The Art of Strategic Leadership: How Leaders at All Levels Prepare Themselves, Their Teams, and Organizations for the Future

The Art of Strategic Leadership: How Leaders at All Levels Prepare Themselves, Their Teams, and Organizations for the Future

by Steven J. Stowell, Stephanie S. Mead


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Develop the qualities of strategic leadership and become an active contributor to the short- and long-term success of your organization

Today's organizations face two daunting challenges: 1. How to create new sources of competitive advantage to sustain long-term growth, and 2. How to engage leaders at every level of the organization so that they are more proactive and forward-looking in their area of responsibility. The Art of Strategic Leadership uses a unique approach to examine what it means to be a strategic leader. Instead of focusing on the skills, behaviors, and tools found in typical books on strategic leadership, the authors shed light on the attributes and qualities necessary to lead strategic change and help transform a business. Strategic leadership is what modern leadership is all about. Organizations expect leaders to anticipate and be proactive more than ever before. In this book, the authors draw on their vast experience working directly with leaders at all levels and use an intriguing narrative to explain this inside-out approach to understanding strategic leadership. The narrative follows the journey of how one manager discovered these critically important qualities. You will experience first-hand how these values and attributes manifest in the lives of realistic leaders; how they orchestrate long-term strategic change needed for the organization to compete and survive and actively shape the future while delivering short-term results.

The Art of Strategic Leadership provides the content that will help you informally assess and reflect on your own strategic leadership qualities—those that are strengths and those that indicate areas you need to develop. It will guide you as you incorporate these values and qualities into your own leadership style and become a more effective catalyst for change. This book will help you in the following ways:

  • Develop a more proactive, forward-thinking approach to leadership
  • Approach strategy from both short- and long-term perspectives
  • Adopt the core values and principles of a strategic leader
  • Model the qualities exhibited by powerful leaders

Strategic leaders serve as powerful examples to others in the organization. Their qualities and traits spread rapidly to those around them, empowering people at every level to take a more active role in meeting the demands of the future. The Art of Strategic Leadership will help you deepen and broaden your understanding of the core qualities of strategic leadership, leaving you better equipped to lead yourself and your team to a better place and create greater value for customers, owners, and employees.

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ISBN-13: 9781119213055
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 03/07/2016
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 565,972
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

STEVEN J. STOWELL, PHD, is founder and president of the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness (CMOE). He has consulted with small and large corporations, government agencies, school systems, and non-profits worldwide and designed and developed instructional course content for dozens of leadership and management topics.

STEPHANIE S. MEAD, MBA, is the senior vice president of CMOE. During her eighteen years at CMOE, she has collaborated on writing and developing numerous leadership- development programs for the world's leading organizations.

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Preface ix

What You’ll Find in This Book x

How to Use This Book xi

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

So, What Is It? 4

Why Does It Matter? 5

How You Can Use It 9

Chapter 2 The Business 11

Chapter 3 The Leader 19

Chapter 4 The Team 29

Chapter 5 Alex’s Journey Begins 37

Chapter 6 The Art of Ownership 45

The Story: Robert 47

Ownership Close-Up 53

Chapter 7 The Art of Tenacity 63

The Story: Mya 65

Tenacity Close-Up 70

The Tenacity Formula 75

Mastering Tenacity 78

Chapter 8 The Art of Risk 79

The Story: Jordan 81

Risk Close-Up 87

Stepping Up 94

A Note About Failure 96

Chapter 9 The Art of Agility 99

The Story: Kim 101

Agility Close-Up 105

Your Flex-Agility 114

Chapter 10 The Art of Awareness 117

The Story: Lu 119

Awareness Close-Up 124

What It All Means 130

Chapter 11 The Art of Driving Change 133

The Story: Sara 135

Driving Change Close-Up 140

Chapter 12 The Art of Vision 149

The Story: Alex 151

Vision Close-Up 156

What Visionary Leaders Do 160

Chapter 13 The Art of Strategic Leadership 165

The Rest of the Story 167

The Future Starts Here and Now 176

Connect and Continue the Journey 181

About the Authors 183

Products and Services Available 185

Index 187

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