The Art of Strategic Leadership: How Leaders at All Levels Prepare Themselves, Their Teams, and Organizations for the Future

The Art of Strategic Leadership: How Leaders at All Levels Prepare Themselves, Their Teams, and Organizations for the Future

by Steven J. Stowell, Stephanie S. Mead


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ISBN-13: 9781119213055
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 03/07/2016
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 902,900
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

STEVEN J. STOWELL, PHD, is founder and president of the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness (CMOE). He has consulted with small and large corporations, government agencies, school systems, and non-profits worldwide and designed and developed instructional course content for dozens of leadership and management topics.

STEPHANIE S. MEAD, MBA, is the senior vice president of CMOE. During her eighteen years at CMOE, she has collaborated on writing and developing numerous leadership- development programs for the world's leading organizations.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Preface ix

What You’ll Find in This Book x

How to Use This Book xi

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

So, What Is It? 4

Why Does It Matter? 5

How You Can Use It 9

Chapter 2 The Business 11

Chapter 3 The Leader 19

Chapter 4 The Team 29

Chapter 5 Alex’s Journey Begins 37

Chapter 6 The Art of Ownership 45

The Story: Robert 47

Ownership Close-Up 53

Chapter 7 The Art of Tenacity 63

The Story: Mya 65

Tenacity Close-Up 70

The Tenacity Formula 75

Mastering Tenacity 78

Chapter 8 The Art of Risk 79

The Story: Jordan 81

Risk Close-Up 87

Stepping Up 94

A Note About Failure 96

Chapter 9 The Art of Agility 99

The Story: Kim 101

Agility Close-Up 105

Your Flex-Agility 114

Chapter 10 The Art of Awareness 117

The Story: Lu 119

Awareness Close-Up 124

What It All Means 130

Chapter 11 The Art of Driving Change 133

The Story: Sara 135

Driving Change Close-Up 140

Chapter 12 The Art of Vision 149

The Story: Alex 151

Vision Close-Up 156

What Visionary Leaders Do 160

Chapter 13 The Art of Strategic Leadership 165

The Rest of the Story 167

The Future Starts Here and Now 176

Connect and Continue the Journey 181

About the Authors 183

Products and Services Available 185

Index 187

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The Art of Strategic Leadership: How Leaders at All Levels Prepare Themselves, Their Teams, and Organizations for the Future 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
KKaleoMack3 More than 1 year ago
As someone who is just starting out in my career, The Art of Strategic Leadership was a great and informative read as to how I can prepare myself for both short-term and long-term strategic success. Stowell and Mead truly did a great job on the structure and style of this book. It is a quick read, engaging, and very insightful. I particularly enjoyed the “close-up” sections at the end of each of the seven chapters which described a specific quality of a strategic leader. They made me realize that all the attributes discussed in this book are characteristics that every individual, regardless of their position or title, can develop and apply NOW; and in both their personal and professional life. As explained in a previous book from Stowell and Mead, “Strategy is Everyone’s Job,” and I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone who is interested in being a more proactive strategic thinker and leader.
SumAshley More than 1 year ago
Proactively addressing change is something that I have always struggled with. This was a primary reason I read this book upon the recommendation from a friend. The book is centered on the journey of Alex, a rising star in PSI who is taken and put in charge of a recently acquired production plant tasked with making it profitable. The entire journey is filled with getting rid of old ways of doing things and replacing them with new ways. On the surface that seems easy enough, but the way it works out is that more often than not, we all have our heads in the trenches so worried about getting everything done but taking the time to step back and proactively change things is often very difficult. There are numerous examples and experiences demonstrating how to manage proactive change, which made the book interesting to me. Usually these types of books are full of platitudes and vague examples, but the specific examples and thought processes leading up to the change events helps me find ways to apply it within my sphere. The challenges that Alex faces throughout the book are immense and are particularly interesting to me for a number of reasons. Most notably because I run a company that I know can be bigger and better than it is. It is so easy to just deal with what’s right in front of me and maintain the status quo. However, the examples and overall message of the story have inspired me to make some changes.
therealtbone More than 1 year ago
This Art of Strategic Leadership really covers everything from how a leader should prepare, and organize for running an effective organization. The overarching theme of the book focuses on the "out with the old" and "in with the new" mentality to continually improve and innovate. I highly recommend reading this book if you are or plan on being in leadership.
Jim-s More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the book and thought it presented the principles of strategic leadership in a very structured and easy to follow manner. My favorite concept from the book is the VISION framework on page 162, which includes an overall model and example for inspiring your team.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading this book as it not only teaches you about the qualities that you need to be a strategic leader but it does it by taking you through a managers on the job experiences. I found myself relating my own situation to issues that arose in the book and it was interesting to see how it was resolved. I would recommend this book to all leaders that want to be more strategic in their approach.
PLScott More than 1 year ago
The Art of Strategic Leadership gives a refreshing new angle of looking at strategic leadership. Examining the qualities and characteristics of a strategic leader provided me an opportunity for self-reflection and gave me new ways to think about how I approach strategy. A must read for anyone who is striving to be more strategic.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dr. Stowell and Stephanie Mead do it again! A quick read which utilizes a practical business example to which organizational leaders can relate. The business scenario emphasizes the importance of strategic leadership and the positive impact it can have within an organization. The "how to" tips, examples, and principles, which are woven into the ongoing business example, are skills any leader can implement to ensure sustained strategic efforts. The Strategy Engine Diagram gives leaders a road map to identify where the business is currently at in regards to strategy and where they are headed. It offers a path in which to stay on track as a Strategic Leader. With emphasis on skills such as tenacity, agility, and being a "Smart Risk Leader", the authors have a way of getting the reader 'jazzed' to strategically lead their organization to a higher level and beyond.