actually become better and stronger because of them. Linda and Charlie's style shows they have "walked the talk" and honestly share the ups and downs of their relationship in hopes of strengthening and enriching our own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finished the book, That Which Doesn't Kill Us written by Charlie and Linda Bloom. It is a positive, inspirational guide on how to address the difficult times that enter into relationships. The book explores a multitude of trials the Blooms faced followed by practical, sometimes difficult, solutions that worked for them. It is an interesting, educational read and would be of value to anyone seeking help in a relationship.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
“Finally, a memoir by a couple that not only captivates us by a good story, but also teaches us much about real love. And you get an extra bonus, hearing the story and learned relationship lessons from the perspective of both partners.” –Barry Vissell, MD and Joyce Vissell, RN, MS, authors of The Shared Heart and Light in the Mirror.
dougabrams More than 1 year ago
I was able to read a pre-publication advance copy and offer an endorsement for this book. My wife and I have known Charlie and Linda and benefited from their work for two decades. We were on our way to Paris to celebrate our anniversary when 9/11 happened, and we changed our plan to attend one of their life-changing workshops. As I said in my endorsement for the book, "The memoir-duet you hold in your hands is a rare gift. It is a relationship book that does not offer easy formulas for happily ever after. Instead, it shares the raw and honest learning of marriage and its inevitable crises. Charlie and Linda Bloom are two of the most profound observers and teachers of love and commitment. Here they share their own intimate secrets and suffering and joys and redemption in a way that allows us to feel less alone in our own struggles and to learn from their wise and hard-earned love. The beautiful and aching discord and harmony presented in these pages could only be created by two lives strung together so skillfully."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Are you experiencing conflict in your relationship? Read this book! In a page-turning narrative, Charlie and Linda Bloom demonstrate how to transform a relationship characterized by anger and resentment into one of compassion and understanding. Let them guide you through those times of turmoil that can happen in any relationship. Learn how to soften hurt into loving acceptance. Be guided in how to love, listen and forgive. Trust that the best is yet to come. You will be glad that you did!
DrSusan2018 More than 1 year ago
My dear friends, Charlie and Linda Bloom, have written a beautiful, heart-opening memoir of their nearly 50-year marriage. They take the reader on their intimate journey from conventional East Coast family through a mini-crisis where they ask themselves, “How can we live a bigger, more fulfilling life?” through their move to California to follow their dream, through Charlie’s being hired as a trainer by a big, prestigious personal growth firm, to a major marital crisis that followed. I won’t tell you how it turns out. I recommend you get the book and have the full experience. But I will tell you that you will probably be changed for the better by reading their story. Though the authors are known as therapists and self-help authors, they have woven together a magnificent piece of writing that reads like a novel. And while they do not offer “how-to” advice, there are practical lessons on nearly every page. Susan Campbell, Ph.D., author of Getting Real, Saying What’s Real, Truth in Dating, and Five-Minute Relationship Repair
Linda Pearson More than 1 year ago
I found the Blooms' memoir to be strikingly honest and revealing: an in-depth look at a couples' emotional pain as they struggle with the fear of financial instability and the break-up of what they hold most dear...their marriage and family. How they are able to find the strength and courage to repair their wounds and move upward to new and profound life changes and personal growth is truly inspirational. I highly recommend this book, particularly to those who have experienced (or are currently experiencing) challenges in their relationships. Bravo and thank you, Linda and Charlie Bloom!
MaureenMann More than 1 year ago
Charlie and Linda Bloom’s memoir of their marriage is riveting. There were parts of the book I could not put down, even though I knew the ‘ending’. They are both brutally honest in how they took their marriage from near collapse to being joyous and fulfilling today. Musician Leonard Cohen has said, “..there is a crack in everything, it’s how the light gets in.” Charlie and Linda Bloom have woven an inspiring tale of how they let the light into their marriage.