The A-Z of Victorian Crime

The A-Z of Victorian Crime


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The A-Z of Victorian Crime by Neil R. A. Bell, Trevor N. Bond, Kate Clarke, M.W. Oldridge

Few things are more evocative of Victorian Britain than its criminals; they are, together with railways, gas lamps and swirling fog, vital ingredients in any Victorian melodrama. The truth, however, was often stranger, more thrilling and more horrifying than fiction.In this book, four eminent crime historians reveal the realities of this aspect of Victorian life, illuminating not just the criminals and their victims, but also the policemen, forensic scientists and others who rubbed shoulders with the nineteenth-century underworld. Notorious crimes – the Road Hill Murder, the Balham Mystery and Jack the Ripper – stand alongside long-forgotten, neglected cases; the most shocking and terrifying cases appear next to everyday horrors, some stunning and some merely sad. This unique work of reference deserves a place on every true crime reader’s bookshelf.

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ISBN-13: 9781445647869
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Publication date: 09/01/2016
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Neil R. A. Bell is one of the most respected students of the Ripper case. He has been published extensively in specialist journals such as Ripperologist and Casebook Examiner, as well as for the BBC. Neil has written numerous articles upon the case and was the runner-up for the Jeremy Beadle Prize for the year’s best articles featured in Ripperologist magazine in 2009 and 2010. Neil has also recently been Police Advisor for the Channel Five documentary Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story.Trevor Bond spoke at the Jack the Ripper conferences in 2009, 2012, and 2014.Kate Clarke is the author of Murder at the Priory (with Bernard Taylor), In the Interests of Science: Adelaide Bartlett and the Pimlico Poisoning, Who Killed Simon Dale?, Deadly Service, Bad Companions, Fatal Affairs and A Deadly Dilemma. Her Journals and papers (from 1958 to the present day) are archived at the library of the University of Sussex.M.W. Oldridge is the author of Murder and Crime: Whitechapel and District and The Moat Farm Mystery.

Table of Contents

Introduction 8

A Abberline, Frederick George (1843-1929); Adams, Fanny (1859-1867); Adkins, Eliza (dates unknown); Anderson, Sir Robert (1841-1918); Arran Murder, The (1889); Arsenic; Assassination 11

B Balham Mystery, The (1876); Ball, Mary (1818-1849); Bambrick, Valentine (1837-1864); Bartlett, Adelaide (1855-?); Bennett, Herbert John (1879-1901); Berry, James (1852-1913); Bond, Thomas (1841-1901); Boucher, Eliza (1825-1878); Bousfield, William (c. 1825-1856); Britland, Mary Ann (c. 1847-1886); Broadmoor; Brown, Elizabeth Martha (1811/12-1856); Buranelli, Luigi (1823-1855); Buswell, Harriet (1845-1872) 29

C Calcraft, William (1800-1879); Caminada, Jerome (1844-1914); Camp, Elizabeth (1863-1897); Carew, Edith May Hallowell (1868-1958); Cass, Elizabeth (1863-1956); Chantrelle, Eugène Marie (1834-1878); Chesham, Sarah (1809-1851); Child Abuse; Clerkenwell Explosion, The (1867); Cleveland Street Scandal, The (1889); Clouson, Jane Maria (1854-1871); Cooke, George Samuel (1865/6-1893); Cotton, Mary Ann (1832-1873); Courvoisier, Francois (1816-1840); Cream, Thomas Neill (1850-1891) 62

D Dadd, Richard (1817-1886); Death in the Line of Duty; Deeming, Frederick Bailey (1853-1892); Dickens, Charles John Huffam (1812-1870); Dobell, Charles (1871-1889) and Gower, William (1870-1889); Dorset Street, Drake, Sarah (c. 1815-1891); Drouet, Bartholomew Peter (c. 1795-1849); Dyer, Amelia (1839-1896); Dymond, Charlotte (c. 1826-1844) 103

E Easthourne Manslaughter, The (i860); Edmunds, Christiana (1829-1907); Execution 128

F Flanagan, Catherine (1829-1884) and Higgins, Margaret (1843-1884); Forensics; Forgery and Fraud; Foster, Catherine (1829-1847) 136

G Gallows Declamations; Good, Daniel (1792-1842); Gull, Sir William Withey (1816-1890) 145

H Homosexuality 151

I Infanticide; Insanity 153

J Jack the Ripper (1888-1891); Jackson, Emma (c. 1835-1863) 159

K Kelly, James (1860-1929); Kent, Constance Emily (1844-1944) 165

L Lamson, George Henry (1852-1882); Lee, John Henry George, aha John 'Babbacombe' Lee (1864-1945); Lipski, Israel (c. 1866-1887); Littlechild, John George (1847-1923) 170

M M'Naghten, Daniel (1813-1865); Macnaghten, Sir Melville Leslie (1853-1921); Maiden Tribute, The (1885); Manning, Frederick (c. 1819-1849) and Maria (c. 1821-1849); Mapleton, Percy Lefroy (1860-1881); Marwood, William (c. 1818-1883); Masset, Louise (1863-1900); Maybrick, Florence Elizabeth (1862-1941); Mignonette, The (1884); Millson, Sarah (c. 1812-1866); Milsome, Albert (1863-1896) and Fowler, Henry (1865-1896); Minor, William Chester (1834-1920); Monson, Alfred John (1860-?); Müller, Franz (1840-1864) 181

N Newgate Prison 218

O Orrock, Thomas (1863-1884) 220

P Q Palmer, William (1824-1856); Pay, Esther (1846-?); Peace, Charles Frederick (1832-1879); Pearcey, Mary Eleanor (1866-1890); Peterson, Bertha (1853-1921); Phoenix Park Murders, The (1882); Pickpockets; Prince, Richard Archer (1858-1937); Pntchard, Edward William (1825-1865); Prostitution 222

R Read, James Canham (1856-1894); Rush, James Blomfield (c. 1800-1849) 246

S Sandyford Mystery, The (1862); Sattler, Christian (c, 1821-1858); Simmons, Thomas (1844-1885); Smethurst, Thomas (c. 1807-1873); Smith, Madeleine (1835-1928); Sommer, Celestina (1827-1859); Staunton, Harriet (1841-1877); Stead, W. T. (1849-1912); Stevenson, Thomas (1838-1908); Swanson, Donald Sutherland (1848-1924) 251

T, U, V Tanner, Richard (1831-1873); Taylor, Louisa Jane (1846-1883); Terrorism; Thames Mystery, The (1873); Thames Torso Murderer, The (1887-1889); Thomas, Sarah Harriet (1831-1849); Tichborne Claimant, The; Transportation; Trial of the Detectives, The (1877) 277

W, X, Y, Z Wainwright, Henry (1838-1875); Waters, Margaret (1835-1870); Watson, John Selby (1804-1884); Webster, Kate (1847-1897); Whicher, Jonathan (1814-1881); Wilde, Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills (1854-1900); Wilson, Catherine (1817-1862); Winslow, Forbes Benignus (1810-1874) and Lyttleton Stewart Forbes (1844-1913); Workhouses 298

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