The 6% Club: Unlock the Secret to Achieving Any Goal and Thriving in Business and Life

The 6% Club: Unlock the Secret to Achieving Any Goal and Thriving in Business and Life

by Michelle Rozen
The 6% Club: Unlock the Secret to Achieving Any Goal and Thriving in Business and Life

The 6% Club: Unlock the Secret to Achieving Any Goal and Thriving in Business and Life

by Michelle Rozen


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Learn the steps to build better habits and join the ranks of changemakers and goal achievers everywhere

In The 6% Club, The Change Doctor Michelle Rozen, PhD, teaches audiences and readers how to create and actually stick to new positive habits, unlocking the secret formula to the life, success, and happiness they've always dreamed of. The book was born from a recent study where Dr. Rozen surveyed 1,000 people who pledged to make a change in their lives, and, shockingly, only 6% had stuck to the change just a month later.

Dr. Rozen's powerful, uplifting, and actionable methods have been tested on countless event attendees from all types of background for over a decade. In this book, readers will learn how to:

  • Work out more, eat healthier, save more money, do better in business, or attain any other personal or professional goal
  • Make changes solo, or with another individual like a friend or partner
  • Stop making excuses, giving up, or putting it off—effortlessly

Based on science and written by one of the most sought-after motivational speakers on leadership and change, The 6% Club earns a well-deserved spot on the bookshelves of all individuals looking to make lasting changes in their personal and professional lives.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781394254323
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 05/07/2024
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 128,792
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Dr. MICHELLE ROZEN, a.k.a The Change Doctor, is currently one of the most sought-after actionable speakers on leadership, motivation, and change. Dr. Michelle is trusted by global brands such as Pfizer, Merrill Lynch, Coca-Cola, and many more. More than a powerful motivational speaker, she is a true game-changer for leading organizations in engaging their teams and moving them to action in the most inspiring, insightful, and uplifting way. Rave reviews from the world’s leading brands and standing ovations time after time say it all. Dr. Michelle is a true gem in the world of motivation, and if you’re lucky enough to hear her speak, the way you handle life, business, and other people, will never be the same.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

Part I Your Secret Power 1

Chapter 1 The Research That Made My Jaw Drop 3

1. You’ve Pledged to Make a Change. Now What? 3

2. What I’ve Decided to Research and Why It Matters to You 5

3. The Research Findings and Why My Jaw Dropped 6

4. Your Secret Power 8

5. The 6% Club Will Change Your Life 10

Chapter 2 What 94% of People Don’t Know 13

1. Why Is There So Much Frustration and Pain? 13

2. Making Big Promises (and Really Meaning It) 16

3. The 20% Energy Glass Ceiling 17

4. The Beaten Paths in Your Brain 20

5. The Deal You Should Never Sign with Your Brain 21

6. The Comfort of the Autopilot 21

7. The Secret That Nobody Told You 22

8. Why Your Comfort Zone Is Your Honey Trap 24

Chapter 3 Enough with Feeling Stuck and Frustrated! 29

1. The Day That Turned My Life Around 30

2. Your Most Powerful Mindset 30

3. Stop Waiting for the Right Time 36

4. Your Inner Voice Matters 37

5. How to Beat Self-Doubt 39

6. How to Stop Being a Pushover 43

7. How to Say No Without Feeling Bad About It 44

8. The Mindset of Taking Charge 47

Part II The Secret of Making a Change 49

Chapter 4 How to Actually Set a Goal 51

1. The Power of the Pause 52

2. The Most Common Mistake in Goal Setting 55

3. This Is How You Set a Goal 57

4. The Secret Sauce of Making a Real, Lasting Change 60

5. Goal Setting Dos and Don’ts 62

6. Knowing How to Set Goals Empowers You 65

7. The Number One Question to Ask Yourself Every Day 66

Chapter 5 The 0–10 Rule 69

1. What the 0–10 Rule Is and How I Developed It 69

2. The 0–10 Rule Is a Game-Changer 71

3. Focusing on What Matters the Most 74

4. Combating Your Decision Fatigue 76

5. Your X, and Your Peace of Mind 77

6. 30 Minutes of Magic 79

7. Using the 0–10 Rule in Your Business and Career 80

8. How the 0–10 Rule Gets You in the 6% Club 80

Chapter 6 The Law of Specification 83

1. Why Your Brain Loves the Fog 83

2. The Science Behind the Law of Specification 86

3. The Importance of Setting a Deadline 87

4. The Law of Specification: Common Mistakes to Avoid 89

5. The Law of Specification: Real-Life Examples 93

6. Riding the Bikes of Change 98

Part III Your Life Is About to Change 101

Chapter 7 The 6% Club Hacks and Tips 103

1. The 20-Minute Rule 103

2. The Mirroring Rule 107

3. The $100 Bill Effect 108

4. The Bleeding Man Analogy 111

5. The Domino Effect 112

Chapter 8 Welcome to the 6% Club! 115

1. Your First Day in the 6% Club 115

2. The Next 30 Days 118

3. Your 50 Questions About Making a Real Change Answered! 119

Endnotes 163

Acknowledgments 165

About the Author 167

Index 169

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“In today’s world, people need the tools in order to thrive in business and life. This is a must-read book for anyone who wants to crush their goals.” —Stacey Aries, Head of Talent Management, Citizens

“Dr. Michelle's wisdom has helped our organization and people through a critical period of change. Her enthusiastic approach and 6% methodology put us on the right pathway to create lasting change and self-improvement.” —Michael Castellana, Chief Executive Officer, Broadview Federal Credit Union

“The Change Doctor herself dispenses straight talk and a brutally honest narrative on why we can be our own worst enemy and what it takes to get into the 6% Club and stay there!”—Anthony Marino, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Fiserv, Inc.

“Dr. Michelle's unique approach to goal-setting empowers individuals to not only set ambitious objectives but to stay committed and achieve them. Through practical strategies and unwavering support, The 6% Club is a game-changer for anyone looking to turn aspirations into reality. Joining the 6% Club has already been a catalyst for my personal and professional growth, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to those ready to make their dreams a tangible success.” —Dawn Speaks, Director of Leadership and Performance, LimeLife by Alcone, L'occitane Group Partner

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