The Actrix Stone: Global Reach

The Actrix Stone: Global Reach

by Rose Langshaw, Kane Langshaw


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780648193814
Publisher: LangaArts Pty Ltd
Publication date: 12/17/2017
Series: Actrix Stone , #1
Pages: 478
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

The youngest of five children, Rose was raised mostly as an only child, her parents surprised to add to their brood in their late forties.

This upbringing granted her with a unique perspective, as she was surrounded by adults who loved recounting stories of their youth, not to mention a mother who enjoyed the past and the unexplained. The family often gave her books as presents on the subject. Rose read these avidly.

Her favourite childhood book was The Silver Brumby, with lots of different genres to follow. The urge to write did not appear until her late twenties, after vainly searching for something different, something fun. Something a little out there.

From that search sprung the desire to write. Write what she could not find, and to stick with it no matter what.

At a time when others loved playing football and cricket, Kane was studying Tae Kwon Do and making movies. On weekends and school holidays, he would badger his sisters and cousins, sometimes friends to stand before his camera, desperate to make a short movie.

As he got older, he became fascinated with special effects, finally completing the study of 3D Animation for film and television in his early twenties. During those studies, he wrote short scripts for commercials, etc. It is here his interest in writing was sparked.

Though he still loves film and television, the ability to live another life, write what his mind conjures he finds truly satisfying. One moment you are flying among the stars, talking with new species, the next you're on a battlefield seeking answers to ancient secrets. What could be better than that?

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