The Big Book of 30-Day Challenges: 60 Habit-Forming Programs to Live an Infinitely Better Life

The Big Book of 30-Day Challenges: 60 Habit-Forming Programs to Live an Infinitely Better Life

by Rosanna Casper


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Do something for 30 days straight and what started as a challenge will have transformed into a habit - a habit that can then easily be made a permanent part of one’s lifestyle. That’s the simple genius behind this book and the widely popular phenomena of 30-day challenges.

Packed with life improving behaviors of all sorts, this fun and friendly guide includes 60 challenges designed to help you crush it at work, eat smarter, become a fitness fanatic, focus on relationships, maximize productivity, be more interesting, kick bad habits and more.

This book also provides simple, day-by-day advice for staying committed for the entire 30 days and tips for getting through the hard days so that you can build new behaviors, try new things, and create habits that stick. Change is hard, but not impossible. You just have to take that first step.

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ISBN-13: 9781612437187
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Publication date: 10/30/2017
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 181,499
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Rosanna Casper is a freelance writer, blogger and mom of three. She writes about finding health, happiness and productivity, one 30 day challenge at a time, on her blog,

Table of Contents


The Power of the 30-Day Challenge 5

How to Follow Through on a 30-Day Challenge 5

How to Read This Book 7

Chapter 1 Fitness

1 Run Every Day 8

2 30 Days of Exercise 10

3 Train for a 5-Minute Plank 12

4 30 Days of Yoga 14

5 Walk 10,000 Steps 16

6 10 Minutes of Stretching 18

7 The Stairs Workout 20

Chapter 2 Food

8 30 Days without (Added) Sugar 22

9 Give Up Meat 24

10 Eat 7 to 9 Cups of Fruits and Vegetables Each Day 26

11 The Elimination Diet 28

12 Intermittent Fasting 30

13 Drink 8 to 10 Glasses of Water a Day 32

14 Eat a Healthy Breakfast Every Morning 34

15 Daily Green Smoothie 36

16 Eat Three Home-Cooked Meals a Day 38

17 Keep a Food Journal 40

Chapter 3 Self-Care

18 Floss Your Teeth (the Right Way) 42

19 Take Cold Showers 44

20 No Complaining, Gossiping, or Judging 46

21 Spend 30 Minutes Outdoors 48

22 The Laughter Challenge 50

23 Dress Up Every Day 52

24 Get Better Sleep 54

Chapter 4 Mindfulness

25 Meditate for 10 Minutes 56

26 Write Down Affirmations 58

27 10 Minutes of Visualization 60

28 Give Yourself Goosebumps (Seek Daily Awe) 62

29 The Higher Power Challenge 64

30 Daily Journaling 66

31 Keep a Gratitude Journal 68

32 Write Down Your Dreams 70

33 Practice Lucid Dreaming 72

Chapter 5 Organization & Productivity

34 No Reading, Watching, or Listening to the News 74

35 Get Rid of Clutter 76

36 Make Your Bed Every Morning 78

37 Track Your Expenses 80

38 No Shopping 82

39 Wake Up at 5 a.m. 84

40 The Digital Clutter Challenge 86

41 The Gradual Digital Detox 88

42 The Checklist Challenge 90

Chapter 6 Networking & Relationships

43 30 Minutes of Family Time 92

44 Love through Everyday Interactions 94

45 Reach Out to Friends 96

46 Have Lunch with Someone New 98

47 Create Daily Delight for Others 100

48 The Rejection Challenge 102

Chapter 7 Creativity & Learning

49 Learn or Brush Up on a Musical Instrument 104

50 Learn a Foreign Language 106

51 Take a Photo Every Day 108

52 Learn a Brand-New Skill 110

53 Write Down 10 Ideas Every Day 112

54 Cook One New Recipe per Day 114

55 Read 20 Pages a Day 116

56 Watch a TED Talk Every Day 118

57 Write a Novel in 30 Days 120

58 Listen to Audiobooks or Podcasts 122

59 Perfect Your Pitch: Videotape Yourself 124

60 Exercise Your Brain 126

About the Author 128

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The Big Book of 30-Day Challenges: 60 Habit-Forming Programs to Live an Infinitely Better Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
NatoshaM More than 1 year ago
The Big Book of 30-Day Challenges by Rosanna Casper is such a fun way to start the New Year! It's got challenges that will keep anyone going and make life a bit more interesting. you might have heard of taking risks, well how about challenging everything you do? This book has some quite fun ways to spice life up and make earning what you want more fun. The one thing I do like about this book is that it's not about just being healthy by eating or exercising, but instead, it's got challenges like building friendships, helping you to work better, kicking those horrible habits that are destroying you slowly and even increase productivity, which I so could so use! Plus, it's all about 30 days, not too bad, just a month. So taking on any challenge means 30-day commitment and I mean, it's ok to fail but why not get back up and try again that is why it's a challenge! So this book is packed with fun challenges and honestly, it can make one stronger and build confidence in one's body and what they can really do. Therefore, I would recommend this as a gift for those who love to challenge everything and those who want to bring excitement back into there lives! Not only will this keep one person busy, but after one is done it can be redone and one can always change the challenge a bit, making it harder by increasing something or changing it up a little bit differently. "I received a free book in exchange for writing a review on my blog"