The Automatic Millionaire Workbook: A Personalized Plan to Live and Finish Rich. . . Automatically

The Automatic Millionaire Workbook: A Personalized Plan to Live and Finish Rich. . . Automatically

by David Bach
The Automatic Millionaire Workbook: A Personalized Plan to Live and Finish Rich. . . Automatically

The Automatic Millionaire Workbook: A Personalized Plan to Live and Finish Rich. . . Automatically

by David Bach


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With this essential companion to the automatic #1 national bestseller, you can put pencil to paper and make your seven-figure dreams come true!

The Automatic Millionaire rocketed to instant bestseller status because in its pages America’s best-loved money coach, David Bach, delivered a uniquely foolproof, hassle-free plan for achieving financial security even if you have zero willpower. Now The Automatic Millionaire Workbook lets you tailor that strategy to your own financial life in a line-by-line personal plan. The workbook features:


• The five questions that determine with 90 percent certainty if you will be an Automatic Millionaire

• Charts and checklists for paying down debt while you save

• A clear path for any renter to become a home owner

• Worksheets to set savings goals and meet them, no matter how much you make

• A game plan for paying off mortgages early

• The one crucial step that guarantees your financial plan will succeed

• Details on where to invest, what phone calls to make, and exactly what to say when automating your financial future

Along the way, you will be inspired by stories of ordinary Americans from all walks of life who are becaming Automatic Millionaires. The Automatic Millionaire Workbook makes it easier than ever for you to put your financial life on autopilot and finish rich—without a budget.

You’ve dreamed it, now write it and do it. The rest is automatic!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780767919487
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/04/2005
Edition description: Workbook
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 530,884
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

The Automatic Millionaire spent fourteen weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and was simultaneously number one on the business bestsellers lists of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and USA Today. DAVID BACH is also the author of the national bestsellers Smart Women Finish Rich, Smart Couples Finish Rich, and The Finish Rich Workbook. There are now more than two million David Bach books in print. To read excerpts of any of David Bach’s books, please visit his web site at

Read an Excerpt

The Automatic Millionaire Workbook

By David Bach

Random House

David Bach
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0767919483

Chapter One


Thank you for picking up a copy of this book and congratulations on choosing to create an easier financial future! The Automatic Millionaire Workbook, which you hold in your hands, is based on the international best-selling book The Automatic Millionaire.

If you've already read The Automatic Millionaire, welcome back. As I'm writing this, The Automatic Millionaire is approaching one million copies in print around the world and has been translated into seven languages. I've had the incredible privilege of sharing the ideas of the "Automatic Millionaire Philosophy" on The Oprah Winfrey Show, NBC's the Today show, CNN's American Morning, and many other television shows. In a very short period many people from all walks of life and income levels have been helped by the simple and powerful message. The success of this little book has been exciting and humbling -- as I've seen firsthand how great a need there is for simple, actionable coaching on money. My dream with The Automatic Millionaire was to create a book you could read in less than an hour and a half and a plan you could implement in less than sixty minutes. As you'll see, based on many of the success stories of readers in this book, it's clearly working.

So whywrite a workbook? Why create a companion guide to The Automatic Millionaire? For starters, many of my readers (maybe you) have written to me asking for it. Second, I've written this companion guide to help my readers take the incredibly simple wealth-building plan I laid out in The Automatic Millionaire and bring their knowledge to the next level. Having had the opportunity to coach millions of people around the world on how to live and finish rich, I've seen firsthand that, when people write things out, they learn the material better and follow through on their plans more often.

My goal with The Automatic Millionaire Workbook is to help you create a simple, complete, step-by-step plan that will make you a millionaire by the time you retire -- and help you retire earlier than you ever thought possible.


In the past few years, thousands of people have asked me, "David, what's the secret to being rich?" In talking with them, I've discovered that the only difference between millionaires and the people who spend their lives living paycheque to paycheque is this: The millionaires know the strategies that work and follow them.

So I came up with a simple test to find out which people knew the strategies and which ones didn't. Now I can say with confidence:

I can ask you five questions and know with 90% accuracy if you'll be a millionaire.

It's that simple. The questions are very straightforward; answering all five takes about three minutes. But they reveal everything about your financial prospects.

The Five Questions:
1. Do you know your Latte Factor?
2. Do you "Pay Yourself First"?
3. Have you made your financial plan automatic?
4. Do you own your home?
5. Do you tithe?

If you answer "Yes" to all five questions, based on my experience you've got an excellent opportunity to become a millionaire.

How do you answer the Five Questions now? How would you like to answer them by the time you're finished with the workbook?


This book is filled with exercises based on The Automatic Millionaire but taken several steps further. The exercises give you the tools you need to turn the ideas from that book into concrete plans you can put into action today. Every step of the way, I will guide you through the concept; then the exercises will make it personal by showing you how you can apply the concept to your life. Again, I've found from experience -- both in coaching others and in my own life -- that, if you write something down, you're much more likely to follow through. I want you to follow through! I've also given you blank pages titled "Brainstorming Breaks," where you can answer some important questions about your finances and your lifestyle in any way you like. Use the "Brainstorming Breaks" as a journal -- your place to get down on paper the thoughts that are in your head and heart.

And I will share some real-life success stories from readers who are living the Automatic Millionaire dream. These stories are fantastic teachers. Nothing proves the value of what I'm talking about better than real people talking about how the things they've learned have changed their lives. I hope you enjoy them and they inspire you to take action.


Once there was a country where people went to work for a company, were paid well, bought a house, raised a couple of kids, and put money into a company retirement plan. If they stayed at the company for thirty or forty years, they retired with a gold watch, a pension, and lived happily ever after.

Unfortunately, today that Canadian Dream is on life support. Companies are outsourcing and downsizing, the company pension is one of those things we talk about by saying, "Remember when?," and let's not even get started about Old Age Security and the Canada Pension Plan.

At the same time as our jobs are becoming more uncertain, we're spending more and saving less. According to Statistics Canada, the median net worth of the top 20 percent of family units in Canada has gone up by 39 percent in real terms over the previous 15 years. The lowest 20 percent has a median net worth of --$600. In other words, their debts exceed their assets by $600. The second lowest 20 percent increased their net worth by only $300 over the previous 15 years. Even the supposedly wealthy Baby Boom generation is on shaky financial ground. About 46 percent of unattached Canadians aged 45--64 may not have saved enough to retire at 65 and receive two-thirds of their income. About 59 percent who do not own a home may not have saved enough. And about 41 percent of Canadians with pre-retirement incomes of $75,000 or more may not be able to replace at least two-thirds of their pre-retirement incomes.

The unfortunate bottom line in Canada is that we often spend everything we earn... and a lot more.

Excerpted from The Automatic Millionaire Workbook by David Bach Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Meeting the Automatic Millionaire1
Chapter 2The Latte Factor: Becoming an Automatic Millionaire on Just a Few Dollars a Day23
Chapter 3Learn to Pay Yourself First43
Chapter 4Now Make It Automatic62
Chapter 5Automate for a Rainy Day92
Chapter 6Automatic Debt-Free Homeownership115
Chapter 7The Automatic Debt-Free Lifestyle145
Chapter 8Make a Difference with Automatic Tithing167
Chapter 9Your Journey Begins Today!185
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