The Beloved Exiles

The Beloved Exiles

by August Arrea
The Beloved Exiles

The Beloved Exiles

by August Arrea


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'If that stubborn vine which has held you prisoner to this place with its unyielding hold were to somehow lose its grip, what would you do with your newfound freedom?''

Jacob has returned home to Cain's Corner, desperate to escape the recent tragic events that visited Havenhid and darkened its halls. There he tries to forget Nephilim ties and return to being a normal teenager when he reunites with his best friends Ty and Wray. Eden's reach,
however, proves to be one Jacob finds difficult to outrun when he is visited by a xxxfalcon and served with a notice summoning him to appear before the powerful Iudicium Tribunal to answer skeptics claims he is not the Light Bearer foretold in the Apocrypha prophesies. Far more troublesome are the nightly dreams that visit Jacob and replay the traitorous Thaniel's last moments in the Silent Forest, and more specifically the last word he uttered: "Zophiel!" It's not until Max, pursued by an annoyed Damiel with the rest of the two boys' tight-knit group of friends in tow, shows up unexpectedly in Cain's Corner that Jacob learns what--or rather who
--Zophiel is. The discovery convinces Jacob that Thaniel has left behind a cryptic key to a riddle in need of solving, and he manages to persuade Damiel and his friends to help him unravel the bizarre mystery. The impromptu quest leads the group to the seedy underbelly of
Las Vegas where the Fallen outnumber the hypnotic lights illuminating The Strip, and then to the romantic--and dangerous--canals of Venice where the search for answers reveals a host of unexpected and shocking revelations. But when Ty and Wray show up unexpectedly in search for their friend who has once again suddenly disappeared from their lives, Jacob finds himself in he precarious position of keeping hidden the one great secret he has struggled mightily to conceal from the two persons closest to him. It will be, however, an unforeseen act of deception that will forever alter the course of the future for Jacob and his companions

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781737166177
Publisher: VII Publishing
Publication date: 03/21/2023
Series: Tales of the Nephilim Brotherhood , #3
Pages: 508
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.13(d)

About the Author

August Arrea avoids the spotlight with the same aversion as a vampire does to the sight of the approaching dawn. As a 3rd generation American of European decent, he also has had the good fortune to be born with a name with strong ties to history and cultural heritage over many generations. On the other hand, such names can be a real chore since they are typically an alphabet soup of what often appear to be conflicting letters that don't seem to belong, sprinkled with connecting vowels. As such, he has had to, at times, spend a wearisome part of his life correcting what seemed to be a never ending mass of people, unable to pronounce, spell or even translate his name correctly; even on official documents. For these two reasons, during the process of turning his attention to writing this series of books, he has embraced the christening and adoption of this new and simple pseudonym.

Moniker aside, over the course of the last 25 years, this limelight dodger with a "speed bump" for a name, first made his mark writing as an award-winning journalist who loved uncovering the gems of stories hidden in plain sight on Any Street, U.S.A. He eventually turned his skills of mining for stories by drilling into the unexplored caverns of his imagination; the 'Tales of the Nephilim Brotherhood' series is comprised of the core samples of his quarry expedition.

Today, he is still a working journalist by trade with a national newspaper company. He lives in California's central valley where spotlights are rare, but the butchering of his name remains an inescapable, yet pardonable occurrence. When he's not writing, you'll likely find him with his best girls: two Australian Shepherd sisters named Gracie and Ember with whom he has absolutely no shame in readily admitting he engages in baby talk and the occasional slobbery smooch on the lips.

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