The Artist's Journey: Bold Strokes To Spark Creativity

The Artist's Journey: Bold Strokes To Spark Creativity

by Nancy Hillis


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Art mirrors our inner state in ways that are meaningful and mysterious. Creativity is central to feeling alive.

Nancy Hillis, M.D.

Are you an artist tired of feeling blocked from expressing onto the canvas the art that lives deep within you?

It's later than you think.

You don’t want to come to your final moments regretting your un-lived dreams.

You’ve got paintings inside you waiting to be expressed.

You know that, while you could keep repeating what’s worked before in your art, this is a kind of soul death.

You want to experiment, take risks and explore your deepest self expression.

You want to wrestle down your self doubts and inner criticism and finally create the paintings of your dreams- paintings that wow and astonish you.

You want to express YOU in your art.

You don't want to play it safe anymore.

The worst thing you could do as an artist is to avoid experimentation.

Art is about exploring wonder and the unknown, the terra incognita of the soul.

Painting is a mirror. It brings up everything, especially fear and yearning.

Slay self doubt and say YES to your artist's journey.

Overcome your fears to live your deepest life.

Explore, experiment and create the art of your dreams on your inner journey of creation and self expression.

Paint with confidence and finally express YOU in your art.

Have you always dreamed of being an artist?

Why put off following your dreams?

Are you ready to set out on a journey of self-discovery? To develop strength, clarity, and skill as an artist?

The time to create your art is NOW.

Whether you dream of loosening up and exploring creativity, expressing yourself, healing and becoming whole, experimenting with paints, colors, and techniques, or surprising yourself with your art-

The Artist’s Journey is your step-by-step guide to bold self-expression.

The Artist's Journey teaches you how

  • one mindset shift will transform your experience of creating art
  • one secret studio practice will ignite your creativity
  • two technical game changers will take your art to the next level
  • one concept will help you create your deepest, most personal art

The Artist's Journey written by artist, author and Stanford trained existential psychiatrist Nancy Hillis, M.D. is an inspirational exhortation with psychological and philosophical underpinnings, to move you closer and closer to your deepest self expression in your art and life.

If you want a comprehensive, clearly explained, psychologically sophisticated map and self-help guidebook for your creative self-expression, start here with The Artist's Journey.

Start your journey of self expression today.

Say YES to finally expressing your deepest art, art that expresses you.

Invest in YOU. Grab the book and devour it as if your creative life depends upon it.

Scroll up and order the book.

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ISBN-13: 9780999750414
Publication date: 01/27/2019
Series: Artist's Journey , #1
Pages: 146
Sales rank: 140,873
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Nancy Hillis, MD is an artist, author and Stanford trained psychiatrist who guides artists to create their deepest, most meaningful and self expressive art.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi


1. Preparing for Your Artist’s Journey 1

2. The Holy Grail of Creating 15

3. Cultivating Your Studio Practice 23

4. Why Your “Why” Matters 27

5. Painting Is a Mirror 35


6. The Essential Mystery of Creation 47

7. The Cathedral of Creation 63

8. Composition: Searching and Finding Your Way 69

9. The Dark Night of The Soul 77

10. The Value of Values: Create What You Love 83



11. The Transcendent Power of Art 91

12. Trust Meets Practice: Stories 97

13. Abstract Art: The Intersection of Knowing and Not Knowing 103


14. Taking the Plunge 111

15. The Journey of Self-Expression 117

Customer Reviews

The Artist's Journey: Bold Strokes To Spark Creativity 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite Why do artists create? What is the inner drive that pushes them to express deeply recessed emotions in a visual form? These are questions artists should ask themselves, to identify their driving force, the incentive that demands a creative outlet. By identifying these creative reasonings, the artist can, and does, dig deeper to find the source and to open up more compelling means to express themselves visually. As author, artist and psychiatrist Nancy Hillis writes: "Your big Why will unleash your resourcefulness, perseverance, and motivation.” Nancy Hillis’s inspirational chapbook, The Artist’s Journey: Bold Strokes to Spark Creativity, is an impressive and comprehensive guide to all creative souls. Using quotes from brilliant minds throughout the centuries, the author leads both the rookie and the established artist through an in-depth journey to explore the infinite possibilities of one’s individual creative powers. Accompanied by expertise from her background in psychiatry and her understanding and appreciation of the human mind and soul, the author prepares each chapter with considerable background, insight and challenges, as well as creative exercises, to help artists execute their true stroke of artistic genius. She deals with issues like artistic fears: concerns for being able to create effectively what the artist envisions, as well as concerns of being accepted and recognized as a serious artist. Like any creative individual, artist, writer, performer, musician, fear is a very real issue, especially the fear of failure. True artists have a deeply embedded urge, need, to create. Like the author writes: “You yearn to create - because creation is connection with the immortal and the divine.” This is a very useful, informative and inspirational guide for all creative minds.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jessica Barbosa for Readers' Favorite The Artist’s Journey: Bold Strokes to Spark Creativity by Nancy Hillis delves into helping artists through the common frustrations and road blocks that hinder their inner creativity. It is a map that guides the struggling, the uninspired, and the lost with unique exercises, quotes, video links to videos the author herself has done to exemplify her book’s teachings, and even a look into her journey into art. It is a book that aims to inspire, guide, and help artists through the most trying parts of their creative lives. Nancy Hillis’ The Artist’s Journey: Bold Strokes to Spark Creativity is an unforgettable, thought-provoking read, with an inspiring and determined tone. It is peppered with the author’s anecdotes and wise advice that would do a lot of good to any artist. Hillis offers personal stories and thoughts in the book and I can see how this would help other frustrated and lost artists in the same situation. The exercises offered in the book are extensive, ranging from: questions as to the reason why you do art and what you struggle with (allowing the artist to have a good look or get an idea as to why they are struggling) to easy-to-follow art activities with creative twists. This book is brimming with good advice and instructions punctuated with fascinating anecdotes Hillis relates to the struggles of an artist, giving the reader a unique and different view on their journey as an artist, allowing them to draw their own answers from their problems, which makes the book more engaging and infinitely more helpful in my eyes. This book is a one-of-a-kind guide and is an absolute must-read for any artists suffering from artist’s block or any sort of creative meltdown. Truly worth a read.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Bruce Arrington for Readers' Favorite The Artist's Journey: Bold Strokes To Spark Creativity by Nancy Hillis is a guide for artists who need some help to find their way in the field of art. It tackles self-doubt, fears, negative inner voices and other things that stifle budding artists as well as old pros. It provides practical exercises for improving your art, as well as some inner improvement tools. Links that lead to videos also supplement the material presented. First of all, I’d like to help the reader determine if this book is right for you. If you are a confident artist and have a path you follow and are following it, you don’t need this book. However, if you have doubts about yourself as an artist, your vision is blurry, the road ahead looks uncertain, then by all means consider this for your growth and development as an artist. The author will help you learn how you can trust yourself. The steps taken to discover a little more about who we are and how we think as artists are beneficial for self-improvement, allowing the reader to break through negative emotional habits and create more positive ones. And although the book targets painting specifically, I believe that the principles provided in The Artist's Journey: Bold Strokes To Spark Creativity by Nancy Hillis will help those from all types of creative backgrounds, be it sculpture, composing, authoring a novel, whatever, because many of the types of road blocks mentioned and addressed in this book are dealt with by all the creative types out there. Highly recommended.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite The Artist's Journey: Bold Strokes To Spark Creativity is a nonfiction self-help guide for artists written by Nancy Hillis, M.D. Dr. Hillis is an abstract artist as well as an existential psychiatrist; two fields that equally demand creativity and intuition. Her interest in both has led her to develop art psychiatry, which concerns showing artists how to bring their feelings, fears and personal vision to the canvas. Hillis, with the aid of her mentor, began her study of art as a sculptor using clay and plaster casting, and from there she proceeded to watercolors and collage. She is the developer of the Creativity and Consciousness television series. How does one get past the incredible emptiness of a blank page or empty canvas and finally end up with a creation that feels complete, complex and alive with one’s personal vision? All too often, artists give up on finding their own style, and remain mired in technically precise work that is ultimately lacking and unsatisfying. Hillis has been there. She understands the reluctance to go out there, face those fears and insecurities, and get past the protective guardians to the creative process within. Each chapter in this guide discusses the internal conflicts artists and other creatives have to deal with and gives strategies on harnessing those feelings and using them creatively. She demonstrates how trusting oneself and learning to embrace “ugly painting” can lead to increased creativity and artistic flow. The exercises at the end of each chapter help the reader to fully internalize the lesson’s focus: from making those first exploratory marks on paper to using art to memorialize “recurring motifs” of your life. Hillis also provides a link to a series of free videos to be used in conjunction with her book. I had long given up on the concept of ever discovering my own artistic vision. Finding Nancy Hillis’ self-help art book, The Artist's Journey: Bold Strokes To Spark Creativity, has me wondering yet again if perhaps there is a way to actually find one’s vision. Her book is thought provoking and filled with fun and inventive ways to make creativity happen. The accompanying video course is marvelous. Whether you’re an experienced artist or have always wondered about trying your hand at painting, Hillis’ work gives practical ways to get the creative fires burning. Her instructional methods have exceeded my expectations, and I’m frankly excited to see where I can go from here. The Artist's Journey: Bold Strokes To Spark Creativity is most highly recommended.