The Believing Scientist: Essays on Science and Religion

The Believing Scientist: Essays on Science and Religion

by Stephen Barr


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Elegant writings by a cutting-edge research scientist defending traditional theological and philosophical positions

Both an accomplished theoretical physicist and a faithful Catholic, Stephen Barr in this book addresses a wide range of questions about the relationship between science and religion, providing a beautiful picture of how they can coexist in harmony.

In his first essay, "Retelling the Story of Science," Barr challenges the widely held idea that there is an inherent conflict between science and religion. He goes on to analyze such topics as the quantum creation of universes from nothing, the multiverse, the Intelligent Design movement, and the implications of neuroscience for the reality of the soul.

Including reviews of highly influential books by such figures as Edward O. Wilson, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould, Francis S. Collins, Michael Behe, and Thomas Nagel, The Believing Scientist helpfully engages pressing questions that often vex religious believers who wish to engage with the world of science.

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ISBN-13: 9780802873705
Publisher: Eerdmans, William B. Publishing Company
Publication date: 11/16/2016
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Stephen M. Barr is professor of theoretical particle physics at the University of Delaware, a fellow of the American Physical Society, and a member of the Academy of Catholic Theology. He is also the author of Modern Physics and Ancient Faith. 

Table of Contents

Science Versus Religion?

01 Retelling the Story of Science 3


02 Evolution without Tears 25

03 The Devil's Chaplain Confounded 32

04 Mismeasure of Man 42

05 The Design of Evolution 46

06 Chance, by Design 54

07 Debating Darwin 64

08 The End of Intelligent Design? 69

Mind and Soul

09 More Than Machines: Physics and Free Will 77

10 Does Quantum Mechanics Make It Easier to Believe in God? 86

11 Faith and Quantum Theory 91

12 A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma 101

13 Thomas Nagel on the Human Mind 106

14 Matter over Mind 110

15 Theories of Everything 115

The Big Bang and Creation

16 Modern Physics, the Beginning, and Creation 123

17 Physics, the Nature of Time, and Theology 137

18 Much Ado about "Nothing": Stephen Hawking and the Self-Creating Universe 152


19 Fearful Symmetries 159

20 The Human Genome in Human Context 168

Science as a Substitute for Religion

21 The Idol of Science 177

22 Prophet of Pointlessness 183

Finding God through Science

23 The (Scientific) Case for God 189

24 The Form of Speaking 194

Mischievous Myths about Scientific Revolutionaries

25 From Myth to History and Back 203

26 Crackpots and the Einstein Myth 209

Notes and Sources 212

Direct Quotations 220

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