The Beginner's Guide to Going Dairy-Free: A Guide to Nutrition Without Dairy Products

The Beginner's Guide to Going Dairy-Free: A Guide to Nutrition Without Dairy Products

by Ron Kness


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Many people cannot digest cow's milk and specifically the lactose in it. Many of those that are lactose-intolerant (and casein- intolerant for that matter) have found that within weeks of cutting out animal dairy from their diet, their health improved and they sleep better and have increased energy levels.

A dairy-free diet is increasingly becoming one of the most effective ways to dramatically improve your health. About 30 million American adults experience lactose intolerance symptoms, including bloating, cramps, diarrhea, nausea and gas.

Or maybe you are dealing with acne, digestive issues, sinus troubles, or eczema-all proven to be associated with dairy consumption.

Or maybe you're looking for longer-term disease prevention, weight loss, or for help transitioning to a plant-based diet.

Whatever your reason, "The Beginner's Guide to Going Dairy-Free" should be in your essential arsenal of information and recipes that you need to change your diet and improve your health.

I grew up drinking cow's milk because it was the only option we had at the time. Today, I know about many of the options for different types of milk other than animal, such as many of the great-tasting plant-based milks and products made from them.

Non-dairy milk products offer rich taste along with nutrients and fiber. Read how to go dairy-free and enjoy the great-tasting recipes included in this book.

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