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The Animation Studies Reader brings together both key writings within animation studies and new material in emerging areas of the field. The collection provides readers with seminal texts that ground animation studies within the contexts of theory and aesthetics, form and genre, and issues of representation. The first section collates key readings on animation theory, on how we might conceptualise animation, and on some of the fundamental qualities of animation. New material is also introduced in this section specifically addressing questions raised by the nature, style and materiality of animation. The second section outlines some of the main forms that animation takes, which includes discussions of genre. Although this section cannot be exhaustive, the material chosen is particularly useful as it provides samples of analysis that can illuminate some of the issues the first section of the book raises. The third section focuses on issues of representation and how the medium of animation might have an impact on how bodies, gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity are represented. These representations can only be read through an understanding of the questions that the first two sections of the book raise; we can only decode these representations if we take into account form and genre, and theoretical conceptualisations such as visual pleasure, spectacle, the uncanny, realism etc.

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ISBN-13: 9781501332609
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 10/18/2018
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 651,320
Product dimensions: 6.15(w) x 9.03(h) x 1.06(d)

About the Author

Nichola Dobson is a teaching fellow in design and screen cultures at Edinburgh College of Art, UK. Founding editor of Animation Studies (2006 - 2011) and Animation Studies 2.0 (2012- present).

Annabelle Honess Roe is Senior Lecturer and Programme Director for Film Studies at the University of Surrey, UK. She is the author of Animated Documentary (2013), which was the recipient of the 2015 Society for Animation Studies McLaren-Lambart award for best book.

Amy Ratelle is the editor of Animation Studies, the online peer-reviewed jourbanal of the Society for Animation Studies (SAS). She is currently an academic administrator at the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Caroline Ruddell is Senior Lecturer in Film and TV at Brunel University London, UK. She is Series Co-Editor (with Paul Ward) for the Palgrave Animation book series, and Associate Editor for animation: an interdisciplinary jourbanal.

Table of Contents

Section One: Theory, Philosophy, Conceptual Approaches
1: Approaching Animation Studies (NEW) (Lilly Husbands, King's College London, UK) and (Caroline Ruddell - Brunel University, UK)
2: The Cinema of Attractions (Tom Gunning, University of Chicago, USA)
3: Spectacle, Attractions and Visual Pleasure (Scott Bukatman, Stanford University, USA)
4: The Uncanny Valley (NEW) (Lisa Bode, University of Queensland, Australia)
5: Re-Animated Space (Aylish Wood, University of Kent, UK)
6: Some Thoughts on Theory-Practice Relationships in Animation Studies (Paul Ward, Bourbanemouth University, UK)
7: Realism and Animation (NEW) (Mihaela Mihailova, Yale University, USA)
8: Animation and Memory (NEW) (Jim Walker, University of North Alabama, USA)

Section 2: Forms and Aenres
9: TV Animation (NEW) (Nichola Dobson, Edinburgh College of Art, UK)
10: Animated Documentary (Annabelle Honess Roe, University of Surrey, UK)
11: Features and Shorts (NEW) (Chris Holliday,King's College London, UK)
12: Advertising and Public Service Films (NEW) (Jim Walker, University of the Creative Arts, UK)
13: Propaganda (and/or Political Animation) (NEW) (Sean Harrington, Brunel University, UK)
14: Animation and/as Children's Entertainment (NEW) (Amy Ratelle, University of Toronto, Canada)
15: Video Games and Animation (NEW) (Chris Pallant, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK)
16: Animation and National Cinema (NEW)(Annabelle Honess Roe, University of Surrey, UK)
17: Experimental Animation (NEW) (Paul Taberham, Arts University Bourbanemouth, UK)

Section 3: Representation: Frames and Contexts
18: Race in Early Animation (abbreviated reprint) (Nicholas Sammond, University of Toronto, Canada)
19: “We're Asian. More Expected of Us!” The Model Minority and Whiteness in King of the Hill (Alison Loader, Concordia University, Canada)
20. Transformers and Issues of Representation in Contemporary Animated TV Series (NEW) (Nichola Dobson, Edinburgh College of Art, UK)
21: Anime's Bodies (Rayna Denison, University of East Anglia, UK)
22: Women in Disney Animation, The Eisner Years (Amy M. Davis, University of Hull, UK)
23: Taking an Appropriate Line: Exploring Representations of Disability within British Mainstream Animation (Van Norris, University of Portsmouth, UK)



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