The Advisor Playbook: Regain liberation and order in your personal and professional life

The Advisor Playbook: Regain liberation and order in your personal and professional life

by Duncan MacPherson, Chris Jeppesen


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Practice management is often misunderstood. The Advisor Playbook will take the mystery away.

Practice management is confused with marketing, or is limited to strategizing about branding, or simply equated to old-school salesmanship.

Practice management is how you build an organized toolbox of all your processes – branding, marketing, service activities, core functions – and constantly tune and keep that toolbox efficient and effortless. It’s a network of interrelated skills, processes and strategies that build value in a business while making it manageable, scalable and ensuring the owner runs the business and not the other way around.

Duncan MacPherson and Pareto Systems have been in the forefront of practice management in the realm of the professional advisor for a quarter-century. Chris Jeppesen of First Trust brings his own decades of professional knowledge to the table. The processes in The Advisor Playbook have grown over those years, through constant refinement and improvement. They’ll help you to perform that same refinement and improvement on your business, and regain liberation and order in your personal and professional life.

As you progress through the book, you’ll realize that each process is implemented in synergy with every other. Referrals are influenced by your service which is influenced by your process, which is influenced by your philosophy, which is influenced by your ideal client definition, life and business goals. Nothing exists in a vacuum, and everything is, in the end, focused on a single unwavering goal: To build real, advocate relationships with your ideal clients that will generate both growth through referrals and the capacity for that growth.

How you are perceived is key in every step of that circle, and readers who take on board what the Playbook outlines will come away with an understanding of how they are perceived, how to cast themselves as a consultant with a process rather than a salesperson with a quota, and will set a constantly rising bar for their own success.

You’ll be amazed at how common-sense most of the processes and strategies seem, and probably horrified at how often you’ve wandered from the path or failed to implement them due to a lack of clarity or simple distraction.

The Playbook will guide you to an actionable plan and process that makes going to work a positive experience, and a positive investment.

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ISBN-13: 9780968440186
Publisher: Pareto Systems
Publication date: 10/21/2015
Pages: 266
Sales rank: 258,912
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About the Author

I am the CEO of Pareto Systems, a practice management and business development consulting firm dedicated to improving the productivity of professional advisors. I've spent the last 20 years traveling the world speaking at conferences and coaching top performers on how to deploy a process that will unlock their full potential personally and professionally.
Along with my team of coaches, I have developed and refined several one-to-one consulting programs including The Pareto System, The Fee-worthy Advisor, Succession 360 and the Advisor Flight Plan. I've also collaborated with enterprise clients to create one-to-many solutions, including train-the-trainer approaches.
I've invested those experiences into a philosophy that says stewardship is more attractive than salesmanship, and a process that makes implementation predictable and sustainable. My goal is that you can translate that into results using this Playbook.
I live in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada and I can be reached at dmacpherson@paretosystems. You can also find me on LinkedIn at

I am the Head of Advisory Practices at First Trust, a firm known not only for its robust investment product line which includes UITs, ETFs, SMAs and VAs (to name a few), but also for its commitment to the growth of financial advisors. First Trust has dedicated many years to finding (and investing in) creative ways to help financial advisors grow their practices.
As the Head of Advisory Practices, my goal over the last 18 years has been to give financial advisors the tools to develop an efficient business model focused on building long-term client trust and loyalty. First Trust has helped develop this model through a broad range of investment, advisory and management solutions and I am proud that First Trust has been nationally recognized for this solution-based approach.
The Advisor Playbook is the culmination of my years of practice management and seeing financial advisors achieve success through these proven methods and strategies.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Let's Get Started
A Primer for the Professional Advisor
Starting with Action
Let's Shoot Your Trailer
Hands-On in a Hands-Free World
Do You Need to Become a Better Advisor to Get Better Results?
Section 2 - Strategic planning
Analyze your gaps
Controlling the Controllable
Crack the Code: Make it Actionable
From Commodity to Communication
The Rookie with 15 Years of Experience
The Power of Incrementalism
Start Your Strategic Plan for Next Year Now
W-5 and Goal-Setting: The Importance of the Moment
The W5 Process
"Fire Your Coach!"
Bringing It All Together: A S.T.A.R. is Born
A Break-out Year: Putting Your Strategy into Practice
Section 3 - Branding
Sense of Purpose and a Proprietary Approach Make You Referable
Branding and Marketing 2.0
The Anti-Elevator Speech
"I Just Lost a $7 Million Client?!"
Section 4: Professionalize the Client Experience: Organizing Yourself and Your Clients
Vapor to Paper
The Multi-Sensory Office
The Not-So-Hidden Agenda
Don't Meet Their Expectations
The Onboarding Process: Fast-Tracking New Clients
Document Your Onboarding Process
Mistaking Motion for Action
Clients Should Be Loyal To a Process, Not Just To a Person
Moments of Truth: Events that Define Your Client Relationships
From M.O.R.F to F.O.R.M
What is Your Capacity?
Triple-A: Defining your ideal client
Your Rules of Engagement
The Art of Manufacturing Capacity
Never Negotiate Your Value: Focus on Worth, Not Fees
The Service Matrix Makes You Fee-Worthy
Improve What You Do is to Listen to the People You Do it For
Hail, No!
Section 5 - Refer-ability
Being Attractive to Your Ideal Clients
The Contrast Principle and P.A.S.
The Law of Reciprocity: Being Interested Makes You Interesting
Advocacy and Leadership during Uncertain Times
A Simple Phrase
The One-Way Street: Attracting Referrals from Professionals
Section 6 - The Advisor of the Future
Integrating it All
LinkedIn Essentials
How to Develop a Website and Online Marketing Strategy
The Multimedia Advisor: Make It Easy For People to Refer You
The Bridge to Client Acquisition
The DRIP Process: Friction-Free Client Acquisition
Bringing it All Together
Section 7 - The Next Chapter
Done is Better Than Perfect
Be Positioned for Anything
Connecting With Your Clients on a Different Level
Defining the Best
Be Referable 365 Days a Year
Demographics give you an Edge
Becoming a Fee-Worthy Advisor
Bringing Success to Your Succession
The Multiplier Method: Creating Your Ideal Life
The Advisor Flight Plan: The Next Chapter of Your Life
Knowledge is Everywhere

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